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CO State Senator pushes bill to give FEDs arrest state powers. Also runs for CO County Sheriff.

Ends up getting charged with 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors while running to be a local CO county sheriff and as a sitting state senator.


"King was handed a summons in Grand Junction on Wednesday listing felonies of embezzlement of public property, forgery and theft and misdemeanors for second-degree forgery and official misconduct. The charges carry potential prison or jail sentences if he is found guilty.

King also could lose his law enforcement certification and be banned from seeking public office if he is convicted."

This guy co-sponsored a bill to give secret service agents local police powers and was a gateway bill to give FEDs even more power than they assert now. His biggest crime... pushing legislation to make it legal for a police officer to forcibly draw blood from you to test for thc.

The sheriff's race is now up in the air and a lot of mudslinging between the independent, write-in candidates and the committee appointed republican replacement is getting dirty.

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The great thing about this is...

That it was local patriots who did the information requests to all the different institutions to bring all this to the surface. They were in contact with the local newspapers, the sheriff's office, the university, the state senate and so on. This became a winning strategy and should be able to be used by anyone here if they believe there is misconduct by government officials.

It isn't about the candidates, it's about the culture. IT's US!

Daily Paul has been a great learning experience for me to realize that.

I lived in CO for a while in the late 70's to mid 80's. Moved there from a small town in TX. In the 9 years I was there I could see the influx of people fleeing the State BS, and then re-instituting it when they got there.

When I moved back to TX, it had totally changed in the 9 years of my absence. What was once the state that proudly held the authority of being it's own nation had become like the rest of America.

I have NO REGRETS having spent a LOT of money and time over the last 7+ years figuring out how corruption takes over a country, and the people that live in it.

Look at what 'our' military does when 'we' invade other countries. The same thing they have done here. They destroy the culture and replace the current banking system.

I'm getting old, but my efforts are NOW growing healthy food and it's amazing how much a fellow can grow when he doesn't watch the 'knews' and knows where thing are going.

It's all about culture.

dude is an asshole

from what i've seen. always causing trouble for mmj patients and recreational mj too. good riddance... let's hope.

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One down...

Nice to see one less criminal on the streets.

He wasn't exactly on the street..

He was making over 100k from 3 different taxpayer funded institutions at the same time without telling each other about it. I bet you could throw a stone and find a local government official in your area getting just as rich on the taxpayers dime.

Hopefully, the book will be thrown at him

with great force! government officials like this should be forced to pay back what they stole, multiplied four times, at minimum.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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