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A Primer for all the New Daily Paul Subscribers

Welcome to all the new folks! I'm so very glad you have joined this site. I hope that if you find the time, you will view some, maybe even all of the videos below.

I also hope that if you find one or more interesting that you'll show them to your family and friends.

No matter what you decide, I'm still glad you're here! So welcome, my Son. Welcome... to the machine...


The Philosophy of Liberty

Collectivism vs Individualism

Constitution Class

Leninism vs Fabianism

Collectivism & Individualism

Anarchy USA

Hitler's Children

Allegory of the Cave

Big Government

Is America No. 1?

The Law

Overview of America

Democracy & Constitutional Rights

It's Not a Left/Right Thing

An Idea Whose Time Has Come


The American Dream

Is Anyone Minding the Store?

The American Dollar

US Comptroller General

The Gig Is Up

Money as Debt

Freedom to Fascism

The Money Masters

Fiat Empire

How the Federal Reserve Works

Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve

Creature From Jekyll Island - 1

Creature From Jekyll Island - 2

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The Crash Course

The Crisis of Credit

Truth Be Tolled

Secret History of the Credit Card

Hyperinflation Nation

The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

CODEX Alimentarius

We Become Silent

CODEX Alimentarius

Controlling Our Food

OGM Foods

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 for Dummies

What is Agenda 21?

Scenic Byways - Ray Cunio

Agenda 21 Explained

Agenda 21 is NON-Partisan




Consuming Kids

Century of the Self

The Power of Nightmares

Black Propaganda



Schooling is not Education

Indocrinate U

Who Controls Our Children?

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

Who Controls Our Children?


World Without Cancer

Behind The Big News

More Deadly Than War

The Grand Design

Monopoly Men

The Secret Government

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The Capitalist Conspiracy

Operation Paperclip

The Trap

Secrets of the CIA

The Corporation

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Great post. Thank you!

Great post. Thank you!

One of my favorited liberty

One of my favorited liberty sites.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Appreciate the post

Very informative links for those who are catching up or need a refresher course.

Me, I've been there done that, bought the T-shirt and sold it at a garage sale.

On the economic debate, playing out in previous comments below, it's all opinion and I won't repeat the phrase about those and everyone having one. Bottom line on the economy is that it will be what ever the wealthiest want it to be. At least from a governmental stand point.

I'm more country and barter and trade have been around for as long as man has had needs. That will always be the undercurrent to any economic system or monetary system implemented by any Government.

Money is an illusion sold to the masses. Point in fact, if the PTB tomorrow said the Dollar is worthless, but, people decided that $5 Dollars is still worth $5 worth of goods and services then it will still have it's value as a trading tool.

It is ridiculous to me that people would suddenly start lighting fires with $100 dollar bills and carrying around wheel barrows full of paper around just because some fat cats from the FED say they no longer have value. Zimbabwe we are not, but humans are humans and they do stupid things so I guess we might have a new fire kindling when they decide to crash the system.

The only chains that bind you are the ones you allow them to create in your own mind.

Thank You So Much Ozark Hillbilly

I love lists! I've watched many of these, but not all of them. Thank you for the post!

hey ....welcome aboard

The fact that you chose George Mason as your handle means you are probably ahead of the game.

Thanks A Lot!

While I have been studying philosophy and economics for a few years now, I still feel like half of the people here know a heck of a lot more than I do lol. Nevertheless, thank you for the compliment. George Mason is by far my favorite founding father. He's kind of like a Thomas Jefferson on steroids lol.

Dude ....two of your Econ links have nothing to do with Liberty

The Money Masters and Money as Debt are straight up Greenbacker crap, and couldn't be further from the Liberty movement and sound money then the system we have now. We need to stop confusing young Libertarians with this kind of nonsense and if you don't know the difference, then shame on you.

Well then...

Shame on me it is.

Thanks for the uh... "constructive criticism". I'll take it under consideration.

Tell you what, when you pay for and write your own website you can put whatever you want, and more importantly whatever you don't want on YOUR site.

So are you wanting to actually teach the

Libertarian philosophy or just fill up a website with crap? C'mon man, if you are holding yourself out as a man of Liberty.....be a man of Liberty, otherwise you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

And you are on this site ......hawking your site, so it's fair game.

You would think that getting it RIGHT would be more important than your ego, it would be to me.

It would be?

Then, put up your site my friend.


And I'm not "hawking" my site here. If I were a "site hawker" you would find post after post after post of me "hawking" my site.

If you don't like my site or this post then by all means feel free to ignore both.

so it doesn't matter to you

That you are part of the problem. So it doesn't bother me pointing it out. Thats really too bad. We really need teachers. What we don't need is more self serving people,the world is full of them. But hey I bet you are popular, isn't that the purpose of your website....to have followers....kinda like Facebook.

What we don't need are

What we don't need are self-appointed traffic cops who rag on people trying to contribute something. Who made you leader of the movement? What makes you think anyone really cares what you think should or shouldn't be part of the 'movement' dogma?

My opinion of you is that you're a bully. That is the impression I've gained from reading your belligerent tripe.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I hear you AntiFed

bully......yeah that's what they said about Samuel Adams too. If you can't handle the truth then so be it, but don't blame me for challenging the status quo on this site. Just disagree with the 9/11 crowd on here and see what happens. At least I am telling the truth and trying to educate you to the reality of the situation. You cannot fix a problem until you recognize it for what it is and the "privately owned Fed" is not the problem, The State is.
So bully this!

I think the problem is

I think the problem is located between your ears, pal. We don't need political commissars enforcing a rigid orthodoxy here. What is useful is a free market of ideas where people can decide for themselves what is important and what works.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

yeah....thats the problem

If the mall cop wasn't on duty.....then there wouldn't be any other side but conspiracy kooks......so you just justified my presence. Thanks

Thank you Master.

That's why I created the website. So I could be popular.

Please let me know of your website where you spend all your time teaching people. I would like to visit there and tell you what you are doing wrong so you can be as popular as I am.

Sorry that I'm "part of the problem" there sir or madame. Actually, I'm not but I'm confident that's what you want. For me to say oh THANK YOU MASTER for correcting me.

I don't know how to make the text purple here at DP. Only because I've never tried to learn how to do it. SO.... I hope you're picking up on the sarcasm because I'm laying it on pretty thick here.


One last thing and I'll give you the last word which you so strongly desire. Why don't you quit bitching about what I'm doing wrong and go out and do what you know is right?

Look the only way this movement

Is every going to be taken seriously is if we pull together and kick the conspiracy crap to the curb. No one on here,including Michael, was willing to step up. I was challenged to bring out the truth so that's what I do. If you are interested you can read my post. I am not a writer,so most is taken from trusted sources.in fact the same trusted sources that educated Ron Paul. I was doing this long before Ron Paul was cool and learned from the same people he did. So read my post and maybe you will see that misinformation is worse then no information. If you have a problem with my post ....make a case. I can handle it. My only agenda is to spread the truth of Liberty and the Ron Paul message and to keep it pure. If you have different agenda then stand up and say so.

Says the mall cop....

Says the mall cop....

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Ok, folks. Let's calm down. I

Ok, folks. Let's calm down. I think Ozark doesn't mind contructive criticism, it's just that he has the impression you made such criticisms with an elitist attitude.

I remember us having a major argument in the past and I've never really felt right about the way it went. I was probably a real asshole at that time. Regretted it ever since. Since then I tried to temper my enthusiasm a bit and tried to be more accomodating and understanding. How you approach other people is pretty darn important when conveying arguments. Do not make the same mistake I did at that time. If you offer your criticisms as an observation instead of as an admonishment, I think Ozark will not reject it.

I remember Jonat.....and you weren't an a-hole

Look the guy has got some really good links on there.....there mostly videos, I prefer books, but to each his own. It's just that most people on here are getting their education from these videos that are not consistent with the RP message. Just because these videos speak ill of the Fed does not mean they are correct. RP is NOT opposed to "private bankers" issuing "private currencies", what he is opposed to is the USG providing a cartel for these banks and then not having and congressional oversight. RP wants "competing currencies".....I am starting to think that there isn't one in one hundred on this site that can even explain that. We have got to stop promulgating the misinformation and start holding each other responsible for what we put out there because the misinformation is KILLING this movement.


There are more eBooks on my site than there are videos. But, to each his own...

either way if it's not

"consistent" with the message (as one of RP attributes for his success) then you should consider removing it. Stsying on message is more important then spreading the message.


Thank you, I love lists.

Liberty Peace and Prosperity Amen

Thank you so much

I am a new member- I have been viewing posts and comments for about a year now- I am new to the liberty movement and so I greatly appreciate sources to go to that feed my new convictions and thoughts. This sight never ceases to amaze me- thank you again!

Constitution Class

Actually have seen this one twice and made sure all of my friends have taken the time to watch it. It is quite lengthy but the subject matter makes it seem shorter.

Great list

I've seen most of them, and will now be watching more. A good resource to send people to that are still in the two party(one party) paradigm.

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Nice links. I think you will

Nice links. I think you will find that most 'new' signups have been actually reading the DP for 2 to 7 years.

I know you're right.

However, what is also right is that not ALL the new members have been reading here for years.

Plus, even those that have may have not had a chance to view some of these fine videos.

Ergo, I posted them.

scawarren's picture

I agree with Nonna and

I agree with Nonna and jonat3 that's a great list. Thanks!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Hey, this not so new member

appreciates this post, too. Great list for me, since I don't know everything. Thanks for doing that!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox