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Barf bag please: Rand to tout George H.W. foreign policy in fall speech


CNN: Politico’s Mike Allen shared important reporting about an effort by Rand Paul to address what is perhaps his most significant obstacle as he pursues the 2016 GOP presidential nomination: the isolationist label.

The freshman Kentucky senator has long complained it’s an unfair knock, and an unfair “guilt by association” situation with his father, former Rep. Ron Paul.

But Mike says the senator is planning a high-profile pitch at the National Defense University this fall to address his critics, and attempt to reposition himself on the foreign policy spectrum.

“He’s going to argue that he’s smack in the middle - the same place that George H.W. Bush was, that Reagan was, and that Ike was,” said Allen.

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This is poor criticism of Rand

Anyone who has been following Ron Paul knows that this comparison to Bush is the exact same rhetoric that he (Dr. Paul) used in the debates in 07 and in his latest run. Plus this speech hasn't even happened yet!

"...(some radicals) want to impose our will with force. Not the American people--I’m talking the people who have hijacked our foreign policy, the people who took George Bush’s humble foreign policy and turned it into one of nation building...I liked the program he (Bush) ran on. That’s what I defend." - Ron Paul 2007 Meet the Press

Plenty to constructively criticize but this is embarrassing when it's a speech that hasn't even occurred and no different from his father in basic substance.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods


Well done.



Accurate criticism is one thing but excessive drama is just silly. I'm reminded that most of the ones pushing extreme purity litmus tests end up being anarchists who don't even believe in voting to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I love me some anarchists--they are fascinating. But when they throw up their hands claiming "this is the last straw!" You have to just smile...

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Just for the record

I prefer the term "Advocate of a capitalistic society, sans state"

That's how I refer to myself anyway.


Rand paul is for the war in Afghanistan

is against closig guantanamo bay, wats to nuke iran for isreal supports sanctions and said war against iran is not of the table. Before anyone sais that this is not his views he said all of this a week ago in a interview which he posted on his facebook page and i follow him on facebook. it is like the old saying listen to what your enemy is saying so you can combat him. Economic sanctions are an act of war – Ron Paul: http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/sanctions-war-ron-paul-769/ Ron Paul: Iran Sanctions = Act of War : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIO-4v8qpYc

Rand is not RON

C'mon people get over it and let go. Rand is bought and paid for.

For a site that was started for Ron Paul why do we insist on focusing on his son who is NOTHING like his father.

Rand kicked his Dad in the teeth in 2012. Yet here is another posting about RAND the shill who sold his soul for position and prestige.

I don't need a barf bag I moved on in 2012.

You are right....

Rand is not Ron. I do cringe with some of Rand's comments...but look at his voting record. Not perfect but pretty damn good.

So you obviously will not be supporting Rand, but who will you vote for? Jeb? Slick Rick? Rmoney? Or some other bankers bitch? Or will you be real hard core and show 'em how much of a purist you really are by just staying home. And then you can bask in the glow of a Hitlery VS Establishment GOP candidate X, Y, or Z.

Looks like you've got it all figured out. Enjoy your tyranny.

I'll keep my integrity and

"bask in the glow of a Hitlery VS Establishment GOP candidate" <--(hey could be your boy Rand!)...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Change your thinking and,

Change the world!

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed,"


I used to not be involved politically and didn't vote. I was often told, "If you don't vote then you can't complain."
My answer was always "NO! If you vote then you support this Government, and it's actions, by consenting through your vote and supporting their system."

I did my part to try and get Ron Paul in to office. I was a county delegate at the 2012 Texas GOP Conv, and was nominated as a State Delegate. After experiencing the corruption and out right vile reception we had as RP supporters, I realized how right I had been all along.

Even the other non RP delegates were as evil as their candidates. We were told to not even wear our RP buttons until we voted for the State Delegates because of the things going on there. We couldn't even show our support for Ron Paul?? WHY?

You think that some how things have gotten better and by some miracle that Rand is going to make things SO MUCH BETTER?? Get real man!

I DO NOT CONSENT, and by voting you DO! I always heard how much better it would be if more people would get involved and vote. But, we did that in 2012 and we saw how far the establishment was willing to go to STOP US!

So how much better might we be if people like yourself STOP believing that you will some how vote in reform or change and more people showed their disdain and QUIT VOTING PERIOD!

Rand kicked his Father in the teeth when he announced his support of Romney DURING the Texas GOP Conv. I was there and SAW how deflating it was to RP's supporters when Rand did that. I will never support a POS like that who would do such a thing to his OWN FATHER!

Rand has been vetted by Israel and has shown his absolute support of them in his voting. So tell me again what it is you hope to accomplish by voting in a rigged election for a traitor to his father and his country as a supporter of Israel that cares NOTHING of the USA and only about their own agenda?? THEY ARE THE BANKERS WHO MAKE THESE POLITICIANS THEIR BITCHES!


I DO NOT CONSENT! Nor will I cast a worthless vote out of some form of desperation to try and fix a system that serves only those "banker bitches"

"Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

How stupid are you?


if Ron Paul comes out and endorses Rand and campaigns for him then what will you do? Accuse Ron of selling out?

That will sure make

Jeb uncomfortable. Nice move.

Rand is playing to win. Rand is a good politician...meaning, he has to lie. Ron would never lie to get elected...of course he couldn't get elected. I hate this game but I sure would like to win for a change.

Hold that barf

until we hear what he actually says.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


I'll wait for the actual statement from Rand.

Cenral Goverment planning will never give you Freedom!

Rand will never save your ass... just pacify the Republican base, just like Obama does to the democratic base.

He's certainly not my savior.

Changing puppets in charge is standard game play.. has been going on for decades.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Rand's faults in words

I can understand not liking Rand's lack of verbal purity vs his Dad's but isn't he echoing what Ron Paul said during the campaigns regarding Bush II's "humble foreign policy"? Sure we all know that turned into a sad tale of words vs actions.

However I do see the phrasing as being very clever. It ropes the typical neocon type who longs for "the good ol' days of Dubya. Then it makes them think of their inherent agreement hopefully with a "humble foreign policy".

The difference is that as much as Rand gives me angina sometimes when I wish he would drop some hard core truth to the jugular, I just have to believe he is walking a political tightrope.

Besides who else do we have, in the position he has placed himself? We may be disappointed in the end but I can't believe he would not stick to principles we can rally on vs any of the alternatives.

May future generations look back on our work and say that these were men and women who, in a time of great crisis, stood up to their politicians, the opinion-makers and the establishment. And saved their Country.
- Congressman Ron Paul, MD

What is the point bad mouthing Rand? When Ron endorses him

Will you call Ron a jackass too?

If you don't want to support him, great, really don't care. Bad mouthing the Pauls or Kokesh or Ventura, or Judge Nap or Schiff or Stossel or Ben Swann gets us less than nowhere.

Turn your anger constructive.
Actively work to fill Congress with 300 Walter Jones's.
Looking for someone to badmouth? Try Hillary, Obama, Bush.
Identify and target local candidates on the state and local level.

With truly evil thugs like John Brennan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Steve Israel, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid and Jay Rockefeller in power, honestly why fight among ourselves?

We did a great job with Eric Cantor, and tried hard on Lindsey Graham. If a candidate endorsed by Ron Paul makes it into the White House, even if not perfect, it's a start.

Unlike Reagan and Bush

I have faith Rand Paul will actually have a humble foreign policy. Bush and Reagan both ran on such a policy and I have no problem with Rand agreeing with their idea. Agreeing does not mean he will follow their lead once in office.

These people have no idea

These people have no idea what Rand intends to say. Their words are totally speculative and leading.


In a serious run for POTUS in the modern era, a campaign is about positioning and "perception management".

There are PR firms that specialize in creating strong messaging using symbolism: for instance - its not what Bush Sr. actually *did* in foreign policy.

Its the positive feeling a certain targeted demographic will get when presented with the *symbolism* of old GWB - whatever memories they have of strength and patriotism and security they felt with him (I know right?) as commander in chief.

In this day and age the projection that is deliberately built of you in the public mind - that is what voters are eventually going to pull the lever for. Only a smaller percentage are going to care about the nuances of policy positions and whether or not you have any track record of actually doing anything that you claim.

Visualize "Brand Obama". More than likely (just for an instant) some artistic images come up - key photos of that huge charming smile promising a new day and "Yes we can!". All of this happens instantaneously on trigger - *regardless* of the way you feel about him and even if you know what they are doing and how its done. The images are planted deliberately.

The game is to build the image you desire in the minds of the target demographics - and make it strong enough to withstand whatever it is the opposition are going to throw at you along the way to bring you down. The information and media war never ends.

Yes - these are propaganda tools. However denying the reality that every serious campaign at the national level are using these kinds of tools and techniques - or throwing caution to the winds and going all Mr Smith Goes to Washington like his Dad did and deciding to *not* use them .. is a sure way to lose.

Denying that your enemy will use certain weapons and / or failing to us them yourself out of a sense of ethics in situations like this will hand them victory.

Rand learned that from his dad. Could you possibly expect that he is that dense that he would run his campaigns the same way his Dad did?

Is Rand playing politics?

Or is he realy a neocon? At best if he playing politics he is a liar. Is that what we want for our President? A person that will say the right things to get his party masters nod?

Grow a pair Rand,! Or are you pulling the wool over the eyes over your liberty minded supporters?

Anyway this Libertarian don't trust him!


The same guy who stabed his dad in the back by backing mit, mcconell, and speaking at his Masters convention after they f.u.c.k.e.d his dads delegates!

If you vote this jackass you are the problem!

Ron Paul has made it clear he

Ron Paul has made it clear he is voting for Rand. I guess he is the problem too? I lose respect for the Libertarian Party with every comment of this sort. I won't go so far as to turn it around and say you are the problem, but I WILL say that the LP is NOT the solution. Win some State House seats, win some seats in Congress. I keep voting for you guys in the General elections, but you keep on sucking at the polls. And talking crap about guys like me, because I vote in the GOP primaries. Lucky for y'all, I have a thick skin.

come on !

This guy is soo slimy! Rand has his head so far up McConell ass! I am sorry to say that. But I am so tired of the Randbots in here making excuse after excuse for Rand's slimy politics!! If the guy is playing politiics is this tactic good? I don't think so at best Rand is a liar with no balls that will do anything to get his party's nod!

Isnt that what wrong with this country? I rather have a candidate run on the TRUTH and lose than a guy like Rand!

Now to address the Libertarian Party I agree they are not the solution! The national lp sold out! The last 2 election we put up guys like Bob Neocon Barr and Gary I am sumwhat libertarian Johnson is a sin! That is why I Say Stand with TRUE Libertarians. The LP is also part of the problem!

We need to stand with ideas NOT parties! Please take a look at my website democracy.com/ libertysheriff. I am running for sheriff next year. My theme is it is time for a revolution trust ideas Not parties!

I don't blame you that you vote in the gop primary but if your backing a liar at best I do!


Isolationist: MSM and neocon buzzword affixing negative connotation to coexistence and peace.

No, they pin

the 'isolationist' term on him to get him to fall into the tray he continues to do, that along with being brainwashed into a apostate Zionist. I think Ron warned him about all this, but believes he's a big boy and can 'make his own bed'.

if i am not mistaken bush sr was the perfect war instigator

after war with iran, iraq needed to rebuild but kuwait kept oil prices artificially low ($7/barrel). After 2 years opec agreed on $17/gallon but kuwait refused to go along with that price. saddam stated he later learned the us and kuwait conspired to instigate the conflict. first by convincing kuwait to keep prices low, then breaking down diplomatic efforts, then by signalling to saddam that no interference would come if he attacked kuwait. Meanwhile US mounted a campaign to create the perception that saddam was a mad man.

Fast forward a few days later, CNN televised a girl sobbing over a fake story of babies being pulled in their incubators. then we have desert shield. then we have yellow ribbons. then we have desert storm. Ted Koppel is in a hollywood studio. the end.


a humble foreign policy except bush lied.

Yes, Bush did lie. But many

Yes, Bush did lie. But many liberty people have used his old words against him. Ron Paul bragged about Reagan's endorsement on his 2012 slim jims, despite his disappointment in his actual presidency. And why not?