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Some Israeli-Palestinian-related topic without a good title

I had a talk with a friend yesterday, this friend being one who supported Israel. He knew that I was a non-interventionist, and so he resisted insisting that Israel and America are allies and so we should always support each other without restrictions, but he gave me details that I hadn't heard of before.

People say that when the Palestinians attack, 10 Israelis die, but when Israel attacks, hundreds of innocent people die. But what if that is because it's a trap?

Remember back during the Bundy Ranch standoff, when the sheriff (that coward) suggested that Bundy put the women in front? He said that that was what they did in the Middle East, and it was specifically for the purpose that if the Feds attacked, the pictures would show them killing women.

What if that's what's happening here? Yes, innocents are being killed, but what if that school was bombed because the Palestinian army deliberately put their launchers there, knowing that if Israel bombs the launchers, the school children will all die and all the world would see is Israel bombing children?

That would fit with Hamas threatening people who are trying to flee areas that Israel warns they would bomb.

Anyway, it just impressed on me more than before that this is not a fight that we can fairly take sides in. The best thing we can do is stop supplying the conflict.

... and if I get a lot of down votes because this isn't a condemnation of Israel, my Inner Troll, which is small and rarely comes out, would smile.

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