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SHTF: Map Of Ebola Quarantine Stations: Here’s Where They’ll Send Those Suspected of Ebola...or

In a move that raised some eyebrows this morning, President Obama amended a 2003 Executive Order that gives the Federal government, as noted by Paul Joseph Watson, the power to “mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness.”

Although Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities.

Though the government and media are doing everything in their power to keep the panic to a minimum, going so far as to suggest that the possibility of Ebola spreading in the United States is almost non-existent, the fact that over 750 people in six West African countries have died from the virus suggests otherwise.

The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held. It wouldn’t matter if you were entirely convinced that you were 100% healthy. If the government wanted to take you in, you would have no rights in that situation. In fact, federal law would allow the government to detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.

And once you got locked up with all of the other Ebola patients, there would be a pretty good chance that you would end up getting the disease and dying anyway.

See the map:

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A couple of things about this map strike me as odd,

for example, most of these centers are for 3 to 5 states, yet PA. has one for only that state. And along the border with Mexico, there are 5 centers, with 3 in Tx, with the 2 closest to the border only covering a part of Tx and one additional state. The San Diego center only covers a small strip of the Cal. southern border and Arizona. It could be that the FEDS are worried about a lot of people with Ebola coming a across the southern border the FEDS worried about.

They are distributed by population centers

I would imagine that in small population states they will leave it to local authorities...small populations are easier to manage.

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NY City Hospital Quarantines Man With Ebola-Like Symptoms

Here we go.
New York City Hospital Quarantines Man With Ebola-Like Symptoms Who Walked Into ER

A patient at Mount Sinai hospital is being tested after traveling to a country where the Ebola virus is present, the hospital said in a statement.

The man arrived at Mount Sinai’s emergency room early Monday morning with high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The man told doctors he had recently traveled to a West African country where Ebola is present, the hospital said.

The man has been placed in “strict isolation” and is undergoing various tests to determine the cause of the symptoms, the hospital said.
Man Being Tested At Mount Sinai Hospital For Possible Ebola Virus
Hospital Official: 'Odds Are This Is Not Ebola' August 4, 2014 6:21 PM

Rumor Until Proven Otherwise

I read from a comment to an article on Yahoo! that the suspected case of Ebola in NYC has been confirmed. I consider this confirmation a rumor until I have a source. If true, Ebola's already here in a densely populated city, but the odds were quite high that it'd arrive in the USA eventually.

Isn't it interesting that health officials in NYC conducted a major emergency response exercise on August 1st?

Is It the Ebola Virus or the Marburg Virus?

Both have nearly the exact same identical symptoms and outcomes (see: http://www.wilsondisease.org/difference-between-ebola-and-ma...
and http://www.news-medical.net/health/Marburg-Virus.aspx ).

It appears Ebola is the greater danger but that may be because of the number of reported cases has been higher than Marburg.

Note - Ebola was studied by the U.S. and the old Soviet Union for its biological weapon potential during the cold war. Since the U.S. military wants to start-up the cold war again with the Russian Federation, the Ebola virus might be included as part of the bio weapons arsenal.

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People can contract both the flu and Ebola concurrently.

The chances are low, but real, this time of year. However, what about when the flu season arrives? Are these people thinking correctly? Have they also never heard of Typhoid Mary, an infected person that is spreading the disease, but that is asymptomatic themselves? What about that low, but real, possibility?

Each person quarantined would have to be separated from every other quarantined patient. If they were group housed, the uninfected people would not only be at a much higher risk of contracting the virus, the chances of the virus mutating into a more virulent form would also greatly increase. These people are absolutely crazy.

Always remember- "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Always ask- Who will gain from this?
Always look- To see what else is going on... Is this just a distraction?

The media was ignoring this for months, why all the drama now?

Keep in mind, that if there was a conspiratoral problem here...

(Not saying there isn't btw)

Wouldn't the PTB target india and china's population?

I think the US is the hardest nut to crack

as far as the NWO is concerned, so this is the country they need to break. Any crisis that causes the sheeple to beg for gov't protection, while giving up more freedom, will work for them. Fear,fear,fear.

We have the atheists religion.

The atheists are what brought the nwo in control. Atheists only know how to take care of themselves and no love for other people. More of selfish, ego, thinking highly of themselves, etc.

Luke 21:26 - Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Matthew 24:12 - And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

No, not the atheists, rather the Satanists,

operating as anything but what they are, like under the guise of a superior religion, one that loves no one other than themselves.

Now, Satanism, that's a religion.

satanism is what they chose to be.

satanism at least meant something. They also thrives when there is many atheists unbelievers out there. Those sorcerer warlock, witches shamans, etc. paganism, idol worshipers i guess. Let me ask you does satanism need security over freedom?

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Satanism REQUIRES belief in Christianity

You asked what Satanism needs. It needs belief in Christianity; otherwise, it's just "some other religion".

In order to be a Satanist, one must fully accept the scriptures.

So, the people rebelling and "becoming Satanists" aren't really rebelling; they're embracing Christianity, and choosing to be on the other side.

True atheists just say "that's all poppycock" and worship neither. As well as most sorcerers, warlocks, witches, and shamans; they follow a different belief system, so they are not worshipping the fallen; they are worshipping a different deity.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Religion, in and of itself, implies belief in,

and worship of a higher power. Since atheism does not worship any supreme being, then no, it is not a religion.

Count the number of GOP "professed atheists" in office

Pretty much a big bagel. Sure you can find a handful of exceptions, or people that "came out" after elections.

I just don't see where we have "an atheist epidemic?"

Your proof is what? Your

Your proof is what? Your misinterpretation of Bible versus? FYI... Atheism is not a religion. I know you can't grasp that simple fact so I hold little hope of having any intelligent discourse with you on the subject.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

But baldness is a hairstyle

And if your son "plays no sports," then...

"no sport" is also a sport.

Yeah, I've tried,

its like talking to a brick wall.

Check this out.

Atheist 'mega-churches' take root across US, world


Atheist 'Megachurches' Crop Up Around The World


That is disturbing. I had no

That is disturbing. I had no idea this kind of asshattery was being perpetrated in the name of Atheism. In spite of this exception that proves the rule -- that there are nut jobs of every stripe in the world - Atheism is not in and of itself evil, any more than Christianity, Buddhism or Theoretical physics nor their practitioners are evil.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

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I concur.

I concur.

As a foreign observer.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You may be a foreign observer,

but you have an acute sense for what is going on here. You're one of us.

Matt Drudge is now reporting

Matt Drudge is now reporting that at least 70+ illegal invaders from countries currently experiencing an outbreak of Ebola were CAUGHT crossing the southern border of the USA from January to July of 2014. The actual number of illegal invaders is obviously higher as a significant portion of those illegal invaders from countries currently experiencing the outbreak of Ebola weren't caught. We know that governments lie time and time again. One is a FOOL to not prepare for Ebola's arrival in the USA. Ebola is likely already here due to the treasonous behavior of Obama's administration and a complicit US Congress.

Furthermore, quarantining individuals suspected of Ebola without thoroughly testing them beforehand will literally GUARANTEE the spread of the disease within camps and be a sentence of death for those improperly incarcerated individuals.


but I really have a problem with the constant use of the phrase, "Drudge reports". Drudge doesn't report anything. He has links on his website that takes you to the actual story, written by hard working journalists. As far as Ebola already in the country. If you were to believe that people have been sneaking into this country with Ebola since January, I would suspect most of them have passed away. I don't think these illegals have had much of a chance to get even an aspirin let alone some kind of other drug with would help them, even temporarily.

The mere fact that Matt

The mere fact that Matt PUBLISHES a link plays a huge role in disseminating information. It's automatically understood by most readers that Drudge largely aggregates information from other sources so your comment isn't really necessary.

Lastly, with Ebola, only ONE vector is required for spreading the disease in the USA. Furthermore, the majority of people today don't travel by boat anymore including illegal invaders from African nations. If Ebola is already here, you're basically asking if it's possible in its early stages to go undetected in the USA. I think it is, but only time will tell.

Damnit! This son of a bitch is gonna try to

kill us all, and we're just gonna watch him do it.

You still really think the Presidents run our country?

Obama is the same slack-jawed public face puppet as Bush.

Wake up man!

You are stating the wrong fact.

"the fact that over 750 people in six West African countries have died"

It's the rate of spread of the disease to worry about, the rate of growth:

You can see the exact point when the volunteer doctors started saying they 'lost control' in June.

Up until that point it had been no different than any of the other Ebola outbreaks over the last few decades.

Thanks for the graph.

Makes it a little clearer.


I do not like what is going on ( I think it is time we put whatever plans we have on the ready-alert )

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!