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MI Police State Break Down walls to gain access to 'unsecured (legal) Marijuana plants' in raid

Police state strikes again! This story has so many violations of their own rules it is sickening.

"When they arrived, I asked them to see a warrant, which they did not provide as they didn’t have one. They were asked several times to leave the premises and come back with a warrant but they continued refusal to do so."

"Finally, around 5:15 pm, we were served with a search warrant for 885 East Apple… the location of my store. Upon reading the warrant, I found it very disturbing that the warrant was based on the fact that on June 4th, 2013, one Det. Adam Dent entered the store showing a previously prepared FICTITIOUS application for a medical marijuana card under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program MCL 333.2642"

“So with that being said, Det. Adam Dent’s entrapment of using FICTITIOUS credentials gained him access to the rear of the building where he impersonated himself as a Chrohn’s patient and allegedly purchased some medical marijuana.”

“During the raid, officers seized cash, computers, cell phones (including those that were used earlier to record officers and their conduct in the store) and all marijuana and marijuana plants found. When I asked them why they were taking the marijuana and the marijuana plants, Det. Kate Straus stated that they were being seized because they were not in a properly secured facility. I asked her how this was when they had to kick down the door to enter the home and she replied ‘Because your realtor has a key for showing the house to prospective buyers and therefore has access to the marijuana.’ I informed her that the area of the home where the marijuana is stored and cultivated is locked separately and nobody else has access to it… But it was too late. Officers had already come upon the area of the home where the marijuana was stored and cultivated and kicked in a second door … into where the marijuana was stored. From there, they kicked a hole in the wall to gain access to where the marijuana was cultivated. After gaining entry to the cultivation area, they found the main door to the room and cut the master lock that was securing the facility… that’s how much of an improperly secured facility it was..so much so that they kicked a hole in the wall and cut a lock. The plants had already been uprooted and the marijuana seized. So not only did they violate 333.26424(h) which states that any marihuana, marihuana paraphernalia, or illicit property that is possessed, owned, or used in connection with the medical use of marihuana, as allowed under this act, or acts incidental to such use, shall not be seized or forfeited… But they violated the due process of law by entering and searching the home [where my son was sleeping] before a warrant was issued, and used excessive force by holding my 12-year-old son at gunpoint. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they also seized my cell phone and [were] going through it BEFORE the warrant was obtained.”

~ Full Story

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Might be able to beat this one...

Wouldn't hurt to start handing out some jury nullification pamphlets downtown and inform other locals face-to-face about your plight.

Yeah, I live in the county

Yeah, I live in the county this took place so I'm going to try and reach out to those affected and see what we can do to use this event to promote Liberty, as they are already on board with the message if his facebook is any suggestion of philosophy.

I'll definitely be out there pushing jury nullification as well.

Did they lying detective get a bonus last year.


Free includes debt-free!

Rick Snyder authorizes raids on produce in Michigan.

Pure Michigan! What a joke.

Poor people in Detroit are looking for food while vandals destroy food in Standish MI. No due process, no warrants, Pure Michigan Evil!


Free includes debt-free!

Whew! Its a good thing we

Whew! Its a good thing we have government! If we didn't, there would be gangs of armed thugs going around breaking down doors, shooting people, damaging property and taking whatever the hell they wanted and there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do without a government to protect you!

It would be terrible if you could hire/fire defense contractors who compete for people's money. Things are great with one giant defense contractor who you can never fire, is never held accountable for anything they do, and who makes more money by expending more munitions.

Ya, government's great!

Sarcasm noted.

Tax parasites are low life.

Free includes debt-free!