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Rand makes a good post today about stopping asset forfeiture

Today's MUST-READ: Stopping police asset-forfeiture predators via Washington Times.

EDITORIAL: Stopping police asset-forfeiture predators
Left and right agree that civil-forfeiture laws must be radically reformed

Read more: http://p.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/25/editorial-stop...


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Rand has my vote. I sure wish

Rand has my vote. I sure wish some other people here would just try to understand what is happening. Rand has to play politics. As much as we would like to see Rand come out like his Father and be a purist, Rand understands the game with the kingmakers. I see this post and yes I love what he is doing. Some think oh his foreign policy sucks but you will not get the support of the American voter
because the American voter is an idiot. He is lazy. He only knows what he has been told in his government run public schools and universities. Not to mention the nightly news brainwashing they receive every day. What he has been taught is the STATIST view of history.
Then I see a domestic issue like this post and it shows me that Rand
has not fallen far from the tree at all. I just wish people would think a little.

I understand a lot of people's discomfort with the recent

foreign aid and intervention waffling. Rand is obviously trying to walk a tightrope. I would rather he try to minimize the NEOCONs, but I'm not a political operative trying to win a major election.

Tu ne cede malis.

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This is a very important

This is a very important issue, I hope Rand can at least make people care about it, like he did with Drones. I think he has done more education than we give him credit for.