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If you had a Time Machine,

If you had a time machine
and you had one chance to travel back in time, anywhere for eight hours, and you could change something at that point in time. What date, location and item ( if any) would you change?

Mine would be simple, I’d go back 1,200 years from present time. My location would be where my cabin sits today and I would just like to see what it all looked like then. I wouldn’t intentionally change anything.

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1180, Constantinople

And kill Maria of Antioch, the mother of the then 11 year old emperor Alexios II Komnenos. Without her, there would have been no need for Andronikos Komnenos to take over power. This would most likely prevent the Massacre of the Latins, and in turn the sack of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade.
Imagine a strong Byzantine Empire that was able to fend off the invading Turks, might have quite an impact on history.

I would go back about 12,000 years or so,

to when man first crossed the Bering Strait, and would try to prevent the over-hunting of the megafauna. Failing that, I would love to at least see mastodons, mammoths, dire wolfs, ground sloths, short-faced bears, saber-toothed cats, giant armadillos, and teratorns.

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Me too!

What a sight any of those critters would be.


I would pick appalacia, 1300s

I would teach the native Americans how to assemble firearms with primitive pedal-powered lathes, maybe bring a few Kalashkinovs back to serve as templates so they could be replicated similarly to how modern tribes in Pakistan build them today from raw materials, show them gunpowder, modern bullets, nickel iron batteries, electric motors, primitive electrical components(such as contactors, resistors, relays, incandescent bulbs, and fuses), wind and hydro-electric power, smelting processes, and bicycles(with disk brakes, suspensions, ect). I would suspect that they would be more responsible with whatever limited industrialization could be developed, assuming it wasn't rejected outright, and keep the environment in good shape.

Hunter-gatherer tribes work very little compared to modern man, and are generally egalitarian, yet strangely anarchistic with no need for written law. Their entire social model and way of life makes slavery difficult to maintain, and I doubt they would want to change that.

No one would be able to conquer them and run them to extinction, even with only 10% of their original population left, due to the knowledge of producing armaments of that sort, and having a rapid mobility that is a decent fraction of a modern automobile on paved surfaces, and can easily out distance and out run any horse. All infrastructure could be kept local and small. After a few decades, they could feasibly travel across the continent in a matter of weeks, and would simply out-arm and out-maneuver anyone who would seek to remove them from their land in the 15th century or later.

Maybe the Europeans that arrived would see a benefit in rejecting their own culture, especially the authoritarian systems of government under which they endured.

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They would be a badass group

They would be a badass group for sure.
The Eastern Tribes during the Revolution era were skilled at gorilla warfare.


I'd go back to 1787

and permit Patrick Henry's view, (and Samuel Adam's view) to prevail.

Alternately I'd love to have been an eye witness to the resurrection of Jesus.

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I'd go back 60 Million years

and kill any uppity monkeys.


That's Good!!! Thanks for the laugh,,,


Me too!

Worthy of an upvote!

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