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Free Money $ For A-L-L Dp'lers! (Including Nystrom) 310 Million Lawsuit-Deadline To File AUG. 1st!


Do You Qualify?

You qualify for money if you bought DRAM or products containing DRAM (computers, printers, video game consoles or other electronic devices) between 1998 and 2002. No documentation is required to file a claim.

The minimum recovery is $10, while larger purchasers could receive a $1,000 or more.


The lawsuits claim that the Defendants fixed the price of DRAM causing individuals and businesses to pay more for DRAM and DRAM-containing devices. The Defendants deny that they did anything wrong.

Read the Detailed Notice to learn more about your right to object or exclude yourself from the Settlements.

You qualify for money if you bought DRAM or products containing DRAM (computers, printers, video game consoles or other electronic devices) between 1998 and 2002.

The minimum recovery is $10, while larger purchasers could receive a $1,000 or more.

Learn more at http://www.dramclaims.com

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Last chance to get yor refund (if its owed to you)

as in last day

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What took so long. The price fixing was a joke back then. Everyone knew it was happening... So why wait 10 years?

The big joke was that you always heard some bullshit line about a warehouse burning down, decreasing supply and driving up demand, and yet, they never failed to have it handy and ready to sell.

Who the hell even knows what they bought back then. I barely know what I bought yesterday. lol.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Defendant did not pay government the protection money.

Attorneys Generals are buying votes by forcing a third party to pay out.

Free includes debt-free!

?? explain a bit more please?

Your saying the DRAM manufactures didn't pay off the government to hide their illegal activity? And so the AG sued and is forcing ???? to pay out? (aren't the DRAM manufactures having to pay out? and didn't they do the crime in the first place?)

No harm, no foul. I bought lots of RAM in the free market.

I don't know what kind of crooked scheme the judge and the AJs are playing.

No one forced anyone to buy RAM.

How does one come to the conclusion that courts can set prices after the fact?

Anti-trust anti-monopoly regulations have always hurt the consumer in the long run. I watched several lectures at the recent Mises U. Government intervention insures a sub optimal economy.

Free includes debt-free!

I understand that no one forced anyone to buy the RAM, etc

however, your saying that if large corporations conspire to price fix a product, its ok? And you saw some videos at Mises U that supports this idea? (please, any links would be helpful)

I would think that while a free market is great, what recourse does a consumer have if large corp. conspire to keep prices high? Especially if its considered illegal under current Federal (and state) law?

During that time period

the cost of DRAM fell by over 90%.

I feel so cheated by those evil cheating cheaters.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

same!! I remember just hard drives alone being very expensive,

then suddenly the cost dropped! (the gig was up, they were apparently busted!)

just make sure you check EVERYTHING THAT APPLIES ! (in your claim)

so if I agreed to the price I paid at the time

why would I feel like I was cheated?

I'm a bit confused as to why this is considered illegal?

The judge will award all the money to hand picked nonprofits

if the amount of people filing reach over 5 million.

I don't dance with the devil, let the number stay low.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I know, that made me pause before posting this, however

I figured most people had never heard of it as I stumbled upon it somehow via the web by accident.

seems reasonable to me.

I would have posted it too ... best part is you are out there making waves.

cheers to liberty!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

whats wrong with fixed

whats wrong with fixed prices???? is this not a free market forum???? I am sure we all could get FREE money if we wanted to from this but how can something be owed to you if its free????? if you choose to buy the product than that means you CHOOSE to BUY with out force of the product!!!!!! not trying to be bad news billy but come on guys really?????

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Good Question for Ron on C-span2

this Sunday (12:00-3:00 edt)

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Hey! a down vote?

Obviously there is disagreement on the issue at this site based on the Paul philosophy.

For my part, as a consumer, I want something. Someone else owns that thing. They offer it for a price. I decide to buy or not buy it.

As a producer, if I am free to undercut these conspirators - so go monopolies and cartels.

As a statist I tell the owner/producer what he can or can't do.

Wearewinning is right.

Asking Ron his opinion is legitimate too (he's still wrong if he disagrees).

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

so your in favor of large corporations illegally conspiring to

fix the prices on items therefore stifling competition, and forcing consumers to pay more? (yes I do realize we could just not buy the items, however, as society tends to demand certain products in order to participate, sometimes certain purchases are unavoidable if you want to live and interact in society successfully)

All this lawsuit does is force those companies to refund a part of the money they effectively stole from American consumers by their illegal actions.

Are you talking about government?

Illegally conspiring to fix the prices on things like real estate, fuel, loans, sugar, labor, etc etc etc. Yep you must mean government.

Class action law suits make lawyers rich, but do nothing for consumers.

not always... if each person had to personally sue to get paid

for the overcharging, (or whatever the offense was/is) most people would not do it , or could not do it. Thus the class action helps them out. (yes some class actions are a ripoff where the consumer gets screwed, and the lawyers make out like bandits)

But ... occasionally there is some justice served.

Is "free money" what DPers are after?

That's disgusting.

If you were damaged, that's one thing.

If you are just after "free money", hovering over a corporate carcass like a jackal, then you are no libertarian, big or small l.

Sickening. Free loading socialist swine.

If you were overcharged through DRAM price-fixing conspiracy

Then you're possibly eligible to recoup some money that was stolen from you. Perhaps you should blame the "carcass" that shouldn't have engaged in the price-fixing conspiracy in the first place, instead of wrongly blaming consumers. Isn't part of a free market the ability for the little guys/girls to be able to hold corporations accountable for their abusive actions? Consumers got scammed, it was intentional. This is remedy. How is this a problem?!

Can you read?

I said "if you were damaged, that's another thing."

Then it would not be "free money", it would be reimbursement for damages.

Otherwise, if you are just looking for free money, then you're a scum sucking socialist freeloader, no libertarian, and that's the truth.

My apologies.

I just re-read.

Oh, please.

Class-action lawsuits are a complete scam. They only serve to enrich the filing firm. Avoid.

if too many people submit claims then

no claims will be paid to individuals.

"The amount that claimants stand to make isn't set in stone. According to the official claims website, claimants can get a minimum of $10, while larger purchasers could get upwards of $1,000. But depending on how many people file claims, smaller purchasers could get more money or nothing at all.

If fewer than 2.5 million people file small claims, the payouts will increase at a pro-rated rate, up to the amount of actual damages incurred and capped at $25 million in small claims payouts. If more than 5 million people file small claims, they won't get any money at all, and instead $40 million will be paid out to court-approved non-profit organizations."

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"No documentation is required to file a claim."

That makes the filing a lot easier. Thanks, Jdayh.

I hope this will be a front page consideration to make some money for everyone.

Is this really what you

Is this really what you think?

lol, good thing I keep my

lol, good thing I keep my receipts for 20 years and the cash register ink hasn't faded away. Or not.

no documenatation needed!(unless your a business)

just log on and file from memory!



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