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University police label statement uttered through open window a ‘hate crime’


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Police in Fayetteville are on the lookout for a man who allegedly said something racist in the middle of the night through an open window on the University of Arkansas campus.

Authorities contend an unknown man who allegedly made a racist comment around 3 a.m. Sunday outside of the U of A’s Garland House committed a hate crime, and they’re on the hunt to bring him to justice, KHOG-TV reports.

The Garland House, which is known as the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house during the school year, is currently housing a group of 25 young professionals visiting from Africa on a six-week exchange program.

Gwamaka Kifukwe, a fellow with the Young African Leaders Initiative, told the television station “we’re happy with the way it’s being handled and do not wish to draw additional attention to it.

“That’s the sentiment shared by the Fellows,” he said.

But University of Arkansas Police Department Capt. Gary Crain believes the incident “is considered a hate crime,” and he’s determined to get to track down the culprit.

“It was dark outside,” Crain told KHOG-TV. “They didn’t get a good look at the individual.”

Regardless, university police are “conducting interviews, contacting individuals that might possibly have any information,” he said.

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This is where I go to graduate school...

Give me a damn break.

Surely, even if they haven't read the Bill of Rights, they've heard of the 1st Amendment. While I certainly don't condone racism, charging people with a crime for speech?

This is definitly covered

This is definitly covered under free speech. At best/worse they might be able to charge the person with disturbing the peace, if the person yelled it.
Not a good idea to go around saying racist stuff, if indeed it was even racist. Heck, could have been a black dude talking slang for all we know.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Wow. Really? Someone called

Wow. Really? Someone called the police because someone yelled something stupid in a window in the wee hours? And it must be a slow month at the police station or something. A hate crime?? Unfortunate and classless, but a hate crime?

Another reason to be concerned about NSA spying

The wrong words (e.g. "who do the Redskins play this Sunday?") can get you "tracked down" by police for a "hate crime".

Don't underestimate what kevink just said here....

....and next time you are in your car that was made or sold (new) in the US since Oct 1, 2004, look up. See the little microphone? Don't underestimate that either, regardless of whether you paid for the service or think it's "on" or not. It's always on.


They can constantly surveil us and are making so many overreaching laws that they can "legally" convict innocent people. And if anyone tries to publicly criticize what they're doing they can say "the defendant committed a hate crime" to try to sway public opinion. And if anyone films the actual event then they're "interfering w police", a felony. Something like that.