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Justin Raimondo: Rand Paul is quickly losing my support


@SenRandPaul is quickly losing my support: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/rand-paul-israel-midea... … Israel _and_ Ukraine? Too much even for me, I regret to say.


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I don't know what happened to

I don't know what happened to Rand. Looks like I'll be sitting out another election year...if the country even makes it there in one piece.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I predicted this

would happen, and expect those at Rockwell to do the same. They tried to support Rand, due to repect for Dr Paul, but now their credibility is at challenge, and they must stand with their morals.

It appears Rand, has chosen to take a nationalist position with Liberty, and abroad he stands with tyranny against those who don't side with the Rothchild agenda. This stance by Rand, says he supports the racist supremicism promoted by the Rothschild network of elites, that you don't deserve any Liberty, unless you bow down to them as superior beings. This is what it actually means when you support the belief of Zionism.
Zionism started as a political belief, but has been transformed into a faux religious belief, through the hands of the Rothschilds, that destroys the tenants of the Christian belief in Liberty for all poeple, even respecting those who don't believe in Christ. The Puritans came to the New World to have Liberty to follow their beliefs. And, it was the Puritans, who would not support the Constition, if it didn't contain a 'Bill of Rights' and a 'Seperation of Powers', that would prevent the Federal Government from taking away their right to practice their religious beliefs. The Zionism belief means, as long as America supports Israel, it has Liberty from God, but it must destroy those who don't support this belief, that could become a threat to Israel controlled by the Jews.

Here are Rand's so-called

Here are Rand's so-called "sanctions" from his TIME magazine editorial:

Here are Rand's so-called "sanctions" from his TIME magazine editorial:


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Life at Conception Act

I just got a Rand mail this morning asking me to sign
the petition and send money (of course) for the above
act which would define as "persons" - and therefore subject
to the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment) fertilized embryos
from the point of conception.

A couple points:

One, Rand points to the Roe v. Wade's "creating" a right of privacy
out of nothing. I remember an exchange between Robert Bork
(who was being considered for a Supreme Court position) and Ted
Kennedy. Kennedy asked Bork about Roe v. Wade and Bork said
that he didn't think that there was any right to privacy under the
Constitution and he didn't favor establishing one and that he didn't
think Kennedy supported establishing one, either. To which
Kennedy replied, ...nothing.

So, whatever else Rand thinks about Roe v.Wade, does he believe that
people have a right to privacy?

Two, we already have massive intrusion by the nanny state into
what should be family matters, with Child Protective Services micromanaging
people's relationship with their kids and tearing apart families.

So,what is going to happen if (as this bill would do) you extend the government's
authority to meddle back to before a child is even born? Will pregnant women be
subject to full time monitoring to ensure that their behavior meets government standards?

I think abortion is killing - but it is simply not realistic to force women to bear and care for/about a child that they don't want - trying to enforce this through expanding the authority of the federal government is likely to cause a lot more problems than it solves...

Another minus for Rand, IMHO...

Ron introduced the 'sanctity

Ron introduced the 'sanctity of life act' which was very similar. The issue would be dealt with on the local level. Also, Ron did not believe in a right to privacy: http://archive.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul120.html

Israel is like herpes

they just keep coming back to ruin our political system and make the world hate America and put us in more danger.

I suppose it's not completely their fault though. The American public biting into the propaganda hook, line, and sinker makes it our fault. There is hundreds of millions of dollars lying ready to take Rand down if he doesn't tow the line.

Rand is pandering right now. I don't like it. He still does 95% of everything I stand for, so the Israel thing will not be a deal breaker, but I wish it just wasn't a part of our politics here.

Tu ne cede malis.

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I don't care

what Justin Raimondo has to say.

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I don't care

what Justin Raimondo has to say either. He attacked Rand early on - Justin lost my support then.


And Justin Raimondo is important, why??

He stood with Ron through all, against the Fed, and against interventionist wars, when?

And, rather than Ron Paul's son, you now support, whom?

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

I support the ideas not the

I support the ideas not the man. Men are corruptible. Ideas endure.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


...showed more Man than most of Ron Paul's supporters over the newsletters.

Raimondo's epic defense should have been what Ron went with...instead, even Ron's supporters went with the media line.


Raimondo, Rothbard, Rockwell and Paul worked together on supporting Pat Buchanan in 1992--to run against Bush for starting a war.

Raimondo has been taking flak for supporting Rand, and its reached the point where he has to cover his own flanks. Sure, he'll probably not go entirely off the reservation...

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He supported him after he didn't support him, and now he doesn't

support him again... oh well..


Raimondo will prove a solid bellweather...

..for opinion.

Right now, there are two cottage industries in punditry (re: our thing): loath Rand and spend a lot of time discussing his sell-outs (as if Ron didn't have any) and Rand is great which breaks into two camps (he is right! and he is the best we can do!)

We should play in the market opportunity as presented to us as mere potential activists with far less influence then a Raimondo.

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The article

I agree with Justin. Some

I agree with Justin. Some people here will kiss Rand's behind no matter what he says or does.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

and others..

will be negative at no matter what he does.

Like it or not.. Palestine has fired over 10K rockets into Israel. At some point they have to take action to defend themselves. War is Hell.

I wonder how you would approve if your family were constantly under attack? Again.. Not approving of Israel but taking a moderate position.

I don't kiss Rands ass but I understand his phiolosphy and agree with it.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

How many Israeli's

have been killed in the last 15 years from Palestinian bombs? Answer: 13

How many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombs in the last 15 years?

Answer: About 2,800 ...mostly civilian, and many women and children.

What was the name of the country we now call Israel before it was called Israel?

Answer: Palestine.

You should be ashamed.

lol. pathetic. I'm not gonna

lol. pathetic. I'm not gonna get in a debate with you on Israel. I'm sure that is what you were looking for.

I'm building a wall around myself and going to blockade any comments about Israel. K. Thx. Bye.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


Is Rand calling for American troops in Ukraine or Gaza? No. Of all the meaningless things for him to take a position on, Ukraine and Gaza must be near the top. So easy to appease the pro-Israel crowd, etc., and really little political consequences.

I too have been

a Rand supporter and staunch defender here on many threads. But I gotta tell ya...it is getting harder and harder for me to stand with Rand.

Rand's latest positions on Russia, Putin and the Ukrainian situation, and his most recent comments regarding the Israel Palestine conflict is just making me crazy.

Not sure how much more I can take before I fold my hand with Rand. Sadly.

sounds similar to what ron has said

about letting israel do what it thinks is best and don't get directly involved.

only difference i see is rand has backed off of cutting all foreign aid to israel for now and wants to first start with cutting foreign aid to countries who preach death to america.
i say cut it all but this is no deal breaker for me and a necessary compromise in order to get the gop nomination. ron made plenty of bad compromises that i did not like but i understood why he did so. rand will have to make a few more compromises than ron to get the nom but he needs to be careful and not go too far.

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Justin Raimondo

has been hot and cold since day one, nothing to see here. He has not impact on how I think.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

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