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California Cop Arrests Man for Video Recording "Private Car" from Public Sidewalk

A Southern California police officer arrested a man for video recording “private cars” from a public sidewalk.

The Covina police officer named K. Counts then handcuffed the man when he refused to provide identification, claiming that they were looking for a suspect on the loose, and that it could have very well been the man with the camera who decided to return to the crime of the scene, knowing he was being sought.

But from the video, it didn’t appear to be much of a manhunt.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f9f_1406139835#dXdQWQsCttG8zX...

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Television uses film of traffic all the time...

I wonder what percentage of police officers have read the Bill of Rights outside of a grade school classroom. I bet it's under 25%.


Counts is just another bully with a badge, knowing that even though the charges against David will likely be dismissed (they were), he was able to shut him down from recording.

Even though the charges were dropped, you can still contact Covina Police Chief Kim Raney at (626) 384-5600 or kraney@covinaca.gov or you might be able to reach the cop at kcounts@covinaca.gov.

UPDATE: Chief Kim Raney responded to PINAC’s request for comment with the following statement:


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