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DP New Member Introduction Thread

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Hello World!

Thanks for letting me on the ark! I have been following for a few years. I've wanted to post many times, and I hope to be a positive addition to the thoughtful, liberty loving community at the DP!
These links (some owned/created by me) will give you some inkling of my perspectives...

Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution


If you are wise you'll listen to me. -Oompa Loompas

Hi everyone!!

I've been a long time reader of the DP just like most of the other newcomers here. I was introduced to RP back in 2009 and love the way he talks about pretty much everything. He just makes sense to me (to put it simply). Eventhough I couldn't vote, seeing how I am a Canadian, I was really hoping for him in 2012. He would have made a great change to the system, which would have had positive implications for us up here as well (seeing how are politicians can no longer think for themselves and just follow what they are told by the US and EU).

In addition to politics and economics, I enjoy topics on health, music and gardening. I can't wait to add in my nightly jam selection, as well as my nightly chow selection!

I look forward to talking with everyone more!!

Time to go listen to some more Wookiefoot!

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We can't wait to have you add your jam.

Welcome aboard, look forward to seeing you around and especially in my favorite thread; the jam session. Oh, and of course the chow session is great also, as with many other sessions.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss


Made it this time, thanks for the second chance :)

My whole family has supported Ron Paul since 2011, my siblings and I still wear our "youth for ron paul" tshirts :D

Glad to be here

Hello all. I discovered the dailypaul probably during the 2008 election cycle, when I totally bought in wholesale to Ron Paul. I find myself accessing the site almost daily to find the first hint of many stories that ultimately make national headlines or at least should be making headlines if the media wasn't bought and sold. There have been many times I've wanted to comment, but couldn't, especially lately with the 'ark closing' concept taking effect. Thanks to the open window, I'll gladly throw my hat in the ring with this group of diverse people, with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, yet mostly with the core conviction that the country is on a fast moving train to the wrong destination of tyranny and/or collapse. Along the way we are all trying to stay awake and alert, so we can wake up the other passengers to hopefully set the train back on track. If that is not possible, then we can at least lead our families and friends on the right path for when the collapse or hard-tyranny occur are not all caught sleeping. Peace+

Hey Guys

I'm a 17 year old kid who loves politics. I want to advocate for the advance of policies that promote free markets and liberty. I'm excited to make new connections on this site and to learn/discuss/debate about different issues. I'm happy to be here.

Thanks, Tim

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The youth...

Free Markets + The Youth = Win! Glad to be joining you.


I became politically engaged for the first time due to Ron Paul, and this site was one of the first sites that helped introduce me to him and his ideas along with many other topics. I check it several times a day, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the conversation.

Lover of LIberty

Hi guys

Just introducing myself.

I'm a lover of liberty and am sick of the corruption going on locally and federally. I thought things were bad on a national scale but throughout the years as I've participated in local politics, I've discovered they are just as corrupt as the federal level.

The good Dr. Paul got me interested and involved in politics during his second run and I volunteered during both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

I feel like we may not see the 2016 elections and think our country is on the wrong path.

Here in Michigan I've seen all the local liberty candidates defeated by slime ball RHINO incumbents and it really chaffs my butt! I've knocked and countless doors and these local numb nuts elected the same incumbents who are destroying this country. It's the literal definition of insanity!

Anyhow nice to meet everyone and keep up the faith, cuz I know I sometimes get pretty down with the way things are going.


Lover of Liberty! Defender of Human Rights!

Hey all I'm Jamie. Anarchist

Hey all I'm Jamie. Anarchist since birth and not looking to change anytime soon. I hope I can have a reasonable debate with statist here without offending anyone! I been cruising the site for awhile, and you minarchist been getting off easy! :)

I've been here since 2012

Thanks to Ron Paul and my History teacher for telling me about Dr. Paul. I'm 19 and happy I am happy to be able to share my opinions on the DP

I'm 19 too

Now I don't feel so alone here.

Ron Paul Is My President

Well 'tis an honor

to be an official Daily Pauler, after lurking for 3 years. Nearly senior citizen here; very disgusted, as all of us are with state of affairs.
Gave up on Repubs after 2012 "Convention" rule changing fraud.

Presently re-considering Rand as the "least distasteful" option, to paraphrase Gen. Clapper....



I've been into Ron Paul for about three years. I can't remember if there was one thing that specifically got me into him or if it was a process, but his views made way more sense than the status quo ever did.

I'm a 28 year old male and I find that most people that I encounter in real life don't give that much a of a damn about important things and waste time on things like the idiot box. I used to be a sports nut but ever since going through some medical issues (and recovering thanks to NATURAL medicine (again, no status quo for me) I got more into politics and social issues. I waste much less time than I used to with things I can't control (like pro sports). Currently reading a lot on WWII.

Don't kill me for this but I am a federal employee. Not going to say what organization but it's one that nobody on this website would agree with (I don't and yes I feel like a hypocrite and need to get a different job). My job isn't anything fancy. I'd love to share with everybody someday how incompetent my organization is, how phony the top managers are, and the kind of bs they waste money on (that has NOTHING to do with operations or making anything more efficient). For what it's worth, most of the people whom I have talked to at work or have overheard talking that have expressed a political view there do not like Obama. It's maybe only like a dozen people that I've heard but the only pro-Obama people I've encountered were a few blacks with Obama calendars or coffee mugs. Then again, most of the people I know in real life whom I've talked politics with (90% probably) hate Obama too.

Welcome, Propaganda

Being a federal employee is not a crime, some one who turned me on to liberty and Ron Paul actually worked for the worst of both worlds: A corporate/ government partnership. Oddly enough, talking to the head of a certain department actually caused the head of the department to quit and seek employment elsewhere. Later the person also was laid off.

You never know who you may be reaching for liberty.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

We need you sir/mam to change

We need you sir/mam to change the organization from the inside out. I too was part of the system for 6 years and now am out, but during that time I tried to enlighten those around me to the realities of the world.

Remember the fish rots from the head down. You must change the rank and file soldier and the leaders will have no minions to do their bidding.

Glad to hear you are aware and keep up the faith!

Lover of Liberty! Defender of Human Rights!

I don't know what to say

I don't know what to say other then.. hi? I suppose I'm shy.


The political fray on the DP might turn the quietest voice into a resounding cheer!
Hello and welcome : )


I have read the DP just about every day for several years. You know the drill...you pull up the internet, check several sites (for me: DP, Drudge, Zero Hedge, RT, etc.), then you get to work on whatever you got on the internet to do.

I just got out of the Marine Corps after more than 14 years. I served as both an enlisted Marine and as an officer. I am a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and have deployed to other areas of the world. Ron Paul's message caught me by surprise in late 2008 with its simplicity and logic. Since then I have grown in my understanding of Austrian economics, modern American foreign policy (and its harmful effects worldwide), and libertarian philosophy in general. Hopefully, I have influenced a few people along the way. For moral reasons, I left my "successful" career in the military.

I am currently attending law school. I consider myself a minarchist, but I am not convinced that private institutions are incapable of providing the services I expect from government--that of protection of individual liberty.

I used to post on Huffington Post under the same alias as I am using here, but they now require a Facebook account for which I refuse to obtain.

Take care.

Hey Disintrested I was in the

Hey Disintrested

I was in the military for 1 contract term and was deployed to the middle east. I knew things weren't right with all the BS in the military, politics and the deployment.

After my deployment Dr. Paul was running in the 2008 elections and he really opened my eyes to the realities of the world.

Thank you for serving and keep up the good work on educating others about the reality we live in.

Hopefully one day we can all live in a world of peace and stop this senseless killing.

Lover of Liberty! Defender of Human Rights!

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Welcome new members!

I don't want you all to think that I'm ignoring you. I'm glad you're all here. I'm just doing some work on the back end here. A bug in the payment system has led to a number of accounts that didn't get created that I've had to set up manually.

Hopefully we'll get this part fixed soon. But I wanted to say - Welcome!

He's the man.

Hey Y'all

I'm here to help contribute to the conversation/debate on the two topics we are asked not to speak of in "polite company," politics and religion (for the last couple of decades, you can add Israel to that list). Ever wonder why they don't want us to talk about these two things? Cuz that's the two ways they control us. They're scared if we get together and talk about this stuff, we would figure out their secret and they will be hanging from the end of a rope!!

What's more important, is to get more people directed to this website....otherwise we are just preaching to the choir.

Don't know if Nystrom does any advertising or collaborates with other liberty leaning websites, but we need an ass more people visiting the Daily Paul

P.S. I am not new to the DP, this is just a new account. Glad to be back!


Been in the movement a while (With Ron Paul since 08)and have always visited but never contributed to the daily paul. My twitter is @TheLasersShadow Hope to be more involved during the up coming Rand run.
Cya around, TLS


I missed the last two registrations, not this time! Glad to finally be a member of the community. I first heard Dr. Paul speak while surfing youtube late one night right before the 2012 elections. That...was one of the biggest turning points in my life. I discovered this website about a year ago and now I'm on it just about everyday. It's great to see so many people still care about good ol' freedom.

Thanks guys, and thank you Mr. Nystrom!

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” -Malcolm X

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Newbie Introduction

Been a lurker for years, and am glad to finally register. Wanted to take a moment to say hello to everybody and thanks for helping me evolve better politically each and every day. :)

How are you all?

Hello. I am extremely happy that Daily Paul has opened another registration! I've been wanting to be a member for a while now.

I am a liberty lover, anti-federalist/pure anarcho-capitalist.

Dr. Paul was one of the first political minds I was fascinated by, and for a while I felt like I "evolved" past him, going deeper down the conspiracy rabbit hole of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Icke, and the lot. The entire time I watched/listened to them, I knew that they were imperfect in their presentations, but appreciated the truth that they were spreading.

However, having listened to some more of Dr. Paul as of recently, I must say I am appreciating the balanced, intelligent, non-confrontational manner in which he presents the truth. In the end, it is a much better way to convince the rest of humanity, as opposed to the fear-mongering of Jones et al.


Been wanting to register for a while now, glad I got the opportunity.

I run Liberty Conservatives, a site dedicated to getting liberty candidates elected. We do a lot of interviews with liberty candidates we recently did some with Tom McMillin, Mark Walker, Gary Palmer, Katrina Pierson, and others. We also write original content on political and economic issues.

We'd love for you to check us out! :) http://blog.libertyconservatives.com

I'm a huge Ron and Rand Paul fan. Have been for years and I'm so excited to finally connect with others here on the Daily Paul. I hope to be active in a lot of grassroots efforts over the coming years with you all.

Stowaway on the Nebuchadnezzar

I tried to register last week, but for whatever reason could not confirm my account. I finally succeeded with a little effort and am no longer merely one who peruses this excellent resource. I unplugged myself sometime in 2011 and can never return to slumber. The sociopolitical world reminds me of Rene Magritte's "The Treachery of Images." The painting confers a quintessential example for doublespeak in our time. Thank you Mr. Nystrom and all who contribute to the collective unveiling of truth. Be careful with how you eat your pop-tarts or point your index finger with your thumb up.

I'm so thankful for how Ron Paul brought us together

I'm a 63-year-old Oklahoma woman active with our large group of RPers here. I've followed politics all my adult life and found few places to fit in for ages. It's so encouraging to know so many young people who are awake, knowledgeable and involved, including my own children.

I took part in the Parking Lot Convention in Norman, Oklahoma, in 2012, when the establishment did not run the state GOP convention according to the rules and shut it down illegally to prevent us from having a voice. Hundreds of us reconvened in the parking lot and held the convention by the rules. It lasted another six hours. The proceedings were streamed live worldwide, and viewers from all over the world ordered food and drinks for us. The entire day was an eye-opening and bonding experience. I'll remember the good and horrifying aspects of it until I die.

I remember watching that feed live from the UK.

I was up all night (due to the time difference) and on the edge of my seat. I tip my hat to you and everyone else involved.


Roberts Rules went out of the window with those who were supposed to be presiding, just like when the despicable and authoritarian rule changes - or should I say the rule change "coup d'état" - suddenly took effect during the National Convention when they should not have applied until the following run of conventions.

On a lighter note...

Funny, but this guy didn't mention anything about the car park in the pre-planned itinerary...




I'm proud to be a fellow member of the DailyPaul with people who have the integrity to stand fast as you did that day.

Welcome aboard dminor6!