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Chris Matthews praises Rand Paul's push for criminal justice reform

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A proven shill of the PTB just like Levin, Beck, Limbaugh ect.!

People must remember that, "the best lies are almost always half truths." I know the perceptive out there know that this guy is a time tested establishment shill just like John Stewart and the rest, but many fall for this stuff. One must always remember this when dealing with this form of ilk. They might say half truths, full truths, or some other combination of the two but at the end of the day they will never have the liberty movements back when it really counts or when push comes to shove. I really feel that when we post stuff from these types that we know are time tested shills and jesters of the PTB that we really sale our movement short!


No matter what is his

No matter what is his "opinion of the moment", Matthews is an idiot.



The Ayes have it!

Remember this quote from Matthews talking to

Ron Paul in '07 - "Alot of people think like you, I dare not say I am one of them." It's at the end of the interview.

What a better way to keep proping up a system

of injustice! Your never free of prison it follows your for life, and any miss step and your back in. Prisons are big business, they have to keep the prison contractors happy. If a two time felon gets caught stealing a candy bar it would get them a life sentence, because of the 3 strike your out laws.

At least here in Minnesota it's illegal to have the check box for felons anymore.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


Matthews just likened Rand Paul and libertarians to... Nixon. The sooner MSNBC files for Bankrupty protection, the better. "Matthews, you're fired. Bye-bye!"

Most of the time I don't like you Matthews, but...

this time you seemed like a human.