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Joe Rogan Experienience ep. #529 featuring Abby Martin

Abby Martin of RT America's Breaking the Set stops by the JRE podcast for three hours of discussion ranging from current events in Gaza, Liz Wahl's resignation from RT and Wahl's ties to Neo-con front group FPI, mysterious deaths of Star Wars scientists and more generally weird stuff.



Some highlights:

On Gaza:http://youtu.be/cbM0aCeNGl8?t=5m56s

Blackwater: http://youtu.be/cbM0aCeNGl8?t=59m

On being a propaganda mouthpiece for Russia and Liz Wahl: http://youtu.be/cbM0aCeNGl8?t=1h20m2s

On the government response to the NY Times Op-ed on MJ: http://youtu.be/cbM0aCeNGl8?t=1h49m4s

Mysterious multiple Star Wars scientist's deaths: http://youtu.be/cbM0aCeNGl8?t=2h28m

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Abby Martin !!!!

Abby Martin is a true patriot. She speaks truth to the powers that were in such a passionate and inspiring way.

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Ok, you're right

there were a lot of f bombs, but a lot of it was really intersting. Thanks for cutting it up into highlights, you're the best!
The Star Wars deaths was my fave part. Not because the ppl died of course, but because I think that occurrences like that speak volumes, and can't be explained away easily and are often examples that help other ppl start asking more questions and waking up.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Great episode

Abby is so passionate and fearless in the pursuit of truth, I wish more women were like her. She could phone it in just on her looks, but instead she puts herself out there. Go Abby!

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What does Hamas want they

What does Hamas want they want dead Palestinians. And Abby Martin is one of their allies and they think that if they can create enough of them the latent antisemitism in the world will give then the opportunity to pursue their primary goal to kill Jews in furtherance of their religion. The Palestinian people are suffering because of their own leaders who most assuredly do not want any kind of peace. Hamas got power by killing off their PLO rivals and that is all they are capable of not peacefully governing so their charter promotes continuous violence. Lets be clear anti-Zionism and antisemitism are same thing. People like Abby Martin are too cowardly to come out and and say explicitly that I hate Jewish people so they hide their true feelings with false concern for Palestinian people. Shame on the Israel for not meekly being resigned to their fate as the Jews were in the 1940s and same on Joe Rogan for allowing this evil woman to have place to display her hatred of the Jews.

Keith Halderman

224:00 "Couldn't they just

224:00 "Couldn't they just boil some water"....wow I had no idea that nuclear energy is just used to make steam.

Clearly the race of humanity is tinkering with toys...

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I worked at a nuclear plant many years ago

It is surprising that the technology is so "low-tech"; the nuclear reaction does exactly that -- generates heat, which boils water which is called "hot" water (hot from radiation); that water goes through pipes which run alongside/through other pipes, containing "cold" water. The "cold" water comes out of the containment, into the turbine room where the generators are used. The generators take in steam, using the heat to turn the turbines, resulting in the "cold" water reverting to liquid form, and going through the process again.

It amazed me that we're still just boiling water.

It turns out the term "harnessing the atom" is just as valid as the sales pitch for the condo I lived in when I was in Florida -- "solar heated pool" it said; I thought "neat, solar panels!" No, it was just heated by the sun...

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Do you by chance actually mean "Lack of Language Warning"?

...or to be less ambiguously more clear "Warning: Lack of Language"? Right in line with Elvis, Evel, and Jimi, Joe and Abby speak pure American, which is not a language but an alternative to language. I personally find it reassuring that we here are free from the shackles of language. Sure, communication is sometimes difficult, but just what is communication without freedom?

http://youtu.be/tPc6qaEQ600 ...

You have provided here a great layout for a long-interview post, providing FOUR, count'em - FOUR highlighted moments in which to jump. You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Excuse me...sir?

Um, hi....I know I don't know you, but I was just wondering if you could help me find my best friend John Robb? I seem to have lost him and I'm very sad without him. So sad, I'm making a pouty face....have you seen him around, he kinda looks like you a little.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Here I am. Who's asking? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

Are you by chance a friend of Jenny's?

My apologies Miss Ashley, but I've been out of circulation fixing the audio on old webpages, my signature below for example. On that page you will find a picture of me and Jenny. "Which one's Jenny?" you ask. Hmm, that's a good question, Miss Ashley, very good indeed.

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Oh John Robb!

Hi! Good to see ya. Yeah I was asking for my friend Jenny. She is really cool and she missed you. Hey! How did you know Jenny has dark curly hair and makes you do back flips like that girl and that deer in your signature?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Well I guess that answers that!

I just know things. I've been around. ;)


notKNOW aIT'S clueMY, stillTURN lookingIN forTHE himDEEP myselfGAME

...will get on it directly thoughLOVE, finding himME that is

3 hours is a long time, a lot of F-bombs

I don't mind the language (or lack thereof as you so eloquently put it), but some might and/or do, so I did my best boiling it down to the salient details. Of course with this rapid boil method you miss out on some key information, part of which being that Abby Martin apparently possess a bladder the size of a small child's fist.

Who knew?

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Hmmmm has...

I feel like your posts often come with language warnings...

Good find though, I'll put it on for background commentary later this afternoon sometime when I'm not using my pugaree in thee gardens.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Funniest thing happened...

somehow I ended up with a bunch of Spice Girls videos over in the YouTube sidebar. Any idea how that happened?

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Has....You don't have to lie

We all know you think the Spice Girls are the most underrated female band in history.

No need to be embarrassed.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

That's funny: RT = SGN*

*Spice Girls Network

Makes me wonder if the folks at Google had an active hand in tagging RT as such.

I noticed that too

Turns out Abby Martin has a really dirty mouth. I thought it was worth putting up with though, she goes into the whole on-air resignation of Liz Wahl from a few months ago and explains how she (Liz) was basically played by this new neo-con think tank made up of the same old neo-cons.