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VIDEO: Japanese Ingenuity

This is very interesting....-- Save your plastic


This is one of the most amazing emails and break through in technology ever seen! Why isn't this being done NOW??? A very sensible way to save what we are destroying! A case of Japanese ingenuity and perseverance.

What is more important would be the marketing and very low cost to have one of these in every home.

The sound is all in Japanese. Just read the subtitles and watch. What a great discovery!

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Zeolite catalysts greatly improve the efficiency

This is nothing new... is has been done for some time.

The trick is being able to do it efficiently and being able to crack and reform the polymers into the form of shorter hydrocarbons that you want.

Wood, coal, biomass and even syngas feedstock's can produce Gasoline for $1.50 per gallon.



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Here's a resource if you want to build one yourself


As a note of safety, make sure you don't use PVC or vinyl plastic, as these create dioxin, one of the deadliest substances known.

Build one in YOUR yard.

This can probably be done ECONOMICALLY. Here's another YouTube from a kid who built a plastic-to-oil converter in his yard as a science project. Very crude and home-made . . . and it's working.


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I wonder how much energy is needed to convert the plastic

There is an energy input to heat the plastic to a liquid state. I wonder if the energy input is less than the energy output.

good stuff

i remember seeing this a few years back.. wonder why it hasn't gone very far since then.

like the air car, or the hemp car, etc... why does it take this stuff forever to gain popularity?



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