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Aug 8, 2014, Dow 16,553.93 +185.66

8/8/2014 16,553.93 +185.66
8/7/2014 16,368.27 -75.07
8/6/2014 16,443.34 +13.87
8/5/2014 16,429.47 down 139.81
8/1/2014 16,493.37 Down 69.93
7/31/2014 down 317.06

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Aug 8, 2014 16,553.93 +185.66


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Aug 7, 2014, Dow 16,368.27 -75.07


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Aug 6, 2014, Dow 16,443.34 +13.87


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Aug 5, 2014, Dow 6,429.47 -139.81


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8/1/2014 16,493.37 Down 69.93


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Dow opens and goes down

16,538.07 Down 25.23

with a few bumps in the positive.

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Dow close Down 317.06 (1.88%)



Though Precious Metals are down also. This means there was no rush to oil or gold.

For some reason I don't think this is not the crash that will indefinitely come.

16,579.65 Down 300.71(1.78%)

16,579.65 Down 300.71(1.78%) 3:48PM EDT

It's still a good start.

16,618.28 Down 262.08(1.55%)

A day doesn't make a trend

When we are down 10-20%, the bubble is starting to deflate.

I'm not sure the Fed will let that happen. It would certainly help my short position on certain tech stocks, but I am very wary that the Fed will be quicker to go the more inflationary route rather than let the bubble pop.

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I thought I heard air escaping, just for a second.

16,651.90-228.46 (-1.35%)

Let the air out of that bubble!

Down and Down it goes

Where it stops nobody knows.

16,661.66 Down 218.70(1.30%)
1:57PM EDT

whats the story about the FOMC minutes

They were supposed to come out yesterday, no?


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In a word, nothing.

FOMC Statement Seen As Mostly Neutral For Gold In Short Term; Prices Remain Sideways
By Phil Flynn On July 30, 2014 - 3:57 PM

(Kitco News) – Analysts are describing a policy statement from the Federal Open Market Committee Wednesday as mostly neutral for gold although perhaps mildly supportive in the short term.

The market barely budged after the Fed communiqué was released at the end of its two-day meeting, with policy-makers continuing to taper the bond-buying program known as quantitative easing but pledging to keep the federal funds rate at historic lows for a while yet. This was the outcome largely expected by economists.

All of July's Stock Market Gains have now been erased


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Slackers trying to make a living

trading, be damned.

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DOW 16,653.33 -227.03 -1.34%


Still Falling!

16,657.68 Down 222.68 (-1.32%)
Real-time: 12:21PM EDT

-205.95 1:07pm

it's after noon. where is the recovery?

Where is the recovery?

That's what I've been asking for a couple of years now. Every time I hear the news about how great everything is recovering. It's about time the Stock market start reflecting how things really are in this country.

-229.13 12:19p

Why the big drop in gold at the same time as the big drop at the open?
-60pts every hour will make for a good -500 start to the black Friday that was historically called Black August or the August Eclipse. Time to slide.

Afternoon jump

for gold?

now @ 1285


Could this be the crash, I mean correction that was anticipated?

16,694.87 Down 185.49 (-1.10%)
Real-time: 11:36AM EDT

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@ post time

16,695.74 Down 184.62(1.09%)