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The Destruction of Gaza; the slaughter in photos

These photos are horrific; the destruction of Gaza...this is horrible...why does our country support this?


As a 12-hour pause begins in Gaza, residents returned to their streets and surveyed what was left of their neighborhoods. Eight-five new bodies were dug out of rubble Saturday morning, and ambulances were still trying to reach other areas in Gaza.

According to reports, the destruction in the past 48 hours far exceeds previous Gaza wars.

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I am totally of the belief

I am totally of the belief that Israel needs to just let the Palestinian people go, and relinquish all claims to Gaza or the West Bank.

But I have to say, I am somewhat mystified by people's obsession with this particular issue. Something like ten times the number of deaths are still occurring in Syria, but that doesn't even make the news.

I'm not saying that I think there is some kind of conspiracy going on. Maybe Americans are more in tuned to Israel because so much of our foreign policy and international aid revolves around them.

Ironically, the same Zionists who want to disarm US

Ironically, the same Zionists who want to disarm US also want to disarm the Palestinians. Now you can see for yourself what we have to look forward to. The Zionists and their comrades in Washington represent pure evil.

Israeli rabbi says

killing of civilians is allowed. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/07/23/372448/israeli-rabb...
People need to understand this a supremicist belief, that has been injected in Jewish commnunities around the world, whether they be relgious Judaism, messianics, or cultural Jews. It dirives from the Pharisee created laws, written in Judaism 'secret' books of the Talmud. Here's some excerpts from the Talmud http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/political/jews/hate_...
They continue to follow this superiority belief, that encourages them to use nefarius methods to elevate themselves above the gentiles, since, the times of Christ. They fail to realize these faults, which have lead to their expulsion from over 100 countries. The apologist deception of biggotry is always used, instead of their actions.
I don't write this stuff to bring hatred or violence against the Jews, but to make gentiles aware, and encourage them not to play along in these games. It is also, to encourage the Jews to change their repetative faults, which continues to bring hatred and eventually violence against them.

gentle lies are still lies.

Well for one thing I don't believe I have seen even one case where Israelis were kicked out of a country, much less 100. You have not seen any video that states the killing of civilians by IDF is allowed. The Hamas and the PA makes them stand close to the weapons so the Israelis can't fire back without killing innocent civilians.

You don't want to stop the war. You know very well that all you need to do is lay down your weapons and the fighting will stop. The great Satan you keep referring to does not care for peace like the Hamas doesn't want peace. Our prophets say the war will get worse because you are too ignorant to know the implications of what you are doing. The Israelis have the capacity to eliminate all twenty two Muslim states. The reason they don't is because they want peace, not war. You are never going to destroy Israel. You cannot know peace because it isn't in you to know peace.

Yeah, so anyway. About those Human Shields.

UN: Palestinian children tortured, used as human shields by Israel
New UN human rights agency report claims Israeli forces arbitrarily arrest Palestinian children in Gaza and West Bank, subject them to degrading treatment, exploit them to scope out potentially dangerous buildings and use them as shields


Israel IDF vs. Hamas:

That is not true

At this point I don't care what videos appear to show. All the human shields are done by Hamas and the PA. Israel does not use human shields. Only low grade people use human shields.

While I do agree that these specific photos

Are likely false. The fact of this situation is the Hamas is very likely a creation of the Mossad. And tregardless of how big of terrorists you think Hamas are, the US government openly funds them. Rand Paul introduced a bill to end funding of Hamas, and AIPAC was against that bill. Hamas is most likely operated by the Mossad and CIA. So when you say Israel doesn't use human shields, only Hamas does, well, Hamas is operated by Israel, so then Israel DOES use human shields. And the US openly funds the use of human shields, and then pays to bomb those humans.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

What are you talking about "likely false"?

Palestinian teen tied against his will to an Israeli IDF military vehicle (he's placed in front of soldiers; unprotected), and Israeli IDF soldier using a handcuffed and blindfolded human shield teen against his will (he's also placed [slightly] in front).

So I'll tell you what's false: IDF Hasbarist propaganda graphics such as this

This propaganda graphic falsely depicts an Israeli IDF soldier standing in front and defending, with Hamas standing behind human shields. Well look at the above image I posted of real photos showing Israel using human shields against their will IN FRONT of them, with Hamas standing IN FRONT and defending Palestinians standing behind them. Basically, like all things IDF, the actual REAL images of human shields show that IDF propaganda graphics are completely false and opposite what the truth really is. Enjoy.

I don't know, the one with the kid on the car

Just looks staged. I can't confirm it's real or not.

I don't know about the blindfolded guy. That could be real. I would say I don't doubt that Israel would use such a despicable tactic and then blame the other side for the same. The zionists are just terrible.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

What proof do you want?

Maybe if the Israeli government is on record showing that they favor using Palestinians as human shields, would that do it?

"Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Rivlin denied a request yesterday by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to hold another hearing over the use of 'human shields' by Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the Palestinian territories.

Mofaz petitioned judges to reconsider an earlier High Court ban of the practice, in which the army makes use of Palestinian civilians for military purposes as a deterrent for wanted gunmen hiding in a home."


EDIT: And in response to your claim below that Haaretz is pro-Hamas, I challenge you to find any editorial that makes Haaretz appear pro-Hamas.

So images of Israel's IDF using kidnapped human shields

They are really Hamas/PA with human shields? Bye-bye, Mr. Delusional.

PS. The images are photos, not vids. Perhaps try to pay actual attention.


You ignore what Camery said.
And you believe what the UN says? haaretz is pro-palestinian hamas site.
I guess you have not heard the report by the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon General statement huh?

I am not infallible, and I am occassionally wrong.

But in this case, I'm 100% correct. Just look at those kidnapped teens that Israel's IDF used as human shields against their will, then contrast with Palestinians willingly standing with Hamas.

In case you're too dumb to understand what I just said (and from reading several of your latest pro-Israel comments, I would argue that is definitely a possibility,) what looks worse:

The boy tied against his will to an IDF vehicle, and the teenager handcuffed & blindfolded by IDF soldier; or the Palestinians standing with Hamas, not tied, handcuffed or blindfolded?

If you're honest with yourself, you'll answer in the clearly, plainly obvious: Israel using human shields against their will is far worse than Palestinians standing willfully with hamas.


The opposite of truth.

Saying what is happening in Israel and what is happening in palastine with hamas are opposites. Exchange the names and you have the truth. It is staring you in the face. Who is really dumb? This kind of reasoning only causes confusion. But I guess that is what the great satan wants. Good luck

I agree.

Well We're dealing with the father of all lies. Truth is stranger than fiction.

I feel like I'm talking to a commenting software bot.

So I am going to say this, then not reply to you again.

Israel's IDF is intentionally targeting civilian homes where women and children are known to be hiding; Israel's IDF tells women and children to flee their homes, bombs their homes, then bombs where they have fled to, including schools and refugee camps. More than 220 children murdered by Israel's IDF thus far.

Israel's IDF is intentionally targeting and murdering women and children. That is anti-Jesus, anti-Christ, anti-GOD. What Israel is doing is Satanic. It must suck to be a fake Christian who shamefully supports Israel's Satanic Zionist mass child murderers. Satan ≠ Great, Satan = Evil. Benjamin Nutanyahu/IDF is Satan.

How about america?

america is not? What makes you think america is innocent of all this? Israel is the Apple's of GOD's eye. It is GOD promised land.

Let's Play A Simple Game.

Q: Would Jesus Christ condone murdering defenseless women and children [by the hundreds] in their homes where they're hiding and also in "safe zones" where they're hiding after they fled to avoid being murdered in their homes?

A: No, Jesus Christ would not condone that, it is anti-Jesus. What Israel is doing is anti-Christ, and as you'll know being a Christian: anti-Christ is Satan.

Bombs Made in USA

These zionist thieves liars and murders are the worst plague brought to man kind.


pedophile sympathizers

I can't believe so many Nazi pedophile-worshiping sympathizers exist here on the dailypaul. You idiots do know that these muslim pedophiles are the ones attacking Israel first right? Idiots.

No, they don't care...


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

don't feed the troll ^^^^^^

don't feed the troll ^^^^^^

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Terrible. And by a vote of

Terrible. And by a vote of 100-0, the US Senate is on record supporting this.

An Israeli peace activist perspective: http://www.dailypaul.com/323124/miko-peled-beyond-zionism

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

A music video impression of

A music video impression of the relationship between Israel and Palestinians.

Das Ich - Kannibale

.. the video is from a horror movie. We should be horrified, but a lot of people are having fun. Those who are supporting and applauding the massacre of Palestinians are enjoying it like they're having fun at a horror movie.

Sanitized by WaPo.

The reality is so much worse.


for the light

If they got there

hands on Israel, the pictures would look the same.

"If they got their," not "If they got there."

If they did manage to attack Israel in any meaningful fashion, it would be completely justified self defense. Israel (Nutanyahu/IDF) started this. But you're completely 100% wrong - the pictures wouldn't look the same. Hamas doesn't have any F15s, F16s, Apache Attack Choppers, Drones, Tanks, Battleships. In simpler terms: Gaza has no Air Force, Army, Navy. Israel is the bully that started this, perpetuated it, and exacerbated it. All the Hamas rockets and mortars were fired justifiably in self defense; direct response to Israel's aggression. All the Israel IDF attacks were not self defense; what Israel is doing to Gaza isn't self defense. But you probably already knew that, so why pretend otherwise? Israel started this. Israel started this. Israel started this. This is all completely Israel's fault.

You misunderstood me

I wasn't very clear. What I meant to say was what if they had all the weapons Israel had. That is what I meant. They would destroy Israel; Israel wouldn't exist. I am not happy with Israel killing thousands of people but I see the reason why they are doing it. Israel will get wiped out if they give in. They will blow up all the Churches. They will erase everything to do with God.