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Cher Rants on Twitter About Rand Paul: ‘Minorities Beware’

It’s unclear why Cher tweeted this, but it’s possible she had been watching Rachel Madcow‘s show last night, since she sent out the tweets minutes following Madcow’s show, and the last segment of the show happened to be about Rand Paul and civil rights.

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No worries...she ain't heavy...she's my...

great grandmother.

Some of y'all will get that, some won't.

Cher is inconsequential

but Maddow is a self centered, egotistical, hypocrite. Using her logic we should be forced to have minorities feel welcome to enter our homes due to us having non minorities as visitors. She is a dangerous viper and I'm curious as to whether her life could withstand the microscopic examination that she places upon others. I know of a few gin joints in Philadelphia that I'd defy her to walk her lily white butt into proclaiming that she has the right to so she can really experience what racism is about.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

She'd crap her pants if you

She'd crap her pants if you dropped her off in Kensington or the Badlands.

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She needs to focus on more plastic surgery

Or anything else


because her daughter...uh....er...uh...son ??? Chastity turned out so well, we should all listen to Cher.

I thought she

died in the '70s

Cher, let people think for themselves.

If Rand Paul is so bad for minorities, why does he have the highest support among the black community of almost ANY Republican for ANY partisan office?

They must really feel threatened by Rand

They brought out Cher. Lolz

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Over the years it has become

Over the years it has become clear why Sunny dumped the wench.


I defended Rand. I don't care so much what she thinks but I thought her 2.2 million followers deserved a fair version of the other side. I think I did ok but it wouldn't hurt to have a few friendlies chime in over there. The conversation is her current 4th comment. She addresses me (@ryanscott35) about it. I think I provided the only constructive retort. Everyone else either blindly supported her or was with Rand but didn't provide substantial arguments.

A celebrity who relies on

Rachel Maddow to be telling the truth. Hmm...I'm undecided on how mad at Cher to be. Rachel threw out the lies and close-mindedness that masquerades as some kind of watch dog. Someone swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

Defend Liberty!

I watched the Maddow clip....she is exaggerating badly EDIT

Rand did not contradict himself. He answered her in a nuanced way and because he did not give an absolute thumbs up or thumbs down to the Civil Rights Act, she asserts he was against it.

Maddow, and by extention, Cher, are real POS's.

EDIT: I watched the unedited version. Rand lied. Maddow is right. Come on, Rand. You've given too many interviews in which you've skirted around issues by parsing words. I thought it was politically smart of you, given the attack-dog nature of political journalism. Now I'm not so sure, because you didn't just dance around a previous statement, or explain the context, you denied it existed. That's not smart, and if that's the best you've got you're going to be toast in the next Presidential election cycle.

Sorry I marked it down

Because nobody cares about Cher and by you posting this just gives her more publicity. I can't believe that lunatic still exists.

Here is the whole Maddow clip

MMJ Ministry's Cher-link does not include the whole Maddow clip which ends to Maddow making a bogus-cocktail a la Rand Paul.


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Is this clip missing the part where he indeed (watched the real video 10x) lied? He should not be pulling this BS. He has to stay focused and consistent.

Link w/ the fib:
Hate to even link this channel.


Oh golly. Does anybody really care what she thinks?