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Archeological evidence of human activity found beneath Lake Huron

This was in 2009 and the update is awesome to read.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—More than 100 feet deep in Lake Huron, on a wide stoney ridge that 9,000 years ago was a land bridge, University of Michigan researchers have found the first archeological evidence of human activity preserved beneath the Great Lakes.


Here is an update.



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So 9000

years ago that point on earth was not 121 feet underwater. Hmmm must be man made global warming that is causing the rise in temperatures.

So that's why some dinky

So that's why some dinky little town I went through with my folks as a kid had an old Victorian-looking structure called The Caribou Inn. I was old enough to know what a caribou was and to know nothing about that animal had been around in Michigan any time recently. Interesting!!

I’m fascinated with this era

I’m fascinated with this era of this post glacial cycle in Michigan. The land being shaped as it is today and the treasures the glacier have brought to the surface for me to find. Fossils are always a favorite. I have a section of a root of a tree I found that a Paleo Botanist from Berkley said was a semi tropical species (Michigan 360 million years ago) was at the equator. The glacier must have scraped the root fossil from the bedrock and it surfaced through the years. Archaic people also left their mark in this area.





Pretty please.

Sorry about that!

Hope you enjoy.



That is pretty fascinating.

I didn't see a reference to the update you mention.