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The BIG question about Rand Paul is

Will he endorse mitt Romney for president again !

Stand with rand LOFL!

As Democrats Avoid Obama, Romney Is In Demand On The Midterm Campaign Trail


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Really? What exactly is the

Really? What exactly is the point of this?

I think a politician must lie

I think a politician must lie to get into office.

I would rather Rand lie and say he loves israel and the Fed and get into the whitehouse, than tell the truth and say he will de-fund israel and allow competition to the Fed and never get into the whitehouse.

I ought to have a monument over me when I die. Not for anything I've done, but for the foolishness I've put a stop to!

Grover Cleveland — our 22nd and 24th president

who says he's lying?

As Lew Rockwell has pointed out they are different men with different ideas, stances and do not speak for each other. This lying, playing the game, 3D-chess and so on sounds to me like a lot of noise. Would you say to Rand in a conversation that you know he's lying, and that you get that? Why are folks afraid to take him at his word? He must have gotten at least that from his dad.

Rand is

a evangelical Zionist, and Zionists always lie to show support for Israel, and the complete Zionist agenda. That being the case, how do we know when he's not lying? Most Zionists become so obcessed with their idol, Israel, they don't even realize when they lie completely against the teachings of 'who they claim' as Lord, Christ Yaheshua. I mean they will preach to you all day, that abortion is murder, but will praise Israel when they murder hundreds of children. Christ taught that every human being is a child of God, but they will be lost if they don't follow the Laws He tells us to follow. That, doesn't mean to murder them, and if it did, the Jews would be meeting the same fate as the Muslims. Zionists believe, that Jews are superior to the Muslims, a belief that is apostacy to those 'who claim' they follow Christ. If Rand, supports evil, and you support Rand, then you support evil. It really just that simple!