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Illuminati References

I created this thread for illuminati references that pop up. I'm not saying that I necessarily believe in this stuff but I am keeping an open mind to it. Even if this is pure BS, I think politicians are aware that some people do place a certain stock in it and I wonder if they're playing to that crowd in some way (and for some reason).


Newt Gingrich: ‘Turn the Pentagon Into a Triangle’

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Oh no, anything but a

Oh no, anything but a Triangle!

Newt says this just as all the moldy cold-war cadavers rise from

Brilliant! Newt says this just as all the moldy cold-war cadavers rise from the grave and dust the maggots off the rotting nuclear war plans that were lining their coffins. SUDDENLY all these guy who should've retired 20 years ago are relevant again!

The Pentagon has gone totally into a Skull-n-Bones Illuminati Nonagon.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

There are sooooo many references it's rediculous

And you would have to have a daily blog with lots of time on your hands to list them all. Besides all the ones that you miss because you aren't watching tv all day long.

Cartoons suddenly are laced with references...especially Disney channel, cartoon network and Nickelodeon. They are all guilty of it. Japanese anime is generally devoid of it. Well except Full Metal Alchemist....that has a ton of references.

Movie posters and movies in general have symbolism with in or the storylines parallel Illuminati agendas. Music industry is just sick with it. And magazines are full of references too.

20 years ago it was rare to see any of this symbolism but now its everywhere. It's puzzling why its so blatant, but you have to be willingly blind to not notice it.

I watched a terrible movie two days ago called Devils Knot about a true murder of three boys in Tenn. And even it had three separate pictures pyramids with eyes in the background without any reference to it or particular useful purpose. And my husband watched a Breaking Bad episode yesterday and the cerebral palsy kid was wearing an Illuminati t-shirt at the dinner table....I mean...why?

So, are you asking for any references including media references or are you just looking for politicians who reference it?

Take a look at the Lemony Snicket movie for beginning to end references in every scene and the entire set design.

Look I believe the Illuminati is an old, very real, and very much active secret society which has infiltrated all other secret society and powerful organizations. But even if that's not true, there is, at the very least, a conspiracy to shove all this symbolism down our throats and normalize it.

Considering Hollywood Is Almost Certainly Co-Opted

I would say that Hollywood references apply as well.

I assume anything flashing symbols as co-opted

I would imagine any hollywood type.... like for instance Miley Cirus ... believes they are part of some powerful club. Truth is more likely that they are being used by some powerful club and will be thrown away or misused as the need or circumstances arises.

I could hate the likes of Miley Cirus as she is repulsive,but mostly I feel sorry for her. She's being used