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VIDEO: Austin, TX Tiny House Community

This needs support! I am a big fan of tiny homes and didn't know this guy was in the Austin area.

"Right now a petition is circulating around Austin fighting for deregulation so folks can live in tiny homes. But some are not waiting. There is a community of small houses just outside of the city in Luling, Texas"

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Gettin the plan together, I see it

I got this 30' camper, double axle trailer with electric brakes, pretty heavy duty. It's got all the fixtures, propane and 110V. The plan is to rent a spot in a storage yard that's tolerant to the mission and start getting salvage materials from Craigslist as I dismantle the camper, keeping whatever of it's nice wood interior paneling I can and possibly some alluminum exterior sheathing.

Steel studs with rivets will be my choice for framing. I'll build to 13'. I'll roof with corrugated steel if I can although with the aluminum I have from this rig I could actually cut shingles out of it. Part "cathedral" cieling on the interior and the rest lofted above the lower level. However I'm pretty sure I'm gonna opt for a shed roof. Not 100% sure, gonna leave that call up to the woman. No way I'm doing a flat roof.

One challenge to design is site orientation: if you know where you are gonna put it you know where to put your windows for passive solar or cooling effect. If you are really mobile, you don't always get to chose your orientation. How about a reversable design?

I think my drawings are gonna have a lot of "space for future whatever" notes in it. Wiring conduits and cleanouts all over the place. An exterior accessible utility area for all the junk I'd wanna pile in eventually like solar, might as well wire for 12V and 110V, totally gotta have an escape hatch in the floor.

Come on, we're guys. Can't have a secret hideout without an escape hatch.

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Check out my tiny cabins on

Check out my tiny cabins on wheels.... www.libertycabins.com

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Would love to see a video camera walk around to impart a sense of scale from outside to stepping inside.


I can tell you take pride in what you do, those things are a beauty. Thanks for sharing

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Those are beautiful.

I especially like the all wood one. Is it polite to ask the price range?

Best ones that I have seen

I'm not a big fan of tiny houses, but these are the best of what I have seen so far. I could even envision living in one myself under certain circumstances. Nice work

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Those are great.

thank you!

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Yes, this would be nice

My husband and I used to build houses and actually thought about building and selling these self contained tiny houses two years ago.


That is really neat!

I hope he gets the signatures.

This would be the libertarian answer to a lot of homelessness.