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Obamacare loophole and FU comrade

I've done the research on how to get around Obamacare and this is what I have come up with.

Our story... Wife and I had a $6000 deductible that went from under $200 a month in 2010ish to $350 by 2012. Had to raise the deductible to $11000 last year to keep similar premiums and keep the premium from jumping to $700. Just got a letter 2 weeks ago saying that we can keep our $11000 deductible and now pay $700 per month anyway. F'in awesome right?

There is a loophole. AND a state could make that loophole even better: Short-term health insurance.

My wife and I will be able to get a plan for 11 months that has $2500 individual deductibles for $63 per month each! Now if you happen to develop a severe health condition during that term, simply sign-up for Obamacare's Gold or Platinum or whatever the hell they have, and you pre-existing is covered. (As a libertarian, it would bother me to game the system, but since over 50% of dumbasses voted for this guy, let them pay the price and let's bring this thing down ASAP.)

There are a few problems with this:
1. You would have to pay the Obamacare penalty. But you can get a waiver if for example you have a baby (which we did) or if your insurance company cancels your plan and then offers a much pricier option (which they did). Also Rush claims that they have to take the penalty out of your tax return, so no return, no penalty. Of course the IRS would probably audit you or knock down your door at 3 in the morning.
2. Terms only go a maximum of 11 months here in Wisconsin, so you could potentially be without coverage for a month.

There is a solution to this second problem and I think states could make it happen: Either offer term-plans that are 13 months long so you wouldn't miss the Obamacare deadline or pay a little more for a term plan that has an automatic one-time renewal so that if you do happen to develop a serious health condition during your initial term, you could renew it once and that would carry you to the next Obamacare enrollment.

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