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Obama and Bloomberg: Your Dream Vacation In Israel Awaits You!

Just yesterday, an astronaut in orbit around our planet reported that he could see rockets missiles and explosions over Gaza...


And that was the day Michael Bloomberg started selling Israel as a wonderful tourist destination. One would think the mayor of NYC would be hawking...er, I dunno, someplace like HIS OWN CITY as a popular tourist destination but what the heck, eh? They are both roughly as dangerous.

That was also the day when many airlines cancelled flights into Tel Aviv. Cause you know, that whole Malaysian thing had people really rethinking their policies about flying civilian flights over warzones. The FAA followed the ways of caution and announced a flight ban into Israel.

Well it seems somebody got busy on the phone overnight because as if by magic,Obama speaks up and all the sudden flights start resuming. The FAA says that now things are just hunky-dory and major airlines are following suit. As is the EU.

Check this little bit out from the above linked article:

Though Israel's Iron Dome rocket interceptor has shot down most of the rockets fired from Gaza, one that came close to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday prompted the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to bar American flights there.

An ensuing wave of cancellations by foreign airlines sharply reduced traffic at Israel's usually bustling international gateway at the height of the summer tourist season. It was hailed as a victory by Hamas and prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appeal to the Obama administration to intervene.

The FAA canceled the ban late on Wednesday after reviewing the security situation. The European Air Safety Agency (EASA) said on Thursday it was about to follow suit and lift its own recommendation to avoid flying to Tel Aviv.

US Airways, a unit of American Airlines Group Inc, said it was resuming its non-stop Tel Aviv to Philadelphia service. Germany's Lufthansa said its suspension of flights to Tel Aviv would continue to Friday.

"The Europeans did not really deliberate over this, but acted more as a follow-up to the American decision," said Gadi Regev, chief of staff for Israel's Civil Aviation Authority.

So yup, good news Americans, your right to fly to a dream vacation in Israel has been restored! You too Europeans, it's a party and everyone is invited.

Yes, and I predict this will inspire a whole new form of tourism:


See the explosions, hear the people screaming smell the stench of decomposing bodies and then relax on any of the world class beaches or luxuriate in any number of 5 star hotels!

Prices so low you really can't afford not to go! Plus where else can you sip Dom P' from a balcony while watching an urban population be shelled?

Your government subsidised dream vacation awaits you courtesy of the Obama administration, Michael Bloomberg and Benjamin Netanyahu. With PR muscle like that you know it's got to be good.

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