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Bentivolio Safe and Secure Act: Shuts down federal websites the NSA steals your data from

Hey Daily Paul, I got an exclusive with Congressman Bentivolio regarding the reach that his bill has. The Safe and Secure Act will shut down any federal website that you enter personal information if the site is hacked or compromised by hackers and yes the NSA. This billed just passed the House unanimously and if it passes the Senate then the Obamacare website will have to be shut down immediately.

Kurt Wallace: Now would this cover the Act if this information was, say, extracted from another federal government agency without permission, such as the NSA?

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio: That’s a good question, now we’re going to let the cat out of the bag. Look you got to be smarter than these guys in Washington here, especially the bureaucrats. The answer to that question would be, “yes!”

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Kurt - check out this hand

I can't think of anyone here who would appreciate it more than you.


He's the man.

Thanks for the laugh I

Thanks for the laugh I couldn't believe it and the stakes were absurd.

Reid waves his hand

And the bill dies horribly.

Yeah, that is the concern

Yeah, that is the concern unfortunately.