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Has DP turned into Drudge "light"?

Is it me or over the last several months has anyone else noticed that a considerable amount of posts on the DP have been copies of Drudge's top posts of the day? Are we as a liberty community starting to take the lame stream media bait of never-ending neo-con moral outrage, instead of focusing more on the endless font of alternative media providing inspired and productive information... Admittedly, I look at Drudge for about 1 minute 35 seconds a day to monitor the skewed propagandist views (you know, knowing thy enemy) after which I go to DP and find half the Drudge links posted on here....Anyway, just thinking out loud...be nice to get back to OUR roots here on the DP...

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you're right

and i wish they would stop. i check drudge a few times a week (less lately) and get annoyed when i come here and see all the lazy drudge re-post.

i think to myself, what is this the daily drudge. it gets old but some of the stories are worth reposting just not all of them everyday, at times it's total overkill.

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I see it as a math problem

Like this graphic:

There are things that we happen to agree with Mr. Matt, there are other things we could not been more different. So as the Bible says "But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good" 1 Thess. 5:21

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Have I noticed that?

No. I wouldn't know because I do not visit Drudge for news. I AM DAILY PAUL FO LIFE.



Or maybe they are turning into us?

News posted here is aggregrated by the DP community(us). Unlike drudge,infowars,rt, or most of the commonly linked places, we do not have a core group of "gatekeepers"(to use Tom Woods' phrase) that select stories.

I think it is more of a fact that Drudge,RT, Inforwars, and the rest are considered the political opposition. Think about Faux News and how Judge Andrew Napolitano works there or how they actually give Rand Paul a (mostly) fair shake when they interview him.

It is not a matter of DP transforming, but a matter that only those sites ever carry honest criticism of the National(they have not been federal since 1861) Government.

Try mentioning the fact that benghazi covered up government weapons trafficking to jihadist groups to DailyKos. Try criticizing the Export-Import Bank(which even progressive darling Elizabeth Warren wants to do) and you are labeled as being against economic growth. Oppose Iran Sanctions? Then you must want Iran to be better equipped to put down dissidents.

Speaking of dissidents? Has anyone seen the anti-war left lately?

If the next prez is any Republican EXCEPT Rand Paul, you can expect the tide to switch and for Liberals to declare that they have ALWAYS been wary of expanded government power and that we have ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.

This is why I've never been 100% into the DP

Because of people like you. The sheep that still roam this site thinking we are this "separate movement." We are all in this together. Just like Alex Jones used to get attacked as a "loon" and "conspiracy theorist" and now DP is Infowars Light. Same thing with Drudge. He is on our side. The cause of individual liberty and freedom of press rights. They will continue to dominate this website here and into the future wake up. I've been here since 2011 and I've seen the shift. You all love Ron Paul yet you dislike those that have stood with him as the mainstream media blacked him out and attempted to censor his message? Alex Jones has known Rand Paul for almost 20 years and Ron Paul even longer. Drudge gets 1 billion views a month and is on our side. He said 2013 would be Alex Jones year and it sure was and moving into 2014 his Youtube channel has half a billion views and coming in close to 1 million subscribers which will only grow past 5 million as the things get worse. Visionaries like these are attacked by the feeble minded that truly don't understand what we are doing as a community of individuals of veterans and patriots who want freedom and understand the New World Order end game. There is a reason you are seeing a lot more Drudge and a lot more Inforwars on here. BECAUSE it aligns with our message of freedom and the Tea Party started by the Ron Paul revolution. Like Drudge said 2014 is everything. Not left vs right but Libertarians vs Authoritarians.

You haven't been reading as much as some of us.

I don't know if you're only clicking on "Front Page" material, but if the Daily Paul is turning into any other website, I would think it would be InfoWars, RT, or ZeroHedge lite.

Definitely not Drudge, though.

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I'll admit, I'm not a fan of drudge constant reposts either

That being said, you get to chose what you read and click on. I don't click to drudge links and I have only ever been to drudge maybe 5 times in my entire life.

You also get to post what you want to within house guidelines.

A while ago Michael encouraged everyone to bring their interests here.

What are your interests? What do you want to read and talk about? Be that posting change.

I do agree, in a sense Drudge is lame stream media as mostly from what I understand it just takes you to msm type sites and stories.

You Seen in 5 times.. Shut up

I've seen it for 10 years.

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To bad you picked a bird that can't fly.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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What? Shut up because I don't like drudge?

Get over your ridiculous anger. If you like drudge go there or click on the drudge repost links. I don't have a problem with that and that is what I am telling OP, if he has a problem with drudge don't go there. I don't. If you like drudge; go for it.

Whats the problem?

To attack something...

you've only seen it 5 times. I'll let that sink in for a while. You talk from a point of ignorance is all I am saying. Which you can but it makes you look ridiculous. Shut was meant as in "Your statement was ridiculous" " Oh - Shut up!" not in an angry manner infringing on your first amendment.

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Oh my, aren't you defensive? I said I don't like it, that is hardly an attack. The couple times I've seen it, it has redirected me to what I find to be msm related news stories. Oh well, it's not for me. How many times do you have to see Huffington Post to know you don't like it? How many times do you have to hear Obama speak before you know you don't like him? Sometimes it only takes an instance or two.


Not attack.. Dismiss would be a better word. Anyways I'm done with this conversation. Good luck to ya.

What exactly is the Daily Paul perspective suppose to be when it

comes to different voices who may speak out for liberty considering possibly conservatives or neo-conservatives?

kind people rock

Drudge is not part of the

Drudge is not part of the lame stream media, they are the original alternatives, Drudge report literally started alternative internet media, and because of that they are very popular.

Drudge is an "news" aggregate...

And most of the links take you to lame stream media articles. And I stand by the position that 90%+ of the links are there to incite outrage and provide a narrative(for instance the myriad articles trying to present legalization of marijuana as leading to the destruction of the world) instead of inciting productive change. Drudge is a war lover, a shock and outrage pimp, an Israel ball-licker, and a bandwagon jumper-on'er, like Levin, Beck, Hannity et al ad infinitum. Drudge has it's place, just wish it wasn't here on the DP.

Tough Sh*t

Get use to it.