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Abel James interviews Denise Minger: Death By Food Pyramid

She discusses the original food pyramid developed by Luise Light that the USDA later perverted into the one we were recommended to go by, women who gain weight on Paleo, and how to spot a fraud.

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Dr David Perlmutter: Eating Fat Makes You Smart

Dr David Perlmutter: Grain Brain, Eating Fat Makes You Smart, and Why (Brain) Size Matters

It's young folks like this that give me hope

Happily working to get around the establishment BS that profited TPTB at the expense of previous generations' health. And striving to get answers to the more complicated questions about what will make individuals healthy.


I recommend Abel James.

I don't have you tube or itunes but, I say Yes to this work!

Free includes debt-free!

How come you can't watch

How come you can't watch Youtube vids?

I should say, I don't have accounts. but I watch what plays.

Listening to Denise and Abel discuss the variations in successful diets I was wondering if either has taken Wallach' Plant Minerals, Buried Treasure or Conetrace minerals.

Chromium is needed for carbohydrate metabolism and Manganese for fat metabolism, Molybdenum is needed to make Xanthine, Aldehyde and Sulfite oxidase.

Mineral deficiencies might account for variations in metabolism independent of variations in genetics.

I live in Michigan, so local foods will be mineral deficient.


I started taking 60+ trace minerals two years ago. I soon noticed odd craving disappeared.

The hypothesis is that one cannot thrive on a diet if the necessary minerals are not available for the foods eaten.

Or to clean up the Sulfites, Peroxides and Aldehydes toxins produced by metabolism.

Eating high sulfite foods may build up toxins without sufficient manganese.

I smoked for years just to inhale the minerals in the smoke. Colloidal plant minerals daily cured that nutritional deficiency.

It's my experiment of one and it's safer than smoking and I can live with it.

Free includes debt-free!

I don't know which

I don't know which supplements they may have tried. I do think that almost everyone should be supplementing with colloidal minerals, at the very least, due to soil depletion. You could eat a huge variety of vegetables in huge quantities, and still be very mineral deficient.

There do seem to be genetic differences such as the number of copies of the amylase enzyme that an individual has that might point to the need to exclude some foods and include others, regardless of supplementation. I am proof that supplementation can do one a world of good, but that removing the offending foods (grains, legumes etc.) was ultimately necessary to eliminate health issues.