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Video Update: Ron Paul On C-SPAN 2 - August 3, 2014


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Let's swamp the network with calls!

This Sunday, from 9am to noon, PST, Ron Paul will be on C-SPAN 2 & will take our phone calls!

Set your reminder & start thinking of some good questions & remarks!

Former Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) responds to viewers' questions and comments on topics such as the U.S. economy and foreign policy. He’s the author of The Revolution: A Manifesto, End the Fed, and more.


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the question and answer

the question and answer session should be nice, I wish I could ask him my question which has not been answered by anybody at all.

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That was outstanding.

That was outstanding. Interviewer Peter Slen could give lessons on how to interview. He asked great questions and then actually listened to the answers.

Dr. Paul was magnificent. Well worth the time. Thank you!


When asked why the Private (oligarchical) Bank Cartel (a.k.a. the inappropriately named: "Fed") is a bad thing and needs to be abolished, Ron Paul accurately and correctly laments that all the money for this system is directed at the Foreign Banks, Multinational Corporations, the Military, Wall Street, and big business.

But then he incorrectly calls this "Welfarism". ????

It has nothing to do with "welfare" -- which are services for not the rich...but the poor (for which there are very few of left anyway).

What he is really describing here is just runaway Corporatism. The Reverse Robin Hood act of stealing money from the common people and handing it over by the Trillions to the narrow interests of Rich and Crooked Banks and Corporations. That isn't "welfare".

This has nothing to do with welfare, and nothing to do with "People that have good intentions" either. The Banks, Wall-Street mafia, and Corporate Oligarchs do not have any good intentions at all. They are out to rip everybody off, and steal the World's Resources.

This is Corporatism, Fascism, and also Economic Feudalism.

It is Government of the rich, by the rich, and for (only) the rich.
Nothing whatsoever to do with 'welfare'.

"Welfare" means ""coerced redistribution of wealth."

Thus, the descriptive term "welfare" precisely describes what Ron was referring to. Whatever made you think that welfare was only for the poor? Most welfare goes to the rich. When we libertarians say we want to abolish the "welfare state," we mean the entire welfare state, which is comprised of all coercively funded government services. The government has NEVER, EVER SERVED the interests of the poor.

The Rich don't need any Welfare

The Rich don't need any welfare.

The concept: "welfare" comes from the idea of having a social safety net to help ordinary people from slipping into abject poverty from which they can never escape.

I am a pragmatist and not a pure ideologue. When you grow up in a poor household and have nothing at all to fall back on, then you can understand (like me) and appreciate this concept. And, in fact, Social Security and Unemployment are such programs. My parents would have been totally impoverished had it not been for their social security paychecks. I would have been wiped out and thrown onto the streets had it not been for unemployment benefits (after suffering a layoff during the recession). These things help peoples lives, and can be the difference between survival and rotting on the streets.

And "lifting all the boats" benefits all people and all businesses. This is always preferable than having banana republic (where the top 1% are filthy rich, and everybody else is dirt poor or destitute).

Now the fact that we have an Oligarchy, and that Rich, corrupt Banks & Corporations manipulate everything, and control our lives and our money is a totally different problem here - and the two should not be conflated.

This predatory organized private theft and subjugation by the rich over our lives helps nobody at all. There is no "good intention" at all. The only purpose it has is to make the rich richer, and wipe out everybody else. This is highway robbery and we must focus on this problem, if we are ever going to survive economically.

So let the poor have the few bread crumbs that still exist as they need all the help they can get. Go after the rich corrupt Oligarchs. This is where the anger should be directed, and it is where the real tyranny and unfairness comes from.

You still don't get it, do you?

Government is the reason the poor are poor. I used unemployment benefits too when I was unemployed, but wouldn't it be better if I hadn't been unemployed? You act like recessions, unemployment, and underemployment are just givens, but apparently do not understand basic economics well enough to know these things are caused by government.

As far as being poor, Baby I have been homeless. My girlfriend and I lived in my car in a Safeway parking lot for five months Most of what I got from the government was harassment, not help. And, although I now have a job (at greatly reduced wages from what I'm used to) and a roof over my head, my situation is still very precarious.

Instead of government taking 50% of our income, and then returning a tiny fraction of it when we lose our jobs, don't you think it would be better if we simply kept all our income so we could easily save for an employment dry spell (which, in a free market economy without a welfare state, would be a week or two at most)?

Your solution to government being beholden to big corporations is to expand it and give it more power? Honestly what planet are you living on? Government causes all this poverty in so many ways.

I won't go into a long educational tract, but you might read up on some basic free market economics. You would then see that laissez-faire capitalism ensures the most even income distribution and upward mobility for the poor.


> "Government is the reason the poor are poor."

Nonsense. We have many problems with Government (like the non-enforcement of Anti-Trust Laws, and Election-Campaign Laws based on private Bribery), but it is the predatory rich Elites, the predatory Multinational Businesses, the Evil, privately-funded policy-making Think-Tanks, the wholly corrupt, private Wall-Street firms, etc., that have relentlessly and completely rigged the system, and who the the designers, makers, and benefactors of this crooked agenda.

For example, Banks force you to pay 18%-24% interest on 'credit' cards. but then give you 0% interest on your savings (which they then steal and use for their corrupt derivative swap gimmicks). Now who made that policy? Obama? Bush? The government? of course not. It is the private Banks who invented, and who benefit from these sorts of rigged policies.

Today CEOs make 475 times what their own workers make. In the 1970s they only made 30 times what their workers made. Now who made the salary and compensation decisions here? The government? of course not. It's the CEOs and Board Members who rigged the entire Employment market.

And private businesses have all gotten rid of the concept of (guaranteed) pensions as well, so unlike the old days you cannot collect a pension check and a social security check and live well in your old age. Now who took away the nice pensions? Obama? The government? of course not. It's the CEOs and Board Members who rigged the entire Employment market.

American Manufacturing has been completely outsourced overseas to Foreign facilities and "sweat shops". This happened because private businesses got tired of paying a living, competitive wage to workers, and wanted to instead have cheap (sweat shop) labor, and also not have to conform to any laws preventing them from polluting rivers, lakes, and the air that we breath as well. America was once #1 in the Steel Industry, #1 in the Auto Industry, #1 in Electronics Industry, #1 in the Textile Industry, #1 in Agriculture, etc. #1 right up and down all Industry segments. And America also once paid great wages and benefits to their people for all those jobs! Today we manufacture nothing; we just have a "service economy", and most manufactured parts are imported from overseas typically using cheap labor. Now who did this? Who benefited? Who created this "Walmart makeover" of the American business model? The government? of course not. Its private predatory businesses ...that's who!

And the predatory businesses keep on merging together too, and consolidating together to starve out any competition, and create a vice-grip over our lives. It is not The government that fixes-up these merges and acquisitions, or who profits from them (sometimes a few in Congress even try to stop it). It is the Corporations who seek this, and who create this super structure over our lives.

It has been private profiteers, private capitalists, oligarchs, and multinational interests that create this whole predatory type of economy.

The government can be accused of not doing enough (with Laws and Regulations) to stop it from happening. But they did not invent it, or design it, or benefit from it.

It was not "Government people" sitting down on Jekyll Island when the American Rothschilds Bank was conceived and designed in 1913. It was the Warburgs, Morgans, Rockefellers, Brown Bros., Lazard Bros., Schiffs, Chase, etc.. Most members of Congress hated the proposed idea, and it was only passed in Congress using deception. They called a "voice vote" right before Christmas Eve -- when the vast majority of Congress had already left Washington for Christmas recess. Who arranged this? Answer: Nelson Aldrich, who was a Rockefeller agent that had infiltrated the Senate, and then rigged the vote.

The evil and the injustice all comes from this Oligarch class of evil private profiteers, and greed-filled predatory Corporations. And they are the ones who design it, who benefit from it, and laugh all the way to the Bank .... while people like me starve to death.

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

God Bless Ron Paul, seriously

God Bless Ron Paul, seriously

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Indeed. Seriously.



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

"The man who would be

"The man who would be president. 3 defining hours, the truth you could not hear from the greatest advocate for liberty since Thomas Jefferson."

Working title for my email spreading the message about this interview.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Paul Tsongas

I like to think of the late Sen. Paul Tsongas as "the man who would be president", if not for that gang of criminals from Arkansas. He was a truth teller also, about the only other I can think of.

Ron Paul is A Man For All Seasons


There are so many great quotes you can derive from this.

How about this one on the topic of universities:

" Young people are being punished by the same economics that they are teaching"
(in terms of affordable education)

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Spot On

There's a reason the man's my hero, this is just another example.
The greatest statesman of all time.

Great to listen to Ron

I listened to the whole 3 hours...made my sunday...its enlightening to listen to truth for 3 hours..like a mini retreat from the typical bullshit

Great Interview, So Many Quotables.

I don't agree with all of Ron's positions, but this interview is literally great.

ron paul on illegal immigration

Ron Paul proposed the following action steps for dealing with illegal immigration:

Abolish the welfare state. The incentive to take a job at whatever wage available must prevail.
Establish a generous visitor work program. Once we solve the economic crisis by introducing sound money, demand for domestic and immigrant labor will rise.
Enforce the laws on the books with more border guards. Allow states and landowners to enforce the law and provide security assistance.
Abolish birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. [Current U.S. citizens will not be affected. Instead, babies born to illegals after a future cutoff date will no longer gain automatic U.S. citizenship. They will still have citizenship in their parents' home countries.]
End all federal mandates on the states to provide free education and medical care for illegal immigrants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfJFcSF80dE

He is my hero for sure.

Loved the way he discussed immigration without a trace of xenophobia or bad will toward immigrants. Some of the people on this site could really learn a thing or two about love, compassion, and the Golden Rule from this man.

And he's got the guts to acknowledge anarchy as a legitimate viewpoint! He is quite forward looking.

He may be your hero

He's MY President! :-)

Ron Paul Is My President

Ron Paul and Anarchy

Ron Paul throwing down for anarchy/self-governance early on and quite thoroughly. That is what I'm talking about! Shout out to 'Nathan Kelly' for that first email. The Constitution has failed (or been successful?) let's stop clinging to force out of fear of man. No fear but fear of God!


Isn't that the god that failed?

Best Video of the Year Award *****

Close the Schools, then the FED, it can be our victory ! http://artvoice.com/issues/v8n49/five_questions

Boy, that was a quick 3 hrs.

Boy, that was a quick 3 hrs. I was happy when the guy from Boyertown PA called in since its 10 minutes away from me. This interview is an instant classic. Love that guy.

Truth is treason in the empire of lies

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I have such a man crush on this guy --------->

I haven't heard him speak for a while now. So much sense and truth flows out of that guy. Damn.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

To me this was

To me this was enchanting!
When a number of us had the same experience of 180 min’s seeming to have flown by.
The Host was gracious and the atmosphere was of a respectful nature.
Dr. Paul seemed relaxed and welcomed.


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Oh my.

Oh my.

What a casual, yet powerful lecture, disguised as an interview.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

There goes my hero

watch him as he goes
there goes my hero
he's ordinary

Ron Paul is A Man For All Seasons

Send a Thank You to Peter!


Your interview with Ron Paul was magnificent, and I just want to thank you for being so well-prepared & asking excellent questions. It's the rare interviewer who really "gets" Dr. Paul, and uses his interview time to such worthwhile purposes.

I know hundreds of other Defenders of Liberty join me in sending our most sincere, "Thanks!"


Cynthia Kennedy

Props to Peter Slen

The interviewer Peter Slen was impressively prepared for this.
Such a great video, one for the record books.

YES! Peter was PERFECT!!!!

I LOVED the way his books of Ron's were underlined & notated that showed he REALLY read them.

TOTAL CLASS ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!