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Six Philly Officers Arrested for Corruption

Philadelphia, PA- Six Philadelphia narcotics officers were arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly robbing, assaulting suspected drug dealers and falsifying reports to cover up the abuses following a lengthy federal corruption investigation.

The officers arrested were Thomas Liciardello, Perry Betts, Brian Reynolds, Michael Spicer, John Speiser and Linwood Norman. The officers are either current or former narcotics officers, and face a multitude of charges including racketeering, drug dealing, extortion, robbery, and kidnapping.


The indictment states that the officers used “extreme force” to obtain the cash and personal property, and made false police reports to avoid attracting attention to themselves.

see story here:


[Sounds like old tv shows. Now, how to make this happen for police abuse nationwide? FBI can start with NM? Just occurred to me, what does former Governor Gary Johnson say about his state having so much vile abuse? How'd that happen?]

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