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Rand Paul: ‘I wouldn't question’ Israel

Paul says he'd make sure Israel’s defense was well-supplied and funded.

By Sarah Smith | 7/23/14 | Politico

Potential GOP presidential contender Rand Paul said Wednesday that no one should question Israel’s actions in a time of war.

“I wouldn’t question what they need to do to defend themselves,” the Kentucky Republican told conservative radio host Glenn Beck on “The Blaze.” “These are difficult decisions people make in war when someone attacks you. It’s not our job to second guess.”

Beck played into the buzz around a potential Paul bid for the White House in 2016. He laid out the situation in Israel and his grievances with the Obama administration’s handling of it, then asked, “What would President Paul do?”

“The first thing I do is say absolutely no money goes to Hamas, no foreign aid gets in the hands of Hamas,” Paul responded. He added that he’d make sure Israel’s defense was well-supplied and funded — and even proposed an Iron Dome equivalent for the United States.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/rand-paul-israel-midea...

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Rand has been pissing me off

Rand has been pissing me off lately, but in this case he's only saying the exact thing Ron has said. Let's not be hypocrites, eh? There's enough legitimate issues to criticise Rand on without resorting to cheap attacks like this. Truth is supposed to be important to us, right? RIGHT?!

Rand Paul doesn't "question" the mass-murder of 2000 kids

Because Israel can do anything it likes...right?

I'll tell you what I won't question. I won't question Rand Paul's total lack of ethics and lack of integrity.

Once you're in the "Israel can murder anybody it wants" camp, there is no return.

No Hope and no Change: 2016


I support Rand. He is doing his non-interventionist, let's not piss off the Zionist in America thing. I respect that in a Career sense.

But let's get it right. Israel is occupying, violently, with no restraint, Palestine.

You all aren't non-interventionsist

You want to intervene against Israel and apparently want Rand to take sides too. Ron has pretty much said the same thing in the past that Rand said here.

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Both Paul's said the same thing? One said to end foreign aid to all,and one calls for well funding,which means more arms to israel

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


That's the only part of what he said that's not in quotes. I'd be curious to hear it. Maybe he said it, maybe it's skewed. Maybe he does like Israel, I'm not sure. I know everyone else in Washington does and I heard Hillary last night say that Hammas is only doing this for media attention because no one likes them. You should vote for her.

In the end, people here still do want Rand to take sides... just the side that he maybe hasn't taken.

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I know what you are saying

but,I don't totally agree,the ones who disagree with Rand are the same ones who might see what he is doing wrong...like pledging support for israel(which,isn't his to give) going to israel and heading to the wailing wall, But maybe.maybe ,maybe?..maybe it's this,maybe it's not,In the end,you should make sure of what you say,if like you say,you are unsure..or don't know
It is too bad for you,that other's have and can question everyone about any topic at any given time,of any given day
AND I SHOULD VOTE FOR HILLARY?... after that idiotic remark,should I then say what you and him can do?
As far as being curious to what Rand said,shouldn't you at least hear him out before jumping on others over something YOU didn't hear? You just must might come across as a bit smarter...i did say 'might'
BTW..you really should check out WHOM created hamas,and for what purpose
you know,if you really want to know,or do you just hate others seeing what you won't look at?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You misunderstand...

I think. It's hard to read your post a little. Anyway, my point isn't about what he said as much as it's about the interventionism of the people on this site when it comes to this conflict.

And about me hearing it for myself... I don't have a glen beck subscription and I couldn't find the interview on youtube. My guess is it's the same for you.

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I getcha,...I know,finally,I do see what your intent was,I agree
As far as having a beck subscription,who,in their right mind right would ?
But, as far as this conflict and any other goes,if we as a broke nation stayed out of other affairs most of it would not be happening,so our further meddling is like the capt of the titanic trying to put a band aid on that hole as a fix,or blaming him for the glass of water he had as to the reason it sank faster

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Nobody's perfect, and the public isn't getting it...

If they make it a game of half-hearted promises to win executive power, then Rand should make em count... as double edged as this looks these are just words for Israel, but with a Rand Paul in the white house you can count on actions AGAINST Israel.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I support everyones right to defend themselves

Just not on OUR DIME!

We TOOK a country from others and are now claiming it as our own BUT we don't need to ask other countries to support our empire building b.s.

If another country wants to attack another country and TAKE IT, then it is on them. We don't need OUR TROOPS there to help, nor any of our military power, missiles or anything that comes with it.

I just wish people wouldn't focus on the religious aspects of everything and focus more on the aspect of ONE COUNTRY wanting to conquer another. It simplifies everything in my head.

Why should we support and defend Israel just because some man made book said so? I fine it hilarious personally.

Killing in the name of Jesus is such a contradiction yet anyone who is a bible thumper honestly thinks that we need to support and defend them because that is what ONE BOOK tells them to do.

If god is really in charge, our monetary and military support should NOT be needed. If something is supposed to fall before jebus comes back then why is everyone doing anything they can to stop it from happening?

This bible really put some crazy thoughts in a ton of peoples heads. I am fine with the downvotes that odds are will come but how can we kill in the name of a god?

Any large war that supposedly happened in our history was in the name of a god of some sort. How can any god if he or she was real would honestly want people to KILL in his or her name? If he or she is all powerful then shouldn't we allow them to handle it since we are just his or her children?

I am all for the 2nd amendment BUT what does that have to do with providing guns, tanks, missiles, jets and other weaponry to OTHER COUNTRIES?

How can private companies be in the business of building these weapons systems and then be able to sell them to our government who then gives/loans to other governments?

If Rand was going to make sure that Israel was well funded, where is this money coming from? Has that part been ironed out or is it just a statement to get on the GOPs good side?

Remove all embassies
Remove all bases
Remove all troops
Remove all monetary aid
Any country that isn't America

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God is "not in charge" like you think He is

Yes, ultimately, always and especially in the end, "God is in control" but for now, satan rules this joint else-wise when Jesus and the devil were together in the wilderness and the devil offered Jesus the world, how could satan offer it if satan didn't "own" it????

It's a really long narrative to try to explain in the comment section but what we live under is satan's "system" ruling the world, not God's kingdom.

Don't pay for Israel, PRAY for Israel.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

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You hit the nail on the head with that statement...thank you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

You're welcome deacon

"Who feels it knows it Lord"

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer


Yes. We PRAY for Israel.

Best thing

to do IMO. Anybody can throw money at a problem.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Don't get all butt hurt.

Perhaps Rand actually does philosophically support Israel. If it is true, it would not make me happy, because I want him to be president, and I wish he could see straight on ALL TOPICS.

BUT. Even while this is bad news to me a Rand supporter, THERE IS STILL A SERIOUS PROBLEM if we are going to look for a candidate THAT WE ACTUALLY CARE TO SUPPORT in 2016.

1. Can we find another candidate that IS ON THE MONEY on the Israel issue, and will speak out about it?

2. Israel is SUCH A TOUCHY SUBJECT in the US. To be in ANY POLITICAL OFFICE, you pretty much have to be a Christian; atheists or Muslims rarely get to any office. Likewise YOU PRETTY MUCH HAVE TO SUPPORT ISRAEL publicly to hold the presidential office.

3. DOES RAND TRULY SUPPORT ISRAEL? Or does HE KNOW 2 from above? And he is just responding TO WHAT IS NECESSARY to gain office? (This doesn't make me happy either if true, since that makes him slithery to get what he wants or needs. But hey, if we want OUR CANDIDATE in office, realistically, we end up having to "play ball.")

4. Pick another candidate. I AM ALMOST CERTAIN that you will find things about another candidate THAT YOU HATE WORSE than Rand's stated opinion on Israel.

5. This is a "baby with the bathwater" issue, or "one broken foot issue." Just cause Rand doesn't get 100% on our test, he gets a 90%. So we shouldn't just shove him aside as if the other 90% is bad as well.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, and just cause one foot is broken, doesn't mean we should break both legs.

6. So do you then invite Hillary to instead hold office? Because if we don't get a good GOP candidate in, Hillary is gonna get it; we can see that pretty clearly. Get another Romney or McCain in there, and we are done for again until 2024 when Hillary is done serving her second term.

PLEASE GUYS, DON'T MAKE ME WAIT until 2024 to get a realistic chance. I don't support money to Israel, and I don't think Rand should either. BUT I KNOW that THIS WILL ACTUALLY GET HIM ALOT OF VOTES, even though I disagree with the notion.

Stand with him. Give him a chance.

Rand Paul 2016.

Christ this "movement" is

Christ this "movement" is completely dead if your asinine opinions are the prevailing ones on this site now. If you vote for this asshole you support the vile shit he's spewing out his lying mouth. He has shit all over his father's 30+ year legacy and erased him from history.

Fuck Rand Paul. Israel just fucking intentionally bombed a school today for Christ's sake. Supporting the state of Israel right now makes you an evil human being. If there's a God in heaven, Rand will burn for being willing to watch scores of Palestinian kids get dismembered just so he can win the fucking White House. The sickest part is that it's not even going to work.

So, by your own logic, lying

So, by your own logic, lying is more morally objectionable to you than bombing school children. You can't abide someone lying in order to stop that kind of stuff.

supporting those who commit

supporting those who commit acts of wanton terrorism like Israel bombing a school is sickening. He's supporting it as we speak man. Supporting the death of children now so he can one day stop it is what you think he's doing? Really?

The fact that you find that

The fact that you find that so hard to believe, in and of itself, proves to me that you are naive. Your theories about Rand are disjointed and inconsistent. You have no idea how the political world works and you haven't paid attention to what Rand has said and done (or perhaps you have but have not paid attention to other political goings on and therefore have absolutely no context with which to interpret it).

Yes, it is completely obvious to anyone paying attention that his so-called "support" for Israel is empty words carefully designed to preserve his image without sacrificing ANYTHING.

The idea that Rand should commit political suicide on an issue he has no chance of affecting is immoral and in support of war and tyranny. It is the same as violently charging at a group of cops with a gun. I don't care how evil those cops are, that's a stupid idea. Likewise, if asked to lie at gunpoint, individuals who are both moral and sane will do so. There is nothing wrong with lying for self-preservation, so by extension it is insane to begrudge someone for lying in order to make an earnest attempt at solving major problems that you actually CAN impact.

Then propose what "this movement" should do in 2016 for liberty?

Then propose what "this movement" should do in 2016 for liberty?

Everything you said is correct. The US HAS GIVEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE Isreal about $10mil a day. And Isreal HAS AND WILL continue to use this money for violence. Israel goes hand in hand with the US govt appetite for war. The US continues to be Israel's enabling buddy that allows Israel to pull off bully tactics in war.

So everyone is justified to be appalled at the actions of Israel and US sanctions.

AND I WISH Rand Paul could either see straight on this issue and more issues, or was capable of being completely honest and STILL WINNING a seat in the office.

BUT MY GUT tells me that there are going to be EVEN MORE COMPROMISES along the path to the office than just this. And that SOME OF THOSE COMPROMISES MAY be the ticket to any possibility of getting enough voter support to actually beat Hillary.

If Hillary gets in, you and I can eat our high-horse jerky, and argue like we are right now, for a whole 8 years before we get to have this type of realistic conversation again.

And Hillary really has such a strong position coming up, whether we want to believe it or not. Hillary is well known, has the Dem and Obama support base. She is a SHOE IN. I hate it, but it's true.

And IT SEEMS LOGICAL that if there WERE ONE FAVOR that could be done for Hillary in 2016 to GUARANTEE THE HILLARY WIN, it would be that the liberty base waver and shake off their BEST CANDIDATE due to intellectual reasons, and knock the goaly right out of the way, and guarantee and easy victory for Hillary and the Dems, and keep the liberal control for another 8 years.

In other words, if YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY, your best action would be to steer people clear of Rand.

And in other words, Rand has a ton of support and momentum, and so does "this movement." IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS MOVEMENT IMPOTENT AND STERILE, then THROW AWAY THIS MOMENTUM and go for some luke warm character that is not even on the chart right now.

So let's not pretend this forum makes us special or holy, or that our principled position makes us holy, or that we can only accept candidates like Gary Johnson THAT STAND ZERO REALISTIC CHANCE of winning a seat.

The Dems would love to know that we are getting ready to do so!


If there are efforts that would REALISTICALLY support liberty MORE THAN SUPPORTING RAND IN 2016, SPEAK UP, lay it out there, tell us what actions make sense in 2016 to realistically support liberty?

Gosh you guys are a sorry

Gosh you guys are a sorry bunch tonight. Stop reading headlines and words and look at actions. Where most politician say the good thing and do the bad. Rand says the bad sometimes but does the good, as the devil is in the details. It IS Israels business what they do. Saying that they should be well armed doesn't mean we;ll give it to em. Defunding America's aid to Hamas makes israel HAVE to pay for that aid and an iron dome for the US IS a good idea too. Close down our bases overseas and defend our country when attacked.

You said, that he said they should be well armed and it doesn't

mean he would give it to him.

But what about the first sentence in this thread which is

"Paul says he'd make sure Israel’s defense was well-supplied and funded."

What does, "HE'D make sure Israels' defense was well supplied and funded " mean to you?

That doesn't sound that he hopes Israel would be able to supply and fund their defense but rather that HE ( Rand Paul ) would make sure of it.

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Pay attention to the vote

When has a politician's words EVER matched their voting record save Dr. Paul Sr.? Once he votes in a way deserving of your ire THEN hammer him. And, like mentioned above, we're realistically looking at either Rand or Hillary for president for the next 8 years after mein fuhrer, Obama.

Seriously; we suffer from the Linux syndrome here. 1000 different flavors of freedom but not enough support around one to defeat the incumbant Microsoft of the political world.


Israel is not a bordering nation defending itself, it's an occupying nation controlling it's prison camp. This is like saying "I wouldn't question what the Germans do in Poland, they are defending themselves from some pretty bad communists"

No train to Stockholm.

I think

I've seen and heard enough of this dickwater.

Zionists have destroyed my country so I question Israel

Foreign aid, countless wars, Federal Reserve, USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard spying, Monica Lewinsky, AIPAC, U.S Media... If Rand doesn't know that we are controlled by the Zionists then he's a lost cause. I don't want my country controlled by any foreign power (that's why my ancestors fought the British). Our politicians are dangerous enough. Palestinians deserve liberty just like any other people. God Bless Palestine and their freedom fighters. All people deserve self determination.

That's the Rand Paul I know!

He will drop to his knees and slob gobble Israel at the drop of a hat.

And give them all the money and weapons they want. NO MATTER WHAT!

He is pathetic!

"and even proposed an Iron

"and even proposed an Iron Dome equivalent for the United States."

This is a good idea.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.