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Inside the Great Pyramid at Giza

Back when I went a little bit crazy, I flew into Cairo, where I stayed in a hostel for about a week. From there, I took a cab to Giza to see the Pyramids up close. Of course I'd seen pictures of them, and I'd read all kinds of crazy things about them, but I wanted to go there to see if I felt anything.

There had been a massacre of tourists in Luxor about six months before I arrived, and as a result Giza was completely deserted. It should have been a blessing, but I could not go more than a minute without encountering a tout who wanted to sell me: Water, Fanta, Coca-Cola, pictures of hieroglyphics on fake papyrus, a ride on a camel (which I eventually did take), even - I kid you not - a Barbie doll.

The only place I could get any peace and quiet was inside the pyramid itself, where I took this selfie on an analog SLR with 35mm film. I promised in another thread that I'd post it, so here it is!

Those were the days. Young and wild and free!

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Nice! I have heard rumors

Nice! I have heard rumors that inside the pyramids you can hear an almost humming or buzzing sound... Is this true? Did you here any type of acoustics while inside?

Whoa looks like Michael

was taking selfies way before it was fashionable! You have any filter choices on that analog clr of yours? ;)

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

One Day I Hope To Visit The Great Pyramid

Thanks for sharing Michael...

btw Nystrom, weren't any of the vendors selling sun block?

You really needed some on that nose, good Lord!

A few questions Mister N

Did you see the pit at the bottom of the Great Pyramid?
(This one) http://www.guardians.net/egypt/gp3.htm

What were your impressions concerning light, acoustics, atmosphere, comfort, odd sensations, and did any particular emotion present itself while you were within the pyramid?

Did it seem oddly familiar, totally alien or 'just another ruin'?

Did you 'climb' the pyramid? (Supposedly not allowed, but done by many...money talks :D)

Your impression of the Sphinx?

The reason I ask about the pit is that Ovid claimed the bones of Giants were buried under the great pyramid according to legend. (Publius Ovidius Naso, Metamorphoses)

I wondered why this wasn't posted in your other thread.

Selfie before selfies were something being [regularly] taken. Ahead of the curve. :)

I haven't been to Egypt but I have been to the Luxor casino in Las Vegas, in 2002. I was there on my birthday and won ~$50 profit on the slot machines, then won another ~$150 profit on the Hard Rock casino's slot machines later that night.

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You look pretty happy in your man-cave.

Glad that you decided to come back out again.

So how did it feel? You never

So how did it feel? You never said..

Is there any weight behind those alternative history theories that claim the pyramids were harnassing the ethereal energy?

In either case, badass trip! Very envious. It's on my bucket list.

Edit: nevermind, just notice jon asked the same question below me and was answered.

Still awesome!

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So did you "feel anything"?

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

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Unfortunately, I only felt annoyed

Seriously, I could not go for more than one minute without being interrupted by someone trying to sell me something. I remember timing it on my digital watch. The vendors outnumbered the tourists about 20:1.

I guess I didn't make that part clear. But that was on the outside. Not to mention that it was extremely hot.

On the inside there was a feeling of calm and stillness that I'm at a loss to describe.

He's the man.
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I've shared before

that the Great Pyramid helped me arrive at an epiphany purely from numbers:

Sure, the construction is impressive and all: 480 ft tall, 756 ft wide, to appreciable precision; "it's even encodes a fairly good approximation of π and the size of the Earth and Moon". Sure, great. But most don't appreciate how remarkable that statement is.

480/756 ≈ 0.6349
7/ 11 ≈ 0.6363
diff ≈ 0.0014

"The Great Pyramid dimensions are 7:11 within 1/1000th"

Now take the Earth and Moon, and place them coaxially tangent. If you consider a square base tangent to Earth's equator, and an apex at the center of the Moon, you have the same pyramid dimensions. The 7:11 is now the sum radii of Earth & Moon to Earth's diameter:

(Earth + Moon r)/(Earth Ø) ≈ 0.6364
7 / 11 ≈ 0.6363
diff ≈ 0.0001

"Earth's diameter to (it's radius + the moon's) is 7:11 within 1/10,000th"

It is arguably more precise on a planetary scale.

The Great Pyramid's proportions can be duplicated by rolling a wheel's circumference out 4x in the shape of a square, and two wheel diameters high. That's how it encodes π so well and can claim to "square the circle" by creating a pyramid perimeter composed of circumferences and a height of radiuses. This is unremarkable; man can do this to arbitrary precision in a finite reality. But that also means that the Earth and Moon, formed in the genuinely chaotic process of galaxy and planetary accretion does so as well:

( 11 * 4 - 2*π* 7 )/( 11 * 4) = 0.0004
( 756 * 4 - 2*π* 480 )/( 756 * 4) = 0.0026
( Earth Ø * 4 - 2*π*(Earth + Moon r) )/(Earth Ø * 4) = 0.0003

"The Earth and Moon square the circle more accurately than the Great Pyramid"

Which I found to be A Remarkable Coincidence.

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Yes, I do recall you sharing that

But why do you think it is a coincidence?

Graham Hancock believes that the Pyramids were a message, left behind by an intelligent civilization to those of us who would come later (like you). His whole book appears to be available for free, here:

Fingerprints of the Gods

I don't understand your math, which is a tragedy, but I do know that nothing happens by accident. Perhaps you don't understand that, which would also be a tragedy.

Good night!

He's the man.
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no, check the last link I had in there

You're measuring slant height, I'm strictly measuring height, or altitude. Do the math, you'll see yours doesn't match.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

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Uh-Oh John Robb...Did you mess up the math?

It really was elementary. Jon called it an epiphany, but most of us around here already knew that in elementary school/middle school at the latest. Except for you it would appear...well, maybe we will just have to hire a mathematician to follow us around, we will need a mathematician on our journey though and I can't be trusted with the math.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss


I'm having a hard time with math right now, words too apparently. I've been kinda staring blankly at your comment here for a while now as I eat pizza and listen to Rex's Blues. Musta got swept up in the muse. I just posted my version a bit south of Omaha. I can't remember if I've ever posted it before. If I did it certainly would have been to you. Maybe I haven't as it's certainly messy enough to embarrass me to no end should it ever be splattered in public. It could certainly be evidence against me. Somebody posted Cale's Hallelujah and I almost feel like posting my Hallelujah too, but I would need your managerial approval first before doing such a thing. Man, I really gotta record some more new stuff. Did you hear Mystifies Me?

I'm really not convinced we'll need a mathematician to follow us around, maybe a janitor. Oh, perhaps you mean for navigation. Yes, planets are particularly tricky. There's so much geometry. It's not the numbers really, but the correct placement of the numbers. There exists a pre-math though, sort of a math of precognizant math, an instinct of sorts, a hard-wired sense of direction that might suffice. We might already have enough of that before contracting out the detailed calculation. Am I successfully piecing sentences together? I can't quite tell.

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Yeah, but we need a navigator and I am morally opposed to gps

I expect you to navigate by star placement and location. But I do like surprises, so ya can be a few degrees off every now and then I suppose.

Sentences? This is the blind leading the blind right now John. I think they were fine, but I haven't slept in a loooonnnnnnggggg time, so I could be wrong.

At this exact moment in time you have my managerial approval but maybe check again later also? I think it's ok though. I don't 'member the ? right now though. I could scroll up and read it, but really, it's time to go to bed.

Muse, the band? I saw them once. And Placebo.

I'm going to the jam session to find out.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

We seem to be in sync on all ponts then

give or take a few degrees

That's sufficiently reassuring, thanks. :)


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they go off the deep end

Hancock also sees significance in goofy visual aberrations that are dependent on biological eyes, fallible brains, and many inputs, and make even less sense in their concocted contexts. And he oversteps available evidence to support "ancient advanced civilizations".

My analysis doesn't even involve units of measure! Only 2 inputs to form ratios! Number : number comparisons independently determinable by any organism capable of measuring its environment, even blind ones.

Coincidences don't need explanations. I also don't have any explanation.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

There's a kickass party in the deep end but some don't swim back

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I'd never seen the Earth/Moon/Pyramid mathematics before but it is amazing information. Anytime a coincidence is meaningful to me I am appreciative of my individual, meaningful perception of the world.

It is interesting to contemplate any implications or significance of this fact, such as, did people have such a great understanding of mathematics, astronomy and construction that long ago? If so, does it mean capable, intelligent human beings are much older than we think? And those uncivilized savages in pre-history actually could be quite clever? Maybe their shamans know a thing or two? New-age malarkey aside, it seems like pre-history human culture gets overlooked.

Another thought is that nature and the universe can be constructed and described as numbers which are created by the human mind. This could indicate some kind of connection between mental processes and the structure of the physical world, which could mean the human mind and its existence is very significant.

"The human mind is the most subtle and superb of all instruments for the study and measurement of nature."

Now I'm like one of those vendors, running up to you, peddling my thoughts . Shout out to Michael for another thought provoking thread.

Christopher Dunn's book was a kickass party!

He came to the conclusion that the Great Pyramid was a power plant of sorts. Hm, could be. I dunno. He doesn't claim to know either, and he left me with the impression that he doesn't take his own conclusion any more seriously than I. So he didn't actually have to "swim back" from very far away. I love the way you put that.

Yeah I read the book, and it was a wonderful read. It was filled with observations and measurements top to bottom, inside and out. Dunn is an engineer and every aspect was filled with hard measurement. He could have theorized it to be a stone capped latrine, and I still would have enjoyed the party.

Sweet McKenna links too, thanks! He was prolific. It's nice to get interesting links from those who have filtered through it.

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You understand that normal ppl don't have epiphany's

like that correct?

Genius type ppl maybe.... Maybe those are a myth, but that is still not normal.

It's not bad. It's just not normal.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

It's the same at any famous

It's the same at any famous location. I faced aggressive panhandlers on Tiananmen Square, of all places!

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I faced a scammer in Tienamen Square

I knew it was a scam of some kind, but I was trying to figure out the angle. It was a Chinese woman who claimed she was a schoolteacher from the countryside, visiting Beijing, and she wanted to take me to tea to "practice her English."

One must be careful when traveling.

I didn't see any panhandlers, there though. When were you there?

He's the man.

Back in 2000. Things were

Back in 2000. Things were quite different just 14 years ago.