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FOX Reporter Wrongly Argues Against Ron Paul

Lmao, remember this?


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Can't believe this even happened

Ron was so blacked out that year. The way the reporters SPIN LANGUAGE.

For example, listen to how this guy says everyone else's name in a positive and confident way, but says "Ron Paul" in a surprising tone, not a good confident tone.

Also, when someone or something STANDS OUT SO OBVIOUSLY as Ron was on these charts, what is THE FIRST THING you will say? You would first say "Look at Ron Paul, way better, the best, no contest, etc..." But this guy says Ron Paul last each time.

Also the ordering of the names, could have gone alphabetical, could have started with the top numbers, could have started with the worst. But no, THEY DECIDED to say Ron Paul LAST on every occasion.

Watch when Romney's "question dodge chart page" came up, it was all red and horrible, and you will hear the words "VERY WELL" come out of the reporter's mouth. When Rick Perry's chart comes up; "Now take a look at this, Perry had a very good night." When Ron Paul's chart comes up all green and dwarfing everyone else, the reporter says "He kinda slipped here..." points to the WORST number on Ron's chart, and just names the names of the categories; NO PRAISE, the reporter doesn't sound excited when mentioning Ron, doesn't give any credit for fantastic stats...

But when Rick Perry's page comes up, the guy practically salivates.

Look honest to you?

I remember NO MATTER HOW WELL Ron did in 2011, the reporters would REPEAT ONE CANDIDATE'S NAME to get manipulate the listeners, get them thinking about that name. Early 2011 it was "Rick Santorum."


They'll never do another twitter after getting these result. Harris F. got more balls than John.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

CNN's John Roberts: A Legacy of Liberal Bias on American Morning

CNN's John Roberts: A Legacy of Liberal Bias on American Morning

On Monday, TVNewser reported that John Roberts, who anchored CNN's American Morning from April 2007 until the end of 2010, will be joining Fox News as a national correspondent. Roberts, who joined CNN in 2006 after a 14-year career at CBS, had a reputation for liberal bias at both networks, particularly in his harsh labeling for Republicans/conservatives and his fawning over liberals.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matthew-balan/2011/01/03/cnns-j...

The female reporter is Harris Faulkner.

The male reporter only acknowledged Ron Paul's superior polling grudgingly. I'm surprised that fox even showed the results given Dr. Paul won every question.

Ron Paul is awesome


Ron Paul should of won. Sadly I think only a revolution will change the ways of government. I think he was the last chance we had on a peaceful means of change.

What do you think is there another?

Foxnews: "We report, You decide."

...We report lies and BS, you have to filter through it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

A beautiful women beautifully

A beautiful women beautifully calling out bs. Can't get much better than that.

Amazing what happens

when people of conscience speak their mind. God bless her.