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For the first time in forever

For the first time in what seems like forever we are going to open up the gates! So exciting.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that my "idea" is to open up the gates now. ;D

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Lol! I love it!

Lol! I love it!

The feeling of that video is more real than I anticipated.

I also never expected so many to be at the gates, rushing in. Michael's "Introduction Thread" is really exciting. New members [who've posted comments there] are all quite happy and grateful for the open gate. Older members are swarming in to say welcome. It's kinda like Rush Week at college. "This guy looks cool. I want him over at Jam Session. Oh here's a former Neocon who's still trying to convert his parents. Must talk about Tom Woods with him. Hey, look at that guy, nobody's said Hi to him yet..." Fresh meat feeding frenzy! :D I even clicked one plebe into "friend" status. I've been here for years and he's now my fourth friend. I really liked what he had written in his intro comment, and he had already written a personal blurb in his profile. His intro comment mentioned that he was excited to practice writing essays, so of course I "friended" him as I want to catch more of what he writes and not lose track of him. It was exciting for me to "friend" a newbie. I hadn't thought of the prospect of doing anything like that before doing that.

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The gates are open!

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Opening the doors was a great

Opening the doors was a great birthday present. Thanks!