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MSNBC: Rand Paul is talking about issues even Democrats won't talk about

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Where do they get these people?

I think that the black commentators on MSNBC represent the thinking of about 5% of the black voters in the US. I think most black people can recognize condescension when they see it, and I'm talking about Biden, Clinton and Romney mocking them with their fake southern black dialects and feigning interest in music performed by black artists, i. e. "who let the dogs out? who who who who...sickening and offensive.

Enter Rand; speaks to the issues, uses his normal Kentucky dialect, doesn't try to "resonate" with anybody with anything but intellect, and they still manage to heavily scrutinize and criticize him. Then they chalk it up to political strategy rather than giving him any credit for having true convictions. Racist much? Finally, "We don't need a history lesson." BS! Most everyone can use a history lesson; it's one of our nations greatest deficiencies, lack of historical knowledge.

Love Frymer's Haircut

Paul Frymer has an 8-year-old's haircut.

Cringe worthy? They sound like the black "KKK"

The current regime is nothing but cringe worthy.

States are fighting the federal regime over the ability to hold bake sale fund raisers.
The Central Politburo says bake sales are under the control of school cafeterias.

MSNBC business model: Hire

MSNBC's business model: Hire young, fast talking, cheeky, Leftest and make sure they wear glasses.

I don't think this is a coincidence, I really think this is their outright business model.

Really, MSNBC? Look Who's Talking?

So Rand Paul Is A Baby/Infant?



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Black Americans gave

Black Americans gave Baracchio the liar his two chances.
Gave him their support in 2008.
Gave him the benefit of the doubt in 2012.
They are not anybody's fool however.
They know Baracchio sold them out with nothing but his rhetoric.

Kinda funny..

I am French Canadian and Crow Indian...basically white. That woman anchor...is whiter than me! lol...

Cringe worthy?

What's cringe worthy is their incessant need to underscore and qualify everything positive they have to say about Rand Paul with a reason why he ultimately sucks.

What's cringe worthy is that blacks have to pat themselves on the back for voting for the first black president. What would be really cringe worthy if I was a black would be that blacks are so far gone electorally that they voted 96-98 percent for Obama signaling that their entire voting decision making is based on their race, ultimately leading one to believe that their entire identity is based on their race. That's cringe worthy. Not Rand Paul going out and speaking to black people about incarceration rates.

Another cringe-worthy thing

Another cringe-worthy thing is that when they commend Rand for doing and saying the right thing -talking about policies they are interested in, they chalk it up to strategy. Oh no, it couldn't possibly be that he actually believes in the libertarian principles they described him as having earlier. It must be a change of strategy.

You know what else is cringe worthy?

Having a list of people who can be killed, not just captured, but killed.

Declaring that your administration has the authority to kill whomever it wants, whenever it wants at any location on earth.

Declaring that any males between the ages of 16-35 that is killed by your flying death robot,cruise missiles, and helicopters were terrorists.

Arming,Training, and Funding Al-qaeda and allowing them to take over not one, but two countries.

Pardoning KNOWN torturers and war criminals(Bush-era torturers in the CIA).

Authorizing the grant of foreign aid to armies that use child soldiers(He signed an executive order which granted an exception that overrode the old rule prohibiting this).

Supporting Bailouts to large politically-connected corporations.

Authorizing the arrest and detention of any American SUSPECTED of aiding terrorists WITHOUT trial, until the end of an undeclared war.


You're talking about policy and I'm talking about the cringe inducing feeling I get when thinking of the hordes of blacks running to the polls so they can still get food stamps and not jobs. Remember Cochran