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UPDATE - NYPD Drag Naked Woman From Apartment, Leave Her Passed Out On The Floor

Denise Stewart, 48, who suffers with severe asthma, screamed “I can’t breathe” as she struggled to get away from police officers who held her against a wall after pulling her from her apartment on July 13.



An article from Reason with more details:


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Police State Madness

It is going to get much, much worse over the next several days...

We're Making Progress

Believe it or not, as disturbing as the video is, there may be some hope. The mere fact that the police allowed their actions to be video recorded, without even attempting to intimidate the person into stopping or snatching the recorder from his hands is evidence that they are starting to recognize our right to record them in public. I'd say that's a bit of progress.

Wish it was that way.. What

Wish it was that way.. What really happen was they know they will NEVER lose the job no matter what is filmed so who cares.

Life is great with Isagenix


I'm not sure it can be called progress when they show up with 20 cops to the wrong apartment over a domestic dispute, drag a naked grandmother outside, kidnap everyone, charge them all with assaulting a police officer, and don't even mind the fact that they're on camera. It doesn't matter how outrageous their crimes are, they have become THAT confident that they are immune from consequences even when filmed.

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Just another day on the

Just another day on the farm... "Animal Farm..."

Beware the cult of "government"...

It's hard reading the comments at the end of the article

Lot's of anti-white hate.

I get it. The cops were white, and they were animals, therefore all white skinned people are animals (or "devils" according to the comments). Of course it's unfair. Of course it's racist. Of course it's irrational.

It's like reading the flip-side of a white racist site.


social engineering has that effect...

but holy crap...

there's a lot of craziness going on over at that site! eeeeek

I'm finding it ...

...harder and harder to have any respect for these little boys dressed up in their super hero costumes. They are just a gang...a gang of thugs.