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Down the Memory Hole on Daily Paul

There was a thread on here last night named 'Rand Paul is all we've got and we may as well face it'. Today I went back to the comment I made the night before. The whole thread is gone.

I got the big 404.

Underneath was written:

throng of highly-certified bureaucrats have convened a committee to requisition the retrieval of this page on the grounds that it was rolled up and misfiled in the spine of an unspecified volume of the Federal Register. Due to a series of rare coincidences in their mandatory scheduling convention, this committee only meets every third leap day. Please check back at this URL in the late 24th century, around lunchtime, as currently this page is not found.

Ask DP

How Rude.
I am interested to know which comment (maybe mine) was guilty as the 'politically incorrect' offender.

And this one: 404

'Like the authority for the United States to police the world, this page is not found.'

What's up with that?

The title of my off topic comment was 'Plant Some Seeds'. Asking people to help getting the truth out on social media news sites like Yahoo. I am encouraged that public opinion swayed in favor of not going into Syria for a change. Help us tell the truth and wake up some minds.

Love and peace.

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That's happened to me before when going to look at some of my individual posts from the 'My Account' feature. It seems if the post has many, many replies on it, the search won't work and goes straight to 404.

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...you sure about that?

post & comment look accessible to me:

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