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Any Alternatives to LegalZoom?

Hey Everyone. I am having a heap-load of trouble finding an entity to act as my Registered Agent for my DMCA Policy on my website. I decided to use LegalZoom, because they are a big enough name and have someone decent reviews.

Until I found out LegalZoom is owned by former Monsanto CEO and Bilderberg veteran Robert Shapiro. Was disgusting to hear, do not trust my privacy in his hands.

I have been advised by many to contact a lawyer, who could act as my Agent to receive notices and forward them to me. Then if you have any other questions it's $250 / hr. I am broke as a joke, so that is not plausible.

Any alternatives anyone can think of to LegalZoom would be so greatly appreciated. Anyone know of any Liberty Minded lawyers in SoCal I could contact? Thank's everyone!

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Just read is an alternative to Legal Zoom.

I know nothing about them.

Here's a link:

Please keep us updated.


Wrong Shapiro

Hello Antelmann22,

I'm a long time Legalzoom user. I hear you about Monsanto but that's another Robert Shapiro.

It's a surprisingly common name.

But I just used a Legalzoom lawyer on a landlord tenant issue and he was superb. 5 stars.

Good luck!


Hahaha. Awesome to hear! Thanks, I was bummed because I did feel comfortable with the company, as I have used them before.

Thanks so much for the clear up, Ignorant assumption on my part!