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I Am Afraid of Islam

I never like to admit being afraid, but I am.

I am afraid because so many people in America, including myself have not fully embraced the harsh reality of the world we live in.

Most of us live very sheltered lives. Some of us have an idea, and that's about it.

I wish it was so easy as to simply blame the CFR, UN, Federal Reserve, Zionists, Communists, Jesuits, and every other globalist tentacle for all of the world's problems, but there's something missing.

Self defense mechanisms have been in mental overdrive for way too long. Denial runs like a river in Egypt, and I'm guilty of going down that ancient river.

The following videos are VERY disturbing, please be warned.

These guys make the Freemasons look like choir boys.

This is what scares me - from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Birmingham, to New York City....these actions make the most right wing Christian zealots in America look like angels in comparison.

Am I missing something? What am I unaware of?






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What you should be afraid of is ignorance..

What you showed us, the videos you showed us.. although practiced my some Muslims is in no way part of Islam.. Its not found in the Quran and its not found in the Hadith (the collection of sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad (Salalahu Alayhi Wasalam) )

You are afraid of Islam because the picture painted by the MSM is an ugly one.. In order to be afraid or not afraid of something, you must first educate yourself about it.. and what better way to do it than to read the Quran (the source of almost everything Islam) for yourself...

for you to be in the Daily Paul means that you reject what the MSM is spewing.. you know very well that they exaggerate and lie about things for their own agendas.. please learn about Islam for your own sake.. you owe it to yourself to educate yourself about it..

You can educate yourself about Islam into ways.. one is right and one is wrong.. You can ask Muslims, read the Quran, read the Hadith (requires some understanding of Islam first) or you can read anti Islam books and visit anti Islam websites that dedicate their lives into spreading lies against Islam.

Threat of Death!

It's amazing what people will do when threatened by death. What I mean is, islam and christianity have both become so big only because their leaders were having those who didn't believe killed. Then of course once they got control they do what most nuts in control do, which is to show their true selves, which again is about pure power and control over others.

The people in this video are nuts jobs and can gain power by being the most nuts. Now that's nuts!

therapeutic trance states

'On our drive toward the Pacific, he began a conversation that would soon draw me to the North African landscape that had so captured his imagination. He told me about the trance dancing and the various Berber brotherhoods, each of which had a particular rhythm that carried its members into a state that allowed them to perform superhuman feats, such as biting off the heads of cobras, handling red-hot coals and cutting their arms and legs with knives, without any apparent physical damage.'

Clarity on the Subject

Hello zooamerica! I am honored to be allotted the opportunity to share with you the history of this ritual.

The act of whipping oneself during a religious ceremony is know as self-flagellation. Self-flagellation is not practiced only by Muslims, but also by Christians. Please watch the video below to see Christians preforming these same acts.

Now that you have seen that this is a ritual that transcends Islam, we can begin to understand exactly why it is that people of various faiths commit an act that seems all too heinous from our western perspective.

During Christian rituals in which there is self-flagellation, people will whip themselves over and over to reenact Jesus' walk to his crucifixion. While being forced to carry the cross to the site of his crucifixion, Jesus was whipped along the way by the Roman forces. At times his pain was so unbearable that he struggled strenuously to walk. The Christians who whip themselves during this ritual do so as a physical reminder of the pain and suffering that Jesus went through during the walk to his execution. You may look at this act as barbaric, but to the people who are participants, it is seen a exercise to strengthen their faith by putting themselves through the same scenario in order to truly, by first hand experience, understand the pain and suffering that Jesus endured.

In the content of the videos in which you posted, we are witnessing a ceremony know as the Moharram procession. In the year 680AD there was the Battle of Karbala. The Battle of Karbala took place in what is now modern day Iraq. This battle was between the forces of the grandson of the prophet Mohammed, Husayn ibn Ali, and Yazid I. The battle began over Yazid I's rise to power. When Yazid I assumed power he declared that all governors must declare their allegiance to him. Husayn ibn Ali refused to give his allegiance to Yazid I, which in turn protracted into the Battle of Karbala. The forces of Yazid I slaughtered Husayn ibn Ali and his forces. After the battle the wives of the martyred began a the ritual of Moharram, which has become ceremonial to many in Islam. This act of Islamic self-flagellation is to remember the pain and suffering of Husayn ibn Ali and his companions who stood up to Yazid I's accession as Caliph, which Husayn ibn Ali saw Yazid I as a threat to the stability of the Islamic caliphate.

Sadly the headline of your post is one that seems to be that based on illogical fear, and possibly hatred, due to a lack of historic context of these rituals and understanding of what they actually mean. Is it your fault that you did not know the history behind a battle took place in 680AD? Of course it is not your fault, for we are not taught a complete world history in our schools. To watch a video of someone whipping themselves might seem primitive and disturbing to you, but to those who practice it they see it as a way to bring them closer to their beliefs. Who are you to condemn their actions? Are they whipping others or are they whipping themselves? They are committing no physical harm to anyone else but themselves. For a comment like this to come from someone who is on a site dedicated to the ideals of Ron Paul, a man who believes in the right of the individual to put whatever into their body and use their body as they wish provided no harm is done unto others, certainly raises an eyebrow.

I hope that this information has been informative to you and has allowed you to no longer fear Islam for something as trivial as this ritual. I also now hope that you are not afraid of Christianity for the same reason that you were afraid of Islam, seeing how self-flagellation is a much broader practice than you initially anticipated. I wish that you will look deep into attempting to understand the minds of others, so in turn you will be able to better understand your own.



"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

sounds to me

like someone needs to go make some Muslim friends

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

I am not a fan of religion in

I am not a fan of religion in general, but your vids reminded me of some Christians in the Philippines.


Religion of all flavors have some goofy sects.

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Then find a place to hide and stay there.

See where that gets you.

In the meantime don't fumigate here, please.

It stinks.

Why is it okay to fumigate

Why is it okay to fumigate the American and Israeli cockroaches, but not the Islamic fundamentalists too?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I Guess You Still Believe...

I guess you still believe that 9/11 happened because they hate our freedoms, right?

Don't be afraid, I think I have a solution to the whole mess


follow me

We are the tireless irate minority.

He who contrtols the money supply...


follow me

We are the tireless irate minority.

No. What I think about 911


What I think about 911 has a lot to do with the Cold War and how it never ended.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

"Be afraid, very afraid."

That's exactly what they want you to be.

I'm afraid of Americans

Great song, great live

Great song, great live version.

I saw NIN in Baltimore on the Pretty Hate Machine tour--yes I'm old. They were just as great live back then too.



Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

When somebody can post 5

When somebody can post 5 different videos depicting Christians doing the same thing on 3 different continents, please let me know.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I am Afraid of Christians

who also self-flagellate.


When is the last time you

When is the last time you saw, "Christians," doing such a thing in America?

Thankfully, I have never witnessed such brutal forms of worship.

Where in the Bible does it say that Christians need to whip themselves until they bleed?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

These are shia muslims

They engage in this activity similar to how Christian monks would whip themselves in the past(and probably in some areas in the world today);

It is not indicative of a ritual all shia muslims perform- and certainly not what most Muslims perform.

I'm a muslim myself and if you just meet and talk to us you'll see we're not some sort of alien life-form that have come to seek control of all the Earth. We're just the continuation of the Judeo-Christian path of life. Don't be scared of a bunch of videos you've seen.

LOL!Wait, so Christians in


Wait, so Christians in poor countries are any different? I say, you need to study the world, my friend.


I live in a moderate Muslim country that also gets a lot of tourism from strict Muslim countries, and I don't have your fear. Maybe I'm wrong or a fool, but so far I'm right in my thinking.

Just because some are extremists, does it make all of them bad?

Are all bikers criminals?

Are all Punkers punks?

Are all Jews Zionists?

Are all Libertarians batshit crazy conspiracy theorists?

Let me quickly end with this, extremism comes in many forms and for many reasons. You, being an American and enjoying decades of prosperity and "progressivism," look at anyone who fears what you do and what you have as bad. Well, the opposite holds true for those who grew up in less than prosperous countries and grew up under strict religious and family values.

We are all extremists in one form or the other. Americans are extremists when it comes to military and police culture, TV, cars, and corporatism... and you already think you know the ways the Muslims are extremists, so who's better? Whose extremism is better?

Figure that out and call me....

I just called/posted to say I

I just called/posted to say I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I disagree. We are NOT all extremists in one form or another.

Some of us like to play by the rules, turn our cheeks, and win...like Ron Paul and his son.

I can recognize a trend, and the trend shows that extremist Islamic, "values," are spreading all over the world and the results are indicative of something much more than a conspiracy theory.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Hey, thanks for the love, but

Hey, thanks for the love, but you're wrong!!!

In S.E. Asia they don't want to be like the Middle East, they want to be like the UK or USA.

They like freedom, liberty and they want toys.

Yes, they have strict family values, but so do we, we just forget or ignore them.

They also like smoking, drinking, and vice. And they battle with this just like we do: http://aje.me/1qJJzpf

But this isn't just S.E. Asia, Iran and other places want freedom and liberty too. Many Iranians have escaped to S.E. Asia to find these things. Do they love their God, of course, but they also want to live freely.

Stop poisoning your mind with Glenn Beck and others. This is war mongering, and you're a victim.

If you watched the videos,

If you watched the videos, you would have learned that such practices were banned in Iran.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Huh? I'm saying Iranians are


I'm saying Iranians are fleeing Iran. They are coming to places like Malaysia and Indonesia to live free and hopefully prosper. Sure, some are still religious, but they are not extremists or strict, they want to be free.

So when people like you say this extremism is spreading, I say, you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

How could you know stuck in your suburb community. I don't blame you for you fear.

Lastly, if extremism does spread, trust me, it's not because of religious beliefs, it's because they have no money, no jobs, no hope... why? Because the the bankers and corporatists have squandered EVERYTHING!


What Glenn Beck is NOT telling you, extremism rises because of inequality.

You want to stop extremism around the world? Go down to Wall Street and punch a banker in the face.

Extremism is the result of

Extremism is the result of inequality?

You must be in college.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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Really, zooamerica? Do you

Really, zooamerica? Do you really believe this is an accurate portrayal of the Muslim faith?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I don't know! I certainly

I don't know! I certainly hope not.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.