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Crowd source peace process

Throwing an idea out there to see what you all might have to say.

Here goes:

Build and promote a loose organization of individuals connected via a social app focused on an approach to the peaceful resolution of a selected conflict.

Step 1: Selecting a cause
People propose and select a geographic area with a particular conflict. The area with the most crowd interest in a period of time is the area selected to focus on. People posting from within a proposed area and selecting their own area are weighted strongly.

Step 2: Brain storm proposals and steps
People post suggestions in multiple wiki like structures and the ideas are gradually whittled down over a period of time to the most active wikis, comments, and other activity. Activity within the selected area is weighted strongly. As wikis are inactivated over time there should emerge a final few.

Step 3: Select a proposal and steps
People select one of the proposals and steps as the primary proposal to focus on. The other proposals still exist but are inactivated. Votes from within the selected area are weighted strongly.

Step 4: Bless the peacemakers
Collect stories of people's efforts promoting the peace proposal. Reward the individual peacemakers in what ways they can be rewarded via attention and donation. Peacemakers in the selected area would be rewarded primarily and others secondarily, depending on the availability of resources.

Step 5: Assess and revisit
After a certain amount of time, the organization assesses progress and can select a change via steps 1-3.

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For the up vote. Must have first posted this on a slow day.

Thoughts on the idea anyone?