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DP New Member Introduction Thread

Thanks to DPer RonPaulWins for this lovely welcome graphic.

Registration is closed until further notice! If you registered, please be sure to introduce yourself and tell us why you're here. Otherwise you account will be deleted this weekend.

New accounts are initially limited to commenting and voting privileges only. If you are a good fit for the community, your account will be upgraded to full privileges after a week.

Sometime this week, please take the time to read the site guidelines and FAQ. If you have any questions, please post them below as well.

Old timers, feel free to answer any questions you know the answers to and help ease our new friends into the community.

Welcome aboard, we're happy you're here.

Update: Nystrom's Intro

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Though in PA

I remember that Convention, and proudly want to thank you patriots for (literally) stepping up for liberty.

PS d minor 6 = F-A-D yes?

Welcome cheers

Hello Everyone

Hello all! Been an almost daily reader on this website since about 2011. I missed the last open registration so I thought I better not miss it again.

First heard about Ron Paul and his message of Liberty while in college about 7 years ago. This site and all the great stories on here really opened my eyes to what isn't being discussed or covered in the msm.

Thanks for opening up registration again, Mr. Nystrom! Glad to be here.

Learning about and promoting liberty

Member since 08 I believe it was. I became enlightened about 9/11 and many other things in the summer of 07, volunteered in the winter of 07 in Iowa for the good Dr. (coming from Ohio). I feel like this site is family, a truly unique blend of characters! peace to you all


Hey all!

Nethaniel here. I'm a liberty lover who assisted in RP's campaign in 2012. Did some sign waving and was a delegate to the TX convention twice already.

Happy to meet everyone and excited to be a part of this community!

God bless!

rockus88 here, daily reader since 2007, first time member


Thank you for reopening the Daily Paul to members!

Since I first discovered the Daily Paul, I have taken the site's name literally, visiting the site everyday for new articles or interviews since 2007!

I never thought of joining to comment until the site was closed to new members,(I guess you really don't appreciate something until you lose it lol), but now that I'm a member I look forward to continuing my daily visits with the added bonus of possibly adding to the continuing conversations of liberty.

Thanks again,

Hello All

Thank you for the opportunity to get in on the action here at the Daily Paul, been visiting almost daily for about 2 years now. I look forward to participating in the discussions and meeting some great people here.

I am a Christian and an anarchist. I support the Non Aggression Principle. I oppose homosexuality and abortion. My goal for the future is to become self-reliant living somewhere out west here and encourage and help others to become self-reliant as well. My three battle strategies in this fight are oppose and rebuke sin, withdraw consent (voting is entirely pointless and only harmful in my opinion) from this growing beast system, and become self reliant and help other individuals do the same.

Have a great day and God bless!

Greetings from Hopskip

Greetings fellow soldiers,

I'm a Ron and Rand supporter who got started out wildly campaigning for Ron in Ohio in 07. I was first introduced to Ron Paul when I was working a frustrating government job and saw what the bureaucrats' pure motives were. My slogan became "I stopped complaining and starting campaigning". I'm a Christian as well and I love the funny, pointed articles written by Laurence Vance. I usually read them via LewRockwell's website and sometimes share them with my neighbors. I hope the Daily Paul will become a campaign tool for Rand Paul's campaign. I hate arguing but I love good rhetoric. For fun, I like networking and business development. I used my campaign and research skills a couple years ago to pound back an electric company and their 'smart' meter billing devices. For that, a smart, useful connection in the local tv media helped expose the findings.

Gavin Seim here.

Glad to see you opened up registration. I'm a liberty activist from WA, an image maker in my day job and a past congressional candidate. I've never posted here, but you've seen me around the site before in others posts.

-- Gav


Welcome Gav! Thanks for

Welcome Gav! Thanks for running, sorry you did not make it into the November election.

Long time reader, first time writer :-)

Hello everybody,

So glad to finally be here! I had always meant to make an account... and then one day the ark was closed!

Through highschool and college, I spent some time meandering between the false dichotomy of American Liberal/Conservative... but something had always felt... off. Then, during my senior year as an undergrad, something amazing happened; the 2008 presidential race, and it changed me forever.

It was then that Ron Paul introduced me to the ideas of liberty. And suddenly, things began to make sense. He introduced me to a philosophy that was, unlike the liberal/conservative charade, fully self-consistent with itself and consistent with my own personal morals and values. It was a game-changer for me.

I discovered the Daily Paul during the primary season of the 2012, and I've been a daily reader ever since. I very much enjoy the diverse blend of personalities on this website, and its a community that I would love to become a part of.

I hope that you'll accept my candidacy for membership in the ark! :-)

New Member Intro - Finally on board after all these years

I'm glad to finally officially be a part of this community, one of the most unique and beautiful gatherings of like minded, liberty loving folks I've yet to come across. It also happens to be my birthday today so I thought I'd make it extra special.
I first came across Dr. Paul when I was about 16 or 17 years old. I had just read 'The Creature from Jekyll Island'; one of the most eye opening and fascinating reads of my young life. This was around 2002-2003. This was a time (high school) when everything I thought I knew and took for granted regarding reality and what I had been previously taught had been ferociously and unexpectedly flipped upside down... At times it was truly frightening. Now, I remember specifically glancing at the endorsements on the back of the book, and one of them was an endorsement from a congressman from Texas named Ron Paul. I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, there's actually a congressman who really understands what's happening in this world and is bold enough to endorse this message ?!' For some reason, an endorsement of this kind really blew me away and the name Ron Paul became ingrained in my head.
Fast forward to 2007, my college years. The presidential elections were a year away and one night, probably over a few beers I was sitting on my computer and thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if that crazy congressman ran for president?! I had no idea of Dr. Paul's previous run's for pres in the 80's and knew nothing of him, just that past endorsement from the Creature FJI. Five minutes later I'm doing a search on the internet and WOW... this guy was running for president.. how cool!! 5 minutes later I was on Dailypaul, and have been coming to the site just about every day since then.
Ron Paul then led me to Peter Schiff and Euro Pac. Long story short I eventually passed my Series 7 and ended up becoming a broker for the firm. I've spend much time with Peter; traveled together, and experienced many exciting adventures on the liberty road (literally and figuratively) I'm no longer with EPC but my finance career and constant search for liberty, my obsession with the Austrian school and my love of debating liberals can all be traced back to Dr. Paul, Peter's mentor-ship, as well as dailypaul.com. After 6 months in Hawaii last year I'm back on the east coast, making money but not sure what my next step is career-wise. But I know that I will always be coming back to the dailypaul and am truly grateful for the immense influence it has had on my life and I'm sure will continue to have. I'm glad to officially be on board the Ark. Love you guys!


The rewards of reading through someone's entire post include wishing them - a - Happy Birthday!

Oh yes, and welcome ; )


Thank you kindly, it was a special one :)

Im so glad you

opened the membership again. Ive been a long time lurker. DP has been the first site I load every day for about a year now. When the new membership was offered initially I stalled because I was not sure I wanted to "go public," if you know what I mean. After the membership offering closed I was reading a few threads and I wanted to participate in the comments but couldn't. I regretted not registering. It felt wrong that I was a pseudo-member of a community bout could not participate in it. Thank you for opening it up again!

Its so awesome

seeing my post on here. Simple things in life make me happy.

Colorado Latecomer

Thanks for opening the registrations for those of us who were up in the mountains when this community began.

I knew the Libertarian movement was for me when a crazy libertarian guy at my office started making the most sense.

Hello from jerz shore

Great to be a new member. Can't keep up with all of your eloquent introductory posts, But love reading them. Been checking out the Daily Paul practically since the beginning. Now I'm in. Thanx.

It's never too late...

Good afternoon. Thank you

Good afternoon. Thank you very much for opening the registration again! This time I'm ready to join in all the fun.

I've been visiting the DailyPaul for quite a long time. Too long in fact, to remember how long it has been since I first discovered the site. If I had to guess, late 2009. I'm very much interested in a wide variety of subjects such as politics, history, theology, philosophy etc. It is very hard for me to find people within my daily life/work realm to relate to because that realm does't exactly include much intellectual conversation. This is why the DailyPaul has been so important for me because it provides a forum for ideas to be shared to promote the causes that I care so much about. I am from Alberta, Canada and Canadians are a tough group to convince on many concepts of limited government, freedom etc. and I think it is most important that the ideas of liberty and freedom continue to be shared throughout the world. I consider myself to be a hard working, hard thinking individual who asks tough questions and expects honest answers and I expect the same from others.

Thanks to all in the Peace Gold Liberty Universe!

libertypirate here. Silently

libertypirate here.

Silently slipping out of my hidden lair in a secluded fiord:

Old/New member, I've been lurking here since fall of 2007.

I can proudly say that the first time I voted for Ron Paul was in 1988 when he and I were both card-carrying Libertarians.

I read this website almost every day. Years ago I may have been a member, but didn't do any posting as I found the format non-intuitive. I'll give it another try, though. For late-breaking articles relating to Liberty, it's always been my first go-to site.


Great to be a part of the resistance!

Hey everyone,

I am a an austro-libertarian and a big fan of Ron Paul. I'm really excited to be a part of the Daily Paul, which I have been a reader of for awhile, and can't wait to contribute! I would list my top three libertarian role models as Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, and Walter Block. I am very interested in the debate between anarcho-capitalism and minarchism, and I am constantly researching and learning more everyday. Indeed, the destruction of our country is moving very fast and it is often difficult to keep up with everything. It is for this reason that I want to join the Daily Paul and contribute to the news and discussions here. I look forward to being a part of your forum.

"There is only one kind of freedom and that's individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it." - Ron Paul


Living in one of the least libertarian states. Fortunately I have friends and neighbors who are hard-working, thoughtful, and respectful of liberty. Working with friends to grow food for a hobby. Supporter of Ron Paul since 2008 although I have lost all confidence that the current system can be used to reform itself. Many thanks to DP for helping to wake people up.

Hello everyone!

I've been visiting DP almost daily since 2012 when i got very interested in the election and the RP campaign. I'm from Denmark, so american politics was something entirely new, but the good doctor caught my attention and will to learn more. DP has been my site for constant good info ever since, and so today i decided to register and hopefully add my few cents where i can. Best off all from Denmark


I've been a Ron Paul supporter since his '08 run and discovered this site shortly after. I've been visiting almost daily for years but never registered because I am hesitant to become a registered user of any site. But this isn't just any site so after thinking about it for a while, I decided back in January to register... just after the arc closed its doors. When registration opened again recently I was excited but due to my work schedule, I missed registration again. So today is the day and I'm really excited to finally be a part of this community that I've been visiting for so long.


I've never really been a person for introductions. I'm nobody special, just a longtime lurker who has been reading the top topics almost everyday for... 4 years I think? Can't quite remember but awhile.

Still, I'm grateful for the chance to be a member of the community as there have been times in the past where I was really dying to ask a question or two in a thread. It was quite the pleasant surprise to find registration open again this morning, I'd meant to apply during the scheduled registration event a few days ago but I came down sick, so I owe my thanks for a second chance as well!

P.S. : Hotmail considered my confirmation email as junk. >:(

I'm so glad to be a part of

I'm so glad to be a part of the Daily Paul! I woke up after reading Liberty Defined back in 2011. Ever since I've been a advocate for liberty! I was blessed to have great liberty supporters in Arizona during the 2012 campaign as we fought for Dr. Paul. I am now located in Iowa and I am very excited to have a great Ron Paul liberty movement here. It can sometimes be very frustrating to be part of the liberty movement but I've learned to be patient with those I talk to because I remember I was once a neocon and I was changed by the calm words of Dr Paul.

Stay calm and positive... People don't usually change their mind after being yelled at, they usually just dig in deeper.

"It's ok to ask questions." Said No Neocon ever.


The DP has been on my daily read for ~3 years (second only to zerohedge). You all are great! Until recently I was under the impression the site was pay only, so I never bothered to register. I look forward to having my clicks logged to promote the best articles!


my name is mike and i used to support obama in 2008

but as soon as he got elected he did the opposite of everything he said he would do and he started 7 wars and is a worse warmonger than Bush. Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Even though he is a puppet what makes him dangerous is people think that he is anti war when he is pro war. my thougths on why i think obama is a warmonger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68LMvzwxyJk


DailyPaul has been the first site I visit during my lunch break every day since the early days of the site. I've never made an account before because I usually just read the articles and don't check out the comments much. There have been many times where I wished I had an account so that I could comment or post an article though ...so here I am! I look forward to being more interactive on the site and not just a passive reader, so thanks for opening up registration again, Michael!


Greetings Everyone,
I've been on this site since about 2010. Love you all and all of the work being done to spread the message of liberty to all ends of the globe via the interwebs and beyond.


My name is Juliet Nail. I am the Blue Republican Minnesota chair. I work with the national Blue Republican organization on projects to spread the message of Peace, Love and Liberty from a BLue Republican perspective here in Minnesota. I am in the middle of several exciting Blue Republican Minnesota projects that I hope to share with you all very soon.

I am so excited to join the Daily Paul community as a member. Thank you for opening up to new members.