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"Eating healthy is expensive"- For me its been waaaaay cheaper. What tricks do you have to save?

On another thread people were talking about how eating healthy is expensive. But for me, its been a lot less expensive.

Proteins and fats: Eggs, chicken, beef/pork.

Carbs: Quinoa, Sweet potatoes, carrots, apples.

Suppliments: Protein powder, nutrabulk for multi vitamin and EFAs, D3

Has all been much less expensive than when we were SAD. (Standard American Diet)

What are your tricks to saving money when it comes to food?


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I took up farming

We figured that first gallon of milk cost about 2 grand... lol!
Sprouting and aquaponics are the 2 things almost anyone can get into, and save a LOT on food bills.

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I became a breatharian

I absorb calories from ambient energy in the atmosphere, very healthy ;)

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I know there are

a million books out there and everyone has there own opinion of what is right, but I very strongly urge everyone to read 'The China Study', by T. Colin Campbell PHD, and Thomas M. Campbell. This book has changed my eating habits profoundly. The only habit I have left to kick is smoking, and I am having a difficult time doing so, but as for diet, please just read 'The China Study', it doesn't tell you how to eat or what to eat, and please don't think it is just another book about diet, it holds very important information that could help you or someone you know that is having difficulty with a health related issue...especially cancer


Have you tried

the E-cigarettes? They worked wonders for me, I never thought I would quit, i kept relapsing. What did it for me was you still get the sensation deep in your lungs that cigs give you and you still get nicotine, just minus the smoke and god knows how many other chemicals/carcinogens. Then you can lower the MG of nicotine over time and stop altogether.

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Without a garden...

it seems it's really hard to save money and eat healthily. We moved in late spring and were unable to do a garden this year. Unfortunately, our community does not allow small livestock. :( We do our best by eating meatless half the time, but with some family members who get massive headaches from eating beans(sigh) we can't get full advantage of that, either!

Join a local food co-op

The local food co-op sources most produce and meat from local or regional farms. Mostly organic and non-gmo. Local eggs as well..which are just the best. Great way to support your local farmers and backyard gardeners.

this might help

go to instagram.com/nongmorganics

Plant a garden and grow as

Plant a garden and grow as much of your food as possible. Raise chickens for eggs and meat. Buy food in bulk whenever possible. Find recipes that require a minimum amount of ingredients.

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I'm 67 and trying to super charge my health...

Growing sprouts is a great way to have fresh, super nutritious vegetables year round. Broccoli sprouts have 10-20 times the nutrition of the mature plants and are an incredible cancer fighter (radish sprouts are even better). I put a tight fistful of these tasty little plants in my smoothie every morning (my smoothie recipe at the bottom of the page). Here's an article I wrote several years ago explaining how to grow 'em:

If You Don’t Have a Green Thumb
By a guy who marches to a different accordion

Grow a garden? It's a good idea for a number of reasons but it's easier said than done if your goal is to supply your family with fresh vegetables year round. My wife and I have tried to grow a garden now for five years and will continue to work on sharpening our green thumb skills next spring. But after five summers of "attempted gardening," all we have succeeded in doing is lowering our price per tomato from $57.13 each to under $10 (The tomatoes were really good though!). That's progress I suppose, but sadly this level of gardening success and puny production won't feed your family throughout the year. What's a lover of fresh produce and nutrient rich greens to do?

Recently while "playing my accordion," I had one of those "ah-ha" moments. Sprouts!

We could grow sprouts all year long and there are many varieties from which to choose (alfalfa, broccoli, mung bean, clover, garlic, radish, etc., etc.). In years gone by I have grown some alfalfa sprouts in those plastic layered gismos but somehow my sprout doo-hickey had disappeared. Sproutpeople.com has sprouting seeds and supplies (but shop locally if possible!).

With two months of continuous kitchen mini-farming under my belt, I have declared myself to be the Grand Poobah of sprouting and want to explain exactly how you can grow and harvest fresh vegetables every day of the year. I grow my sprouts in wide mouth mason jars fitted with a plastic ring and a stainless steel or plastic screen insert.

You can either use pint-size or quart-size wide mouth mason jars for your countertop crops. For a one day ration for two people of these delicious and extremely healthy little plants, I have found that the pint-size jar is just perfect (re: super nutrition… broccoli sprouts are 10-20 times more nutritious than the full-grown broccoli plant).

If you use a pint jar, measure a level tablespoon of sprouting seeds and dump them in the jar (use two table spoons of seeds if you use a quart jar). Next, cover the seeds with an inch or so of water (I don’t use tap water because of the fluoride poison found in my tap water… see http://healthysewanee.com/116-2/) and let them soak for 8-12 hours. My "south forty" sprout farm is located next to our kitchen sink so it acts as a visual reminder for me to faithfully carryout the twice daily rinses. The placement of the jars should not be in direct sun light.

After the initial 8-12 hour soak - with the plastic ring and screen screwed on to the jar - shake the water out of the jar and refill it. Rinse (shake) this fresh water/seed mixture for three or four seconds before dumping the water. You'll find that when you think all the water has been shaken out… you can tilt the jar about 45 degrees and even more water will drain out. Repeat this rinsing regimen every 12 hours.

Bingo, in four or five days your pint jars will be packed tight with fresh sprouts. I have 3-5 jars growing continuously that I have started a day apart. This allows for a non-stop supply of these tender little plants.

With or without a green thumb and with just minimal effort, you can provide your family with nutritious greens all year round... even Mikey will love 'em... and they're really good for you!

My Smoothie Recipe

8 - 10 oz of coconut or almond milk
tight fist full of sprouts - NutriBullet so the sprouts are suspended

1 heaping TBLS Pure Synergy... http://www.thesynergycompany.com/v/pure_synergy.html <<< 60 organic fruits/vegetables
3 TBLS hemp seed hearts for protein (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
1 TBLS chia seeds for omega 3s (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
1 TBLS dried pomegranate/goji berries/etc. (nuts.com)
Add stevia to taste (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
parsley/water crest/kale/etc. optional <<< whatever greens you want or even ginger root (cancer fighter)
1/2 TBLS allspice for prostrate issues optional (amazon or vitacost in bulk)
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
NutriBullet for 30 seconds or so

Tastes like crap but SUPER good for you!... and I feel like a million!

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Great post

And I loved your last sentence because I was wondering how all those ingredients went together. :-)
Sounds like you are making your own custom multi-vit smoothie.


Really good info here. I'm glad my elders are into this kind of nutrition.

My wife and I grow massive

My wife and I grow massive amounts of vegetables from just a few 10 by 10 raised bed gardens.

The secret is composting for super fertile soil. Study up on square foot gardening...


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

you can get a ten pound bag

you can get a ten pound bag of rice for about ten bucks at walmart and your family could probably eat rice every day for a month

Learn to Coupon

Couponing is an awesome way to say money. It takes some work, but we save tons of money. I compare the money I save per week to a part time paycheck. I can easily save $150.00 or more per week with coupons. It is an AWESOME way to stockpile!!

The money we save on sundry items like TP, paper towels, soaps, laundry detergents, shampoos, deodorants, razors, shave cream, vitamins, pet food, cat litter & treats etc, etc, etc....help us to afford the necessities. However, not all food coupons are "good for you" foods, so saving in others areas helps me have the funds to purchase a better quality of food stuffs, even if there are no coupons for the "good stuff"

#1 rule to couponing: You can not be brand loyal!!

I use several coupon websites, but my favorite is:

This site will guide/teach you what you need to know! Start saving those coupon inserts you find in the Sunday paper, print your own, and look for them all over the grocery stores. Also, drugstores have loads of deals and coupons to match.

Have fun!!

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my problem with coupons

is that they are usually not for products that I eat or use. So, basically, from my perspective, they attempt to make me buy things I do not usually buy. But, I am very picky and eat organic or at least local/natural...but I know many people use coupons.

I make daily Smoothies with superfood powder.

I add Spirulina, Chlorella, Cacao, Moringa, Maca, Kelp, and some fruits, nuts, and Xylitol for sweetener. It's very filling, so I'm not hungry for at least 4-6 hours. The shelf life for powders is measured in years. The cost for using this stuff may be equal to a meal but the rewards are awesome - I'm ten times healthier than when I didn't use it, and it's satisfying to the max; I never have a sweet or cake junk food craving - well, almost never - so that's a big money saver right there. But the investment in health can't be measured. I still eat what I want, but just don't need as much or as often.

I grow Lettuce, Beets, Parsley, Spinach, which saves money. Strange as it may seem parsley is my mainstay which I use every day. It grows into November along with lettuce, spinach and beets so that's a huge saving -- and this stuff is super easy to grow from seed. You get enough seeds in one packet of lettuce to grow hundreds of plants. You don't need a garden but any container with bottom holes for drainage will do. And hey, it's all Organic so you can eat raw.
This year I'll use a polypropylene dropclothe over the Fall garden to extend growing season. This is a no brainer once you discover how easy it is. City folk can do this on a terrace or rooftop.

It's not August and I'm already eating some tomatoes daily.
My love is flowers though, and between yesterday and today I planted 550 Lupine seeds so they'll be large enough to make it through Winter and with luck maybe sell some next year to a nursery, but that's another story.

Gardening is fun once you feel confident, so if you take it one step at a time just dig in and enjoy it like a kid and the rewards can be astounding even as most of you already know.
If you're thinking about gardening, watch all the videos especially the Permaculture, Compost, and Germinating videos, and the excitement will getcha for sure. For germinating, use choir (kwah), which is coconut shell grounds which can germinate Anything and holds water like a sponge. Nuff said, ciao.

My morning smoothie

Smoothie recipe:

8 - 10 oz of coconut or almond milk
fist full of broccoli sprouts - NutriBullet so the sprouts are suspended
1 TBLS http://www.thesynergycompany.com/v/pure_synergy.html <<< 60 fruits/vegetables
3 TBLS hemp seed hearts for protein (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
1 TBLS chia seeds for omega 3s (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
1 TBLS dried pomegranate/gojo berries/etc. (nuts.com)
Stevia to taste (amazon.com or vitacost.com)
parsley/water crest/kale/etc. optional <<< whatever greens you want or even ginger root
1/2 TBLS allspice for prostrate issues optional (amazon or vitacost in bulk)
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
NutriBullet for 30 seconds or so

Tastes like crap but SUPER good for you!... and I feel like a million!

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even cheaper

is vegan or vegetarian, however if you want "organic" and/or the proper supplements (B12 is a must) then the cost will rise some.

I know it is cheaper

but not everyone can survive on that diet. I tried vegie on and off for 10 years and it did not work for me...not enough protein. I feel it caused permanent damage. But, I am glad it works for you.

as long

as your meat consumption is around 10% of your diet you'd still be eating a nutritarian diet.

previously were you taking B12?
eating both cooked and raw veggies?
had you cut out wheat?
were you eating 3 pieces of fruit a day?
and eating small amounts of good grains like oats, quinoa?
EPA/DHA omegas from supplements or nuts, flax, etc?
had you cut out oils and processed junk food?
i'm just curious, and i'm glad you've found what works for you too.


Yes,I was taking B12
Yes, I was eating cooked/raw vegetables
I'm not a huge fruit eater, never have been, but I probably ate some each day
Yes, eating good grains
Cannot take omegas as supplement; causes bad reaction. I currently eat canned salmon almost everyday for breakfast.
Don't eat junk food, eat some oils, mostly olive

None of those things have protein in them and that is what I need...animal protein. Maybe some people can get protein out of beans and vegetables and tofu, etc, but it doesn't work for me. I do not eat massive amounts of animal, but I eat some everyday.


makes sense for you. & if you're around 10% you might be a nutritarian. speaking of cheaper food as you likely know if you seek out the asian or hispanic neighborhoods they always have much cheaper prices at their markets.

another reason 10% might be a wise idea

something that may have been lacking in your vegetarian days is taurine, only found in meat. some vegans and vegetarians need it, and low energy is a good clue. it's in energy drinks, but best to be taken in capsules 2 or 3 times a day. i've always had good energy on a plant based diet, but when i added taurine my energy increased.

It's all about bulk

Finding a good food co-op is a great thing. You often have to buy large quantities of seasonal veggies, etc... But, if you can freeze or use canning it is a great way to spread it out.

I've also found an organic rancher to whom I pay a fee to raise a lamb and then they slaughter the animal in a classic butcher shop. They can also do that with pigs. I found a cattle ranch where I can raise half a cow - but haven't had the money to do that up front yet.

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Food is all around you.

Most people are amazed when I show them how much food they ignore all the time. If you garden for example, most folks will pull out the pig weed and toss it. This is a mistake. The leaves off of this common weed, tastes just like spinach when boiled. Cattail root, wild leaks, wild parsnips, paw paws, black berries, goose berries, and Sassafras are all good eating, and few people bother to take advantage of them.

NW edibles, etc

Chickweed is one such example here in the Pacific NW- a powerful superfood that is readily available six months of the year if I remember correctly. It can be made into a poultice mixed with aloe to sooth a chicken pox, or severe psoriasis. It grows year round, in any semi wild forest area and is Super High in Vitamin C, tastes great or kind of like weak watercress.

Who made Chickweed? Humble yet so potent! Not the prettiest of herbs but whoa nelly! She can be the only hope of sleep or recovery for severe skin conditions that we have found.

Chickweed also neutralizes nettle stings, bee stings, etc. including mosquito bites.

It's free and you can find it most of the year round...

I purposefully let my weed "Lambs-quarters"

go to seed in the garden. They are now about four feet tall. In the spring I steam the young plants and I believe they are nearly as tasty as asparagus.

Turkey at the Deli - $6.99 lb., Whole Turkey Roasted - $1.49 lb.

In 2011 I bought sliced turkey breast at the delicatessen for $4.99 lb, now its skyrocketed up to $6.99 lb in just two years (and the pundits say retail price inflation is low, ha!).

I decided to buy a 14 lb. premium whole turkey for $1.49 lb and roasted it in the oven. I get more than 3 lb. of white breast meat plus two drum sticks, wings, neck, gizzards, liver, etc. and have a carcass left over for turkey soup.

I also make my own ice cream once a month for my sweet tooth. There are lots of ways to save on your food budget and eat healthy if you think about it.

That Doesn't Seem Like a Savings to Me

If I understand you correctly you bought a 14 pound turkey for %1.49/lb which totals $21. You got 3 pounds of white breast meat (which is what you paid %6.99/lb for at the deli) which also comes to $21. So what you got for time, effort and energy (gas or electric), was some soup stock, and parts of the turkey that most of us don't eat.

If you factor in the cost of the energy, and your time does this still sound like a savings to you?

14-3 = 11lbs more bird

You have a point if breast meat is all you're after. begintowin forget to mention the thighs, which have a lot of meat on a 14lb bird. That plus everything they mentioned means a lot of meals for one person, or one meal for a lot of people. I piece it out before cooking. After you've done it once or twice, it doesn't take much time. Storage is annoying sometimes.

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This is our first year

This is our first year canning. It is a lot of work, but I am sure it will be worth it as we eat great pickles and beats come January.

This summer was also the first time I made organic fermented ginger ale. It is excellent -- and cheap to make. If you are someone who is addicted to soda, this could help in weaning your desire for something bubbly. Very refreshing.