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Idea for individual liberty: Crowd source liberty legislation

It doesn't make any sense that the only people who write statutes and lobby congress are corporations.

What if we had a site where we could pose government over reach problems to a group of sharp individual liberty minded people(like asset forfeiture without due process).

Then those or all people could craft a bill together to stop it.

And once the bill was finished, it could be presented to the legislature and "lobbied" for.

It seems like we have enough people now a days to put real political pressure on congressmen.

Yes I know its not an anarchist solution, and I know its not a free market solution, its just an idea I had about how to make the best of our current situation.

-It could be a stepping stone to crowd sourcing new constitutions that enshrine individual liberty and divest government of the power to initiate harm with legal immunity.

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I believe

we talked about something similar before A.R., but this might be of appeal:

Public Trusts where individual citizens endow whichever municipal chapter they believe has value, while reserving the right to withdraw from abuse}

More here

It has Potential

The think tank would be great. But the other thing that would be needed would additional funds (crowd sourcing?) to primary the bad guys and replace them. That is there the power would be.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Good idea

the hard part is starting it up, promoting it, and being the rock that gets it through the hard points where it seems like you are the lone one who cares. Anybody who starts one of these projects knows that they usually take a ton of effort and a strong person or group behind them.

Take it on!

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Thanks Jurgs

I wonder if ron pauls voices for liberty would be up for promoting the idea, and maybe creating the platform?