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The Anti-Pot Lobby's Big Bankroll: The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal

Snip from a long article in The Nation:

People in the United States, a country in which painkillers are routinely overprescribed, now consume more than 84 percent of the entire worldwide supply of oxycodone and almost 100 percent of hydrocodone opioids. In Kentucky, to take just one example, about one in fourteen people is misusing prescription painkillers, and nearly 1,000 Kentucky residents are dying every year.

So it’s more than a little odd that [the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America] CADCA and the other groups leading the fight against relaxing marijuana laws, including the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (formerly the Partnership for a Drug-Free America), derive a significant portion of their budget from opioid manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies. According to critics, this funding has shaped the organization’s policy goals: CADCA takes a softer approach toward prescription-drug abuse, limiting its advocacy to a call for more educational programs, and has failed to join the efforts to change prescription guidelines in order to curb abuse. In contrast, CADCA and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids have adopted a hard-line approach to marijuana, opposing even limited legalization and supporting increased police powers.

A close look at the broader political coalition lobbying against marijuana-law reform reveals many such conflicts of interest. In fact, the CADCA event was attended by representatives of a familiar confederation of anti-pot interests, many of whom have a financial stake in the status quo, including law enforcement agencies, pharmaceutical firms, and nonprofits funded by federal drug-prevention grants.

The anti-pot lobby’s efforts run counter to a nationwide tide of liberalization when it comes to marijuana law. In 2012, voters legalized pot in Colorado and Washington State; this year, voters in Alaska appear poised to do likewise. Since 1996, twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana or effectively decriminalized it, and a contentious ballot initiative in Florida may result in the South’s first medical marijuana law. Meanwhile, legislatures across the country are debating a variety of bills that would continue to ease marijuana restrictions or penalties. On the federal level, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers has challenged the Drug Enforcement Administration in testy hearings, and many have called for removing marijuana as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, which puts it in the same class as heroin and LSD.

The opponents of marijuana-law reform argue that such measures pose significant dangers, from increased crime and juvenile delinquency to addiction and death. But legalization’s biggest threat is to the bottom line of these same special interests, which reap significant monetary advantages from pot prohibition that are rarely acknowledged in the public debate.

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Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


They can't make money off of healthy or cured individuals.

not only that, but they can't patent a plant...

...though I understand they are trying really hard to do just that...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I belevieve it started

With the lumber companies many years ago .The lumber barons didn't like Hemp growing competition . It was cheaper and renewable for wood uses. Back then it was fighting for making newspapers.

Money talks and dogs bark

Very interesting article.

Very interesting article. Also, by the federal government lumping hemp with cannabis they are able to squash an extremely wide variety of products and services that should be controlled by the people. I can't think of anything that compares. Plastics, paper, rope, oil, medicine, on and on. As a medicine it has dozens of applications so it can replace a list of medications which have horrible side effects.
Here in Illinois we just passed medical marijuana however you must be knocking on deaths door to get it. Many states are much farther ahead.

I agree ......sort of

I agree that marijuana should be legalized as it is clearly a matter of personal freedom and choice. The government should no more be telling anyone they cant smoke marijuana than that they cant eat a Twinkie or drink a beer. To say that the main reason we should legalize it because of the perceived health benefits is arduous at best.

There are a lot of interesting arguments about the positive uses of marijuana but I'm not sure there is enough solid research to back it all up. In the end that is a secondary point though. Credibility is at stake when we spend so much time focusing on the what the perceived benefits are and not as much time concentrating on the personal liberties aspect of the issue.

We should just be honest about it and say that the government or even society in general shouldn't be involved in these types of personal decisions. Personally, even when it hopefully becomes legal, it is highly unlikely I will actually use it but that is my decision and shouldn't affect anyone else's right to decide for themselves. As long as what you are doing affects only yourself, there should be no regulations that stop it.

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saw the author of this article being interviewed on MSDNC the other day. This information combined with the fact that the US Govt. through the DHHS, OWNS A PATENT on the beneficial cannabinoids, should be the subject of any debate on why it is still classed as a "schedule 1 with no medicinal value."

ALL of our supposed "elected representatives" should know about this patent, as well as the efforts by the Pharma cartels to suppress it. They should be put on notice that they -through ignorance or willful ignorance-are accessories to this crime against humanity.
US govt. patent:
Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

GW Pharmaceutical's patent application for phytocannabinoid treatment of cancers
Here is a host of patents related to cannabis from GW Pharma.

I believe the agenda is to genetically modify it, so they can patent it, and therefore control, regulate, and charge out the wazoo for it. Why would they want you to be able to grow something in your back yard, and potentially heal yourself with it? That would be like freedom or something, and we can't have that./sarc

GW Pharma quick tour vid (6 mins)


Marijuana will be the center of medical discoveries

Marijuana will be the center of medical discoveries in the coming 10 years. There is already work done to show that marijuana and chemicals found in it have an effect on cancer, and that human cells ACTUALLY HAVE AN INPUT for cannabanoids, part of the mj plant.

So it may be that our body's cells ACTUALLY EXPECT cannabis in our diet, just as our cells expect insulin, testosterone, oxygen... and so forth.


If anyone has a link that proves these anti-marijuana organizations get funding from pharmaceutical companies I'd love to have it.

Maybe it's because I live in Seattle and walk down the street smoking a joint without fear, but I'm not worried about those opposing legalization because we've already won. I don't know how long it will take but I'm guessing in 5 years prohibition will end in all states.

Cancer killed by cannabis

Between the private owned prisons and the war on drugs profiteers,
Big pharma has a lot to lose from legal cannabis.



Did you read the article?

Did you read the article?
"The Nation obtained a confidential financial disclosure from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids showing that the group’s largest donors include Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, and Abbott Laboratories, maker of the opioid Vicodin. CADCA also counts Purdue Pharma as a major supporter, as well as Alkermes, the maker of a powerful and extremely controversial new painkiller called Zohydrol"

Just think of how much money

was extracted from the tax payers to fund these programs over the years. Theft.


Ron Paul debates Steve Baldwin on legalization of Marijuana

and Hemp and wins the debate. Ron Paul on Larry King live debating Steven Baldwin about the legalization of Marijuana and Hemp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIoUPvvcauQ

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We must expose this hypocrisy.

It serves ONLY to fund the police "State" by criminalizing decent, good Americans.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Yeah Listen up.

Opiate pills = Bad. Addictive and sometimes deadly. Not intend to heal! They want you to come back for more.

Cannabis = Good. Leads to health and spiritual well being.

We should seed the whole planet with it.

Seed it. Seed it.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.

apples and oranges

both have there place and both can be helpful and misused. i use both daily for medical use.

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Never done opiates.

Except for poppy seeds of course... And Percocet and Vicodin. I've been prescribed both, in the past. My title's a joke.

I'm with you on the ganja. Cannabinoids that stimulate the homeostasis system? Muy Bueno Diario.

Haven't studied opiates enough to form an opinion.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

behind every retarded law

is a special interest group

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

Sad but true

I mean most people think your nuts to say no government,
Its like health insurance or a bank why pay someone to tell you what to do..

you make a buck and you only get .60 cents... do you think there would be a recession if everyone got 40% more to spend?

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

There is also THIS lobby


A bit complicated but when broken down with some math, it's easy to see who stands to loose if full farming takes place.

Speaking of funding,

it's not just conspiracy theory but fact that through funding, Rockefeller and other petroleum lobbyists spearheaded alcohol prohibition. In doing so they successfully wiped out overnight with the stroke of a pen, their industrial competition. Years later after petroleum diesel was developed, the same group of monopolistic industrialists began to throw their money at wiping out cannabis.

alcohol is/was a competition to oil?

more details please