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What? Newsweek: The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it?

The bad news is that we may not be aware that many states have created biobanks funded by genetic material left over from our screening tests, and, even more surprising, our specimens may be used for purposes we do not fully understand or for which we have not granted informed consent.

Blood Spots

Massachusetts began the original newborn screening program back in 1963 with a test for PKU. Though few babies were found to have the condition, the benefit of an early diagnosis was so great that other states soon instituted screening programs. Once they’d adopted the practice, states expanded their scope and began testing for more conditions. Ten years ago, 46 states were screening for just six conditions; now all 50 states and the District of Columbia routinely screen newborns for at least 30 genetic conditions, with some states testing for nearly twice that number.

Though each state runs its own program, they all begin by collecting a blood spot from the heel of a newborn infant. The sample is analyzed; results are returned. Commonly, the screening program is first mentioned when a mother has checked into the hospital for delivery, and, generally, the programs are mandatory under state law.


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That's correct. And I confirm :

That's correct. And I confirm :

Dear Government also owns my long, thin, gracious middle finger I just licked.

Definitely, Dear Government can own it, and deeply.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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See Real

Why do you lick your finger like that? Yuck..

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I know. I shall refrain.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I get a letter in the mail

I get a letter in the mail from DHS telling me how many clones they made of me that month. 33,291 and counting!

They sent me a link last month to a video with a classroom full of 32 identical, blondheaded little me-clones practicing chokeholds on a dummy and reciting the DHS creed.

In fifteen years, there will be an army of 60,000 six foot four, 220 pound mes patting everyone down and enforcing zero-tolerance all across the country.

I'm so proud.

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The tests that the PKU performs are not able to be done privately. All PKU draws are sent to 5 testing labs, which are the only 5 in existence in this country as far as I know, and they are all operated as PPP (public private partnerships) jointly owned by the CDC and Department of H* me land S* curit y.

All DNA has been collected in all 50 states since 1974 (and per the article in MA since 1963).

You think they throw out the DNA test data? Not a chance. It goes straight into the DHS and NXA (X=S) databases for surveillance purposes.


While the conditions the PKU screens for are a) extremely serious and typically b) best mitigated when the child is extremely young, if you add up the epidemiological rates for all of the conditions that the PKU tests for, they are far LOWER than the publicly and industry ACKNOWLEDGED side effects from vaccines.

So, I find it interesting that the medical profession MANDATES (in most cases) a vaccination schedule that has a higher rate of adverse incidence in infants that all of the terrible conditions the PKU screens for combined, yet you will be threatened (rightly or wrongly) with child protective services potentially for either refusing the PKU in-hospital or for refusing the standard vaccination schedule.

From a logic perspective and pure statistics, it's illogical.

In my experience

I have worked in the post partum area for nearly a decade and been a nurse for even longer. I have NEVER seen CPS called for a parent refusing a vaccine or a newborn screening, and I have worked at 3 different hospitals in 2 different states in that time period. That is not to say it doesn't happen, but it is certainly not a common occurrence, and I would bet that in most cases, there are other factors if that decision is made. For me (and most nurses), the only thing I urge for newborns (if a parent is intent on refusing things) is the vitamin k injection. I really could care less if the parent refuses antibiotic eye ointment or the hep b vaccine. Those are the only 3 standards for newborns right now.

As far as vaccines go, obviously you can have an adverse reaction. This is true for ANY medication/vaccine. However, the actual rates for that occurring are so low that I personally support vaccines. The benefits far outweigh the possible reactions. Imagine if every child had to dodge getting diseases such as polio or measles. People have blown these vaccine debates way out of proportion.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.....
-My Dad

I'm not disagreeing, I'm talking numbers, math.

The NUMBERS show that the incidence in serious adverse effects (SAEs) for the standard schedule of vaccinations for the first 6 months of life as ACKNOWLEDGED by the medical profession and pharmaceutical an vaccination companies is HIGHER than the summed epidemiological incidence of all medical conditions screened for in the PKU.

I'm just looking at the numbers here.

I believe that without even

I believe that without even looking it up. Most of the things they screen for are extremely rare.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.....
-My Dad

For the record

I work in the post partum area as a nurse in a hospital. We are required by the state to collect blood for newborn screening but parents CAN refuse it if they want to (though hardly anyone does). As far as giving birth at home vs hospital, it is a personal choice. One that should be made with the input of an experienced obstetrics professional, whether that be a certified midwife or OB-GYN. While many women could safely deliver at home, some have complications that make it an impossibility. Also, even the most healthy of mothers/newborns could have complications that require emergency intervention throughout the course of labor and delivery. Women die while giving birth in a hospital too, it is no guarantee, but personally, I would rather have every available intervention at my fingertips if needed.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.....
-My Dad

(No subject)

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

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You said it!!!

Simple solution. Don't have

Simple solution. Don't have your kid in a hospital. It's not a medical emergency. It's birth. Don't give them a birth certificate, and don't give them a SSN. The state claims ownership of you if you were born in a hospital, because your parents basically made the statement that they were unable to care for you by requiring medical attention for a natural function.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Simpler solution.

If a qualified medical professional identifies any medical indications for an in-patient delivery, then you should deliver in a hospital.

If they don't, then don't.

For expectant mothers, the question you will want to specifically ask is, "Is there any MEDICAL REASON why I need to deliver in the hospital."

Many OBs will give you every reason in the book, EXCEPT for the medical indicators. You will need to drill down to get the specific medical indicators, not general statistics about risk. If they do not give you any discernible medical indicators about why you, specifically, need to deliver in-patient in the hospital then ask one final question: "So, do I understand correctly that there are no specific medical reasons why I need to deliver in the hospital?"

Either there is one or there is not. If they cannot give you one and they hem and haw or give you trouble, then find a Certified Nurse Midwife and transfer your care to her.

I have been assisting with

I have been assisting with births in a labor and delivery unit at a hospital. Although most births are okay (though most have some sort of modern intervention), I have seen many that absolutely required a C-section. I also observed a patient who had 4 emergency surgical interventions, almost died, and was lucky she did not lose both arms as well. She lost the baby but her and husband were ecstatic she was alive - he was profusely thanking the 4 surgeons just like in the movies.

I think it may be prudent to go to a different country to give birth if one wants to maintain their privacy and rights. You are right that the state thinks it owns your baby...they have been increasing the hospital holds on infants. CPS will come snatch the infant for the smallest disagreement with the hospital staff. However, truth be known, it is absolutely a violation of law to take the infant into custody without a warrant signed by a judge. Nonetheless a parent will go through a lot of grief and trouble to prove that point - best avoided altogether.

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Out of total

births per year would you say,was an emergency?
What modern intervention are you speaking of?
How do you know that some absolutely required a C-section?
I might believe that going to the hosp in the first place might be where
most of peoples problems start in the first place

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OH... have fun day :)


Giving birth is serious and can kill the mother and the child if complications arise. Make sure your kids are vaccinated and breast feed for as long as possible. Always listen to doctors and not your know-it-all friends. If they knew-it-all, how come they're not rich?

What is the government going to do with your DNA sample? Make a giant clone army and attack Mars? WHO CARES!!!! Besides, sounds like people keeping medical records after tests were performed, which is prety responsible.

*Note to reader: I am a spy for the NSA making $500,000 a year to find enemies of the NWO and discredit them with simple logic.

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"how come they're not rich?"

As already responded, you don't know the other poster's friends. I wanted to add: financial gain is not the only measure of a person's contribution to the world. To see you state it so flatly, is evidence of your mindset.

I don't think it's Mars that people are worried about. I think one of the fears is that if they have everybody's DNA, then they can tailor diseases to a specific person, and release them into the subways, water supplies, etc, in order to do away with that person. Or ethnic group. Or just a debilitating disease, so the individual is incapacitated but not made into a martyr.

The keeping of medical records has increased greatly since we brought over the Nazi scientists in Operation Paperclip. While keep tabs on everyone might help us to find solutions to diseases a little sooner, it's a "safety vs. essential rights" trade, and I'd rather we keep the latter, otherwise there's no real benefit to having the former.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)


Listen to the crazy!!!! You're so serious too which makes it so much better. Who needs HBO when you have Deacon and TwelveOhOne.

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You're violating the rules, Josh

Please have a look:

Your comment violates rule 1 and rule 5, and potentially rule 7. Please try to be more careful at this site.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Are you kidding me?

You guys are out here telling people that hospitals are not needed for child birth. You just said that some incoherent "they" are going to tailor diseases based on DNA.

Here's the deal, in my humble opinion, I think you’re absolutely, certifiably, paranoid and insane. It's not name-calling, or a flame's the truth. It's what I believe, and for good reason, look at what you just said. And for the cause of liberty, let everyone know that there are rational people like me who think you're out-to-lunch.

It's not cool to be ignorant of reality. Take your fetus to the doctor for child-birth; if you use a midwife....get a doctor to contact if something goes wrong. Vaccinate your children!!!!! There's a reason we vaccinate, it's called horrible ailments and disease.

You think I'm of bad character, I don't care. I'm trying to help you and any other easily persuaded soul on this site. Not by force, but by freely expressing how stupid I think you are.

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No, not kidding you, calling for a moderator

Hospitals are a recent development, they were not always there, that's what deacon was trying to educate you about.

Your thoughts about mine and deacon's internal mindset is what is getting you into trouble here.

I do not think you are of bad character. I think you are taking actions which violate the rules of this site, and I'm asking for a moderator to review said actions.

Freely expressing how stupid you think another poster or commenter is, is exactly why you are violating the rules. So thanks for explicitly stating how you are acting, for clarity.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)


Educate me about what? That our advancements of science in childbirth are wrong because you and some other guy say so? Who cares if we didn't always have hospitals, we have them now, use them.....they're great. Your spouting off nonsense.

I'm not calling you paranoid and insane because you believe hospitals are not helpful for the health of a newborn. That's you being ignorant of facts, science, data, statistics, etc. I'm calling you crazy because you fear the government is gathering our DNA to infect us with a virus without any proof. And that is absolutley insane.

Definition of insane: In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.

Your perception of reality is not guided by facts, proof or logic, therefore leading to a non-normal perception of your surrondings. And I find it wildly entertaining. So sorry, you make me a mod, or your dad, or the police.....I don't care.

BTW, I was going to be done before you decided to call the police. Now I'm done. Do what you need to do mods, I understand.

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I reiterate my call for a moderator

Please let me know whether the rules still matter. This member is unrepentantly derisive to multiple members. Does not apologize. Re-states insults, and is amused by them.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

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The quality

of words,is a true measure of a man,and his character
While the exposure might be their own undoing

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

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Out of the bag

the cat is now,You just had to post what I knew,didn't you? :)
I held that info tight when responding to the one poster below,he doesn't
deserve to know squat,but is willing to let others stay just the way are
and that is,afraid,impotent,and depending on the state for all his needs.
It is not about finding cures,it is about finding ways to alter peoples own dna to work against them,to keep them sick,almost to death,dependent on their meds,and in debt for life,they do not cure anything,they are the ones who would put a bandaid on the titanic and call it fixed,the same ones hand out meds as a cure,are the same ones who benefit financially from handing them out
they get paid more than once for that service. This is, they punch your 'symptoms' into a computer,then prescribe your fix,this is why most can be doctors,I have a computer,i can punch my own symptoms in,get a list of results back,but this is not necessarily what is wrong,but this is what people get...nothing...And these are the same ones who doctor just to make more money,this is one of the reasons for referrals (more involved,more payouts) but no one gets cured,they get a patch,and these are the same ones who use fear to control their money train,OH look,you might have complications from birth,so you will need this and that.
DO NO HARM !?! they do everyday,and do not bat an eye,nor lose any sleep over it

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OH... have fun day :)

They can?

They have.

This is a bump for the thread. This Op will be important to just about everyone on the DP at some point. It would be well to pay heed.

I could use a job like

I could use a job like that... hook me up

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Serious business?

Animals have theirs without the need for medical attention
As do many cultures.
You are over the top with your incomplete analysis,just more fear mongering
to think people need to have theirs in a hospital
What are they going to do with DNA samples? You haven't spent much time reading have you
fear monger..fear monger...How do you know his friends AREN'T rich?
Stick your head back in the sand,noting to see here

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)


Animals also don't have toilets. Do you walk around dumping everywhere like a horse?

Your comparison is an infantile whim of pretentious nonsense. You assume you know better than thousands of years of scientific evolution and then you actually accuse ME of not reading. This isn't fear mongering, its science, and you tea-bagging wannabe libertarians understand science about as well as liberty.