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When I Was A Liberal: Statist To Anarchist

"Until only about three/four years ago, I was the worst kind of hardcore liberal. I claimed to believe in socialism and Marx - and I had never read more than three pages of my copy of the Communist Manifesto. I made excuses for Soviet/socialist states all over the world, wanted the government to nationalize this industry, create that welfare program, stop teaching controversial beliefs in schools, and most of all punish the rich and those damn corporations for making so much money and keeping it all for themselves. Walking to class one afternoon in 2008 I overheard someone on campus talking about how he was going to vote for Ron Paul. I mentioned to my friend, 'I heard Ron Paul's a creationist. And he thinks capitalism is good! What an idiot!' You get the point. I was the worst.

I thought if the government did not do something about *insert any political topic here*, nothing would ever get done because people are simple, lazy idiots (excepting myself, naturally, for I was the Che Guevarra T-shirt-wearing savior of the world and knew everything that needed to be done). I thought without any direction from our dear leaders, some of us would wander (most would sit) around until we starved to death, buildings and roads would crumble, and the landscape would turn to sand as the feeble remnants of humanity battled with makeshift firearms and dune-buggies. . .'

Read the rest at: http://www.simplefactsplainarguments.com/2014/07/when-i-was-...

Comments appreciated! How did you come across libertarianism, or have you been one for as long as you can remember?

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