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'Words' by Stefan Molyneux

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”
― Confucius

Published on Aug 2, 2014. An extracted clip from his trailer 'truth'.

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Great find

Thanks for posting...very cool!

when hes wrong hes rude?

can you provide an example of this? from my experience through watching his debate and have open dialogue, hes always pretty respectful. now he may cut some folks off when he feels they are speaking untruths but in no way is he rude like hannity, oreilly, chris mathews or odonnell. plus, ive seen him make videos correcting his errors and any untruths he may have spoken. i find stef to be a huge wealth of info and he always seems to take a strong, philosophically consistant and well researched stances.

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Just ignore it,

Some people seem to demand perfection in everyone, excluding themselves of course.

I try to listen to the good people have to offer, while ignoring any bad. Not always easy, but this is how I would like people to treat me, so...

Molyneux is a charlatan

Constantly moves the goal posts and equivocates. Plus, he is a total narcissist. Not that his ideas are too far off, but when he is wrong he is rude and won't admit it, instead resorts to fallacious reasoning.

I say this as a proud advocate for capitalistic statelessness.


I'm not ready to write off

I'm not ready to write off people like Molyneux just because they have personality(read ego). Or just because I think they might be wrong(read opinion).
The guy is a communicator and is right more often than not.
Which is more than I can say for most anonymous posters here at the DP(self included).

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I agree to a certain extent. He's a bit of a narcissist clearly, but I'm not so sure about a charlatan. When he is wrong, he tends to go wrong badly. But on some of the things on which he is right, and perhaps even original to an extent, his presentation and educational value are nearly priceless.

It seems you are most directly criticizing his "debate performance." On that one should realize that it is a very difficult game. Most often, the people against whom he is (and we are) debating are apparently not interested in any kind of understanding, they continually try to obfuscate the discussion, and certainly do not discuss things with integrity. In short, the opponents are so underhanded, it is often difficult to avoid the errors you observe.

On the other hand, my impression is that Molyneaux is probably quite something of an ass in person. Again, this doesn't make him wrong, and I also hope to meet him someday and be proven wrong.

A bump for my favoroite anarchist - Stefan Molyneux

You will always get a bump from me by posting Stefan. He has been working on a documentary now for years, I think it will be good!

Cyril's picture

Hence, why I posted this a while ago : Lingua Tertii Imperii

Hence, why I posted this a while ago :

Lingua Tertii Imperii by Victor Klemperer :



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Good 1 Cyril

Thanks... I missed it previously

This is what I like best about Molyneux.

His philosophy always affords him the bigger picture. Psychology and linguistics are fair game. As such, this little trailer bears the grooviest word string I've heard all year.

"Countries are the chalk outlines of bodies of ancient and modern crimes."



Great quote about countries and chalk outlines... I like how he ended "Sorry, what's that? You say you are free because you live in a democracy?" This video is good enough, the people I share it with, just might get to the end :)