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No New Laws

If the Congress passes a law, or the POTuS issues an executive order, why is anyone obliged to follow it?

If I make a law, would you follow it?

If you make a law, do suppose others would follow it?

What makes them any better than you or me?

I never signed the Constitution. Did you?

Just like I never signed up for the KKK.

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Institutionalized authority figures.

Who will enforce your laws and punish dissent? Would the majority of people recognize the authority of your enforcers? The average American recognizes the authority of the police and the courts, otherwise you'd be exactly right, nobody would feel obligated to abide by any laws.

"Would the majority of people recognize the authority..."

It's not so much the existence of "authority figures" or enforcers. It's that people believe that they have "authority" in the first place. Without that they're just another crime syndicate.

However, that doesn't address the first question, why should people be obliged to follow their edicts? Fear? Is that the only thing keeping them in positions of publicly recognized "authority?" Is government terrorism the only thing holding this bungle together?

terrorism - the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal