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76 Year Old Veteran Arrested For Asking Public Official To Speak Louder


Story at CNN:

Eddie Overholt, a 76 year old veteran was arrested in Greeneville, TN Friday, July 18, 2014 for asking Mayor Alan Broyles and board members to speak louder during an Industrial Development Board meeting at Greeneville Light and Power.

The Mayor and board were speaking in extremely low voices during the discussion of an unpopular decision to submit a second application to TDOT (the first was denied) that would allow a private company, US Nitrogen, to install and run wastewater pipes to the Nolichucky River so they would be able to get free water and a free place to dump wastewater instead of signing an agreement with the local water utility which would help the community.

Mayor Broyles and the board are already facing a lawsuit from citizens for violating the Open Meetings Law. No microphones were used, though clearly available in the room and at least 4 members of the board were sitting with backs to the public viewing area.


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Please don't be so hard on the people that

actually took the time to show up at the meeting. Most had probably never gone to that type of meeting before. They go thinking they will get a fair hearing but instead get told to fill out a form, wait to be spoken to, and then shut up. It can be intimidating. Few go ready to be arrested.

If you look at the full video, it appears two men were arrested at different times.

The Furher

Who is the Furher, or is that Saddam Hussein? Geez, these people are completely "spineless" and deserve to have a "dictator" rule over them for being so stupid.
Geez, People...speak up or do something.
If you can't speak up at a local town committee meeting, then you're wasting your time standing in the room, just being there is a complete waste of your time, their minds are already made up and you don't have a snowball's chance of changing it.
This Dictator would kick Jesus Christ himself out of the room.
Vote this bunch of Bums out...PLEASE.

What bothers me

is that everyone else just sits there obediently while this man is escorted away. Personally I would stand up and defend him, and if everyone did they couldn't arrest everyone (or maybe they could). Either way, I wouldn't be able to just sit there and watch that happen without standing and saying something. I only saw two officers, and at least 60 people...

If that is the definition of an "outburst", they must consider every citizen belligerent. (I'm sure they do)

Shame on all of you

Given the size of that audience I'd wager most of them are first timers or newbies at best. How many of you walked up to a political event on your first few times ready to be assaulted by the cops and then hauled off to jail? I know I wasn't. I was nervous, a bit confused, anxious, and wondering what the hell was going on. My expectations and reality were utterly shattered and it took me a while to recover. System shock like that hits you like a ton of bricks.

Don't judge them because they come expecting freedom and a voice and instead got corruption and Nazi tactics. These are the people we should be looking for and embracing. They've had their wake up slap. We need to find them, offer them comraderie, and get them into the freedom movement. It isn't easy to have your world view shattered in one, brief moment. I remember; do you?

Same here. I'm

surprised that everyone didn't chime in about speaking up. And then let them try to arrest everyone. I'm also surprised the police acted so quickly and easily. And arrest? This is bizarre.

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Same here. Compliant

Same here. Compliant sheeple. And why is it a public event if there can be no interaction? To allow the subjects to observe their rulers?


let them watch so they believe they have a say in "their" government. But hell hath no fury if they actually try to influence "their" government.



Why is mostly everyone there wearing.....

a green shirt?

First they silence you in the board room, then they silence you in your bed room, then they silence you....

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Is anyone else getting tired of articles referring to veterans

When their military service has nothing to do with the incident.

Being a veteran doesn't give anyone special privileges. It doesn't make the abuse of power any more or less significant.

Maybe I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill, but it seems like it's everywhere.

Ps. Thank you for the article. I do appreciate it and for what it's worth I upvoted.

Because the masses are brain

Because the masses are brain washed into believing the veterans are wonderful for fighting for democracy and "our" freedom. In other words this is not just the average Joe... This is a veteran. It does work on the average Fox news junky.



Police brutality

is what lead me to become awake.

Thank you for showing more of the meeting.

Others did try to speak up earlier, that's why the dictator said "no more outbursts".



Or are they deer staring into a headlight?

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ecorob's picture

If any one of these bastards...

is reelected or reappointed, Greeneville gets what it deserves!


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

Good luck with those black

Good luck with those black boxes with programming no one is allowed to see. Push any button you want and it will count what ever it was programmed to count.

I hope these

self-serving politicians lose that lawsuit. All politicians need a dose of reality, now and again...

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Another example of police brutality


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