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Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul speaks eloquently for criminal justice reform while most Democrats won't touch it

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"Rand Paul is white, let's bring up race issues. Because everyone knows that if you have a white politician you should bring up irrelevant past history about race and then we can make some divide and some distaste for him when we lie. Then we gets the control mwa ha ha ha." said the media.

lol still trying to attack Rand.

O'Donnell: "When you brought up the civil rights act, Rand became very nervous."


Rand calmy, and deftly answered, saying exactly what he meant and 100% put Ari in his place.

I see this as MSNBC's way of trying to diminish Ari's getting owned by Rand earlier in the day.

I disagree

I think you are wrong in this assessment. After watching the clip from Ari's earlier interview, I thought Rand was visibly upset by that line of questioning. And, I think O'Donnell and Ari were both fair to bring up that line of questioning given the racial implications of Rand's current legislation.

Now, where you read O'Donnell and Ari as trying to score some political points, I see them having a logical discussion about Federalism. They only agree with States'/Individual rights when it fits with their agenda (e.g. decriminalizing marijuana). Their agenda is clearly that when it comes to Civil Rights, the FedGov should have full control over everyone and everywhere. BUT, they seemed willing to have an honest debate with Rand about this topic, unlike Rachel Maddow.

We all know that it is political suicide for Rand to even discuss the topic of the Civil Rights Act, because most voters aren't smart enough to pick up on the nuance. Therefore, Rand probably did the right thing by not getting into this issue on air.

To conclude, I do not see this exchange as being unfair to Rand as you imply.

Good for O'Donnell

Seems like a reasonable person, at least on this issue.

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